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Piya Albela 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anuj tries to expose Angraj’s evil motives

Piya Albela 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Three days back:

Pooja holds the pot piece and injures her hand. She thinks who knew that this house has just one son’s happiness. Angraj thinks his innocence trap is magical and thinks he has to make Pooja and her brother alright. He thinks I have your hairs safely and takes out her hairs from the box. He says he will get the slap and acts crazy. Satish asks Kusum if she has a migraine. Kusum says no. Satish says it is a happy moment for Harish and Supriya as their son came and goes to bring ice cream for them. Kusum thinks of Pandit ji’s words and prays for Anuj’s well being.

Dadaji returns from teetra yatra. Angraj comes and touches his feet. Dada ji hugs him and apologizes. He says you are now Angraj Harish Vyas. Harish says he will go on a holiday with Supriya. Supriya says she

will love her sons and asks Naren to always protect Angraj. Naren promises to protect Angraj. Angraj acts sweet and asks him to become CM. Pooja hopes her doubt on Angraj is wrong.

Kusum asks Rachel to have butter etc for the baby’s growth. Doorbell rings. Anuj sees the box and thinks it is the same bakery box from where Angraj bought a cake. He opens the box and finds Pooja’s hairs. He gets angry and says blo*dy Angraj. Angraj calls him and calls him Saale Saheb. He asks him to keep it safe and says when Pooja is in front of him, why to keep her hairs with him. Anuj gets angry.

Harish teases Supriya. Harsha says food will be of Angraj and Naren’s choice. Pooja offers tea to Naren. Naren signs her to give to Angraj. Supriya asks Angraj what he would like to have. Naren says you forget me when your son came. Angraj says why you are talking to me like this. Supriya scolds them. Naren and Angraj smile and hug each other. Everyone smile. They all ignore Rahul, Neelima and Surbhi which upset them. All the focus were on Angraj and Naren. Supriya sings Karan Arjun song yeh bandhan pyaar ka…..Anuj comes and says Angraj, I am coming for you. This cake box will be proofs against you. Angraj’s goons are behind his car. Anuj takes other way and reaches Vyas mansion. He thinks today will be the last day for you Angraj. He accuses Angraj for trying to spoil Pooja’s life. Harish asks what nonsense and asks why he is behaving badly with Angraj. Anuj shows Pooja’s hairs and says Angraj kept it with him. Supriya asks Naren to take Angraj’s side and says he was with them since an hour. Anuj says he called 30 mins ago. Supriya says he was with us. Anuj asks Naren to believe them.

Neelima asks what do you mean by 10 years and asks do Pooja and Angraj know each other. Angraj says yes, I know her since her school days. Naren asks him not to talk about it. Angraj says don’t stop me from telling this and tells everything about his obsession for Pooja. He says I was a bad guy as Maa was not with me. Supriya says time changes everything. Dadi asks him not to do guilt in his heart. Anuj tells Naren that if this man’s intention is right then I wouldn’t have been standing here. Naren says if these hairs are of Pooja, then it will be proved in DNA test. He asks Danish to take it to Inspector Shivani. Surbhi says no test will be done and tells Naren that if Angraj said that he is changed then he is changed and asks Pooja not to punish his brother. Angraj says if my brother wants, then I am ready for the test. Angraj asks Danish to get the test done and says until reports come, I will stay outside. Supriya scolds Naren for believing Anuj than his brother. She says until my son comes inside, I will not come inside. Pooja asks Supriya not to punish her by leaving the house and tells Naren that she doesn’t want to get the test done.

Present Day:
Pooja thinks if she had not stopped that day, then today she wouldn’t have been waiting for the dead body to bring over there.

Pooja sees Angraj smirking looking at Anuj that he has fooled everyone. She is shocked. Later Anuj keeps gun in Pooja’s purse for her safety. Naren comes to their room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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