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Muskaan 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharma misbehaves with Aarti

Muskaan 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Muskaan missing Aarti and getting sad. The watchman consoles her. She asks him to see well, if she is crying, she is just missing Aarti. He calls her naughty. Priya asks her to come for the class. Muskaan goes. Rakhi asks Guru ji to come. She calls her children. She goes to get Sapna. Muskaan learns dance in the class. The teacher says dance energizes a person, dance is beautiful, dance has to be done with heart. Rakhi asks Sapna to dance. Sapna says I don’t want to dance. Rakhi says dance is not done by heart, just learn, else how will you earn money. Teacher says dance is not necessarily done to each money. Guru ji says dance is like an ornament for a woman. Teacher says any art should be done by feeling. Guru ji says dance is to win everyone’s heart, you should mesmerize people.

Teacher says dance like no one is seeing you, then you will enjoy, the best dancers will be selected for the dance competition. Muskaan dances in the dance class happily. Sapna learns dance from Guru ji.

Ghosh asks everyone to manage their work. Aarti and her sisters get ready for the dance. Aarti wears the ghungroos. People gossip outside the brother. Many guests come there. Rakhi asks the men to pay extra. Muskaan thinks of Aarti’s words and talks to the moon. She thinks what is Aarti doing right now. Aarti and her sisters dance on Aaja nachle….. Sharma comes there and sees Aarti dancing. Muskaan cries and misses Aarti. Warden says maybe Aarti is crying right now, don’t worry. She makes Muskaan smile. The dance program ends. Sharma stares at Aarti.

Muskaan says tell my mumma that I m fine, moon uncle, take care of my mumma, I love my mumma, make my message reach her. Muskaan practices dance at night. Warden sees her and asks is this any time to practice. Muskaan says its selection tomorrow. Warden says its imp to give rest to body, do you want everyone’s sleep to spoil. Warden sees all the kids there and asks them to practice. Muskaan rehearses. Sharma meets Aarti and gives her the wallet. He says I have come to return this. She checks her ID cards and asks where did you get this. He says maybe you forgot this in hostel. She says you saved me for the second time, how shall I thank you. He asks her to just talk to him. He compliments her dance. He says I have heard a lot about you, people say you must meet rich people, not poor people like us, but today you are in front of me. He holds her hand. She gets shocked. He tries to molest her.

Muskaan prepares for the dance competition selection and prays.

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