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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa meets his father in law.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with asti and prapti saying bhagwan, we believe you, we know you can find vishnu’s avatar and kill him. Kansa says wow, my wives have changed, now they call me bhagwan too, nice I gave them rebirth, they trust me. Kansa goes. Asti says why are we supporting kansa? Prapti says we are not supporting him, before we died, we did not act smartly, but now we shall take revenge and stop him too, but this time we shall act smartly. Asti and prapti go.
There kanha is with all people in vindhyachal mountain and they pray to mata vindhyavasani. Then kanha says mata vindhyavasani ki jai. People all do jai! And they finish praying. Kanha says no we shall head back to vrindavan because our kuldevi has blessed us, she saved our lives from kansa and also stopped the vindhyachal

mountain, her blessing will be with us as we are her disciples. All people agree and now they all depart for vrindavan.
There kansa is in his palace and then he sees his father in law coming in his chariot with all his soldiers praising his father in law. Pralapt and janur come and say your father in law, maahraj chalasar is coming bhagwan. Kansa says I can see that. Prapti and asti come at the door and they see their father coming. Both are happy to see their father chalasar. Raja chalasar comes and he is happy to see his daughter, both take his blessings and then hug their father. Chalasar says my daughters, I am happy to see you both, I have missed you for years. Kansa comes smiling and says father in law?
Chalasar sees kansa and gets angry suddenly. Chalasar says kansa you evil demon, I will kill you. Chalasar removes his gadha and runs towards kansa. Kansa gets scared and says father what are you doing? Leave me please. Kansa runs as chalasar attacks him. Kansa says prapti, asti tell father not to kill me, please save me. Chalasar attacks kansa and then kansa holds the gadha and looks angrily at chalasar. Chalasar tries but kansa takes the gadha and breaks it using his leg. Chalasar then looks at kansa and laughs, I married my daughter to the very powerful and strong kansa and I am happy to see that you are still that strong, come hug me. Kansa laughs and both chalasar and kansa hug. Chalasar says then bhagwan kansa! You have become bhagwan now, why did you call me? Kansa says yes father in law, about that!
There all people get back to vrindavan, kanha says to everyone that mata yog maya saved us from many obstacles, because we prayed to her and believe her she also protected us and her medicinal plants saved the life of our people, all people say yes.
There kansa says to chalasar, father i have no problem other than that Vishnu, many years ago aakashvani was made that I would be killed by devki’s 8th son who is vishnu’s avatar, that kid is living in vrindavan but no one knows who it is. Kansa then tells chalasar the entire story and how kanha is extra ordinary but there is no proof that he is Vishnu avatar. Chalasar says kansa, as you are saying, that kid for sure seems to be divya and something extra ordinary is in him but I will tell you, you have done 2 many great mistakes, you did not kill that kid yet and also you are a fool, you are a big fool to not kill that vasudev and devki before even they gave birth to any children. Kansa says I did everything, I tried to kill that kanha too, but Vishnu always used his maya, that mayavai chakradhari has always stopped my way, that is why I need your help. Chalasar says what do you want me to do? Kansa says father in law, you are very powerful, I cannot go out of Mathura because Vishnu has laid a line around it to stop me and he also knows about my curse, I want you to do something to stop this avatar of Vishnu.
There prapti and asti talk and prapti says sister, we should tell father about what kansa has done to us, he is after all our father and he loves us, he will save us from kansa. Asti says yes prapti, but what if something different happens? Prapti says we should try and tell father. Prapti and asti go to meet chalasar. Chalasar is happy and he says what do my daughters want? Prapti and asti say father, you don’t know anything that has happened her, maharaj kansa has tortured us a lot.
Kansa comes to chalasar as chalasar looks angrily at kansa. Prapti says kansa had killed us. Kansa comes and falls to his knees and says yes father, It is true, I had killed your daughters but brought them back to life, I am sorry for that. Chalasar says kansa, I will first kill you, I don’t want your sorry, then I will go for Vishnu.

Precap: kansa and chalasar go. Chalasar shows kansa the very moment when devki gave birth to her children. Chalasar removes a huge lightning spell.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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