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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Hides Aliya At Her House

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ahmed with his sister and sheikh forcefully tries to enter Vijay’s house and alleges Bulbul that she kidnapped his daughter Aliya. Dadi shouts if he ha s gone mad, Bulbul is at home since morning performing pooja. Ahmed says his sister saw Bulbul in his locality buying mutton. Daadi asks Vijay what is happening, who is this talking about mutton during pooja at home. Vijay says Bulbul was at home whole day, he should go and file Aliya’s missing complaint in police station. Ahmed gets tensed and says he cannot do that as 24 hours have not passed. Vijay says Aliya is a kid and must be playing around. Ahmed says his sister saw Bulbul today for sure. Mandira gets suspicious and asks if he is sure. Ahmed says he is. Daadi says Bulbul is at home since morning, Vasu also says same. Vijay

asks Bulbul to speak. Mandira smirks thinking Bulbul cannot lie now and will be caught. Bulbul looks at Devi maa’s photo and imagines Aliya in Devi maa and thinks she did god’s job by saving Aliya and lies she worked for god whole day. Vijay says Ahmed he is mistaken, he himself will complain police and asks them to search Aliya. Ahmed apologizes and leaves.

Bulbul returns to her room and thinks of informing Vijay whole truth. Vijay walks in and says he is proud of her that she made pooja arrangements perfectly. Bulbul tries to speak, but he says not to worry about BD, she is convinced now and asks her to rest. Bulbul remembers Aliya and rushes out. Vasu goes out and sees gunny bag moving. She opens bag and is shocked to see Aliya. Bulbul reaches and calms Aliya down. Aliya asks if Vasu will beat her like her would be husband for opposing to marry him. Vasu asks if Aliya is getting married. Bulbul says yes, she will tell whole story later, but first let us get her in and hide her.

Mandira tries to convince Vijay to find girl to get political support from muslim community. Vijay says it is small girl and she should not think of politicizing the issue. Bulbul says he is MLA and that community sought hsi help,so he should help and gain political mileage. BD asks Bulbul’s opinion. Bulbul says they should find out why girl left home first. Mandira says why should they. Vijay says Bulbul is right. Vasu silently takes Aliya to her room from behind. Bulbul holds BD’s hand, BD yells as usual.

Aaliya chants her usual line lekar khuda ka naam. Vasu ask not to say that, else family will realize she is here. Aliya agrees and says she is hungry. Vasu says he will bring food. Door knocks. Vasu opens door thinking Bulbul came, but Yug barges in and sees Aliya. Vasu tells her whole story. Downstairs Bulbul fill plate and says she is taking it for Vasu as Vasu is having headache and cannot come down. Vijay asks to have food with him, Angad will take food. Bulbul insists. BD scolds to obey husband. Angad says he will take food. Yug enters and says he will take food and repeats Aaliya’s line. Bulbul realizes Yug knows about Aliya now and came to help.

Precap: No Precap.

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