Let’s begin…

Ragini was not getting how to react what to say what to not.. Should she justify herself or should she keep quite

Sanskar: what did you get by doing all this? You would have got something!! (He said with a sarcastic smile)kuch tho zaroor mila hoga… So tell me what you got? Something must be there!!

Ragini and swara just kept on crying by but didn’t utter a word..because they are at the wrong

Laksh felt bad for Sanskar and even SwaRagini… Whatever they are their friends…but he couldn’t do anything infront of sanskar’s anger

Sanskar:if ayu didn’t tell this.. You would have kept hidden we would have never known about you
This time it was not anger but hurt

Sanskar:we would be still thinking that you both are……

He goes from there…

Laksh:once.. Once you could have told me.. Aaj yeh din dekhna nahi padta

He goes

Whole night passed sleep was no where for sanskar Ragini laksh and swara

Sanskar was having the the locket.. He sees Ragini’s name in it….
He covers the locket in his fist and throws it away angrily

Laksh was going through the old albums in which only he sanskar Ragini and swara were present

Ragini and swara are remembering their old memories with them

Ragini :i am sorry Raj…….
She cries

Swara looks at ragini

Finally the night flew

Sanskar was getting ready for the office

Someone knocks the door…

It was Ragini..

Sanskar sees her in the mirror he didn’t react

He goes towards the door….
He ignores her and passes by!!!
Ragini:san…. He has already left

Ragini cries

At the dining

Everyone are seated except swaragayu

Sujatha:forgive them…

Laksh looks at her

But sanskar was having his food ignoring her words

Nuts:haa.. Bhaai they may have some reason

All are looking at a sanskar looks like he wasn’t in the mood to listen anyone

Ayu comes there
He goes to sanskar
Ayu:can i sit here

Sanskar smiles and makes him sit..

He was about to serve for him

Ayu:no no i have had food

Sanskar:ok.. But have juice at least


Sanskar:are you going somewhere..

Lak:look he got ready like a hero

Ayu:haan… We are going

Sanlak looks at eachother

Ap:ayu where are you going and with whom

Ayu:arey shona didi said we are going to a new home…

At the time Ragini and Swara comes with their bags


Swara:actually aunty.. We have got a job so we are leaving…
Ragini:its not…

Sanskar interrupts he didn’t look at them:koi kahin nahi jaa raha!

Ragini:but we need to…..

Sanskar:i said no one will go from here!!!

Nuts to uthra:i dont like this bhaiyya
Uthra:me too
Nuts:iska kuch karna padega


Sanskar:it’s clear.. And no arguments…
He left the place

All dispersed from there one by one

Ayu:we aren’t going?

Ragini:we are going…

Laksh who heard her:Ragini why are you doing

Swara:because we have decided to move from here long back.. We have applied for the job long back… And we don’t have any particular reason to stay

Laksh was ignoring her:Ragini… Don’t do this again…

Ragini looks at him….

She’s then goes out…

Where sanskar was about to enter his car

Ragini :sanskar

He ignores her but this time Ragini held his arm….

But sanskar frees his arm from her

Ragini:if you dont want to talk to us at least.. Then why are you stopping us… When you can’t tolerate me then…..

Sanskar :i dont need to answer anything.. When you can’t share anything with me… When you didnt tell me your identity.. And when I don’t matter in your life… Then why should I tell you?

He gets into the car and goes

Evening sanlak were back….

They didn’t find ayu…

Suji comes :sanskar laksh whom you are searching?

Laksh:chachi.. Ayu?

Suji:they have left the home

Sanlak gets shocked.. + sanskar was burning in anger

Suji:did you once asked them calmly.. Why did they did this? No burst on them… They may be have a reason behind this.. But no yahan tho meri hi chalegi.. They were in the clutch of their maami…

Sanskar goes to his room….

Laksh comes there :still they went….

Sanskar:let them go….


Sanskar :then what should i say lucky? I don’t know…

Laksh:we should search them… May be they have forgot us but still they meant the same for us

Sanskar nods

Sanlak searches for them but they didn’t find them

Days passed… Its been a week sanlak didn’t got any clue of Them…. But they didn’t left searching….

To be continued……

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