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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu gets a lover

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone mourning for Chaitu’s death. They all cry for him and miss him. Khoji gives the update of the mourning ceremony. The people take his funeral on shoulders. Chaitu gets up and asks how did I come here. They all get shocked seeing him alive. He calls out Puttan. Everyone hugs him. Malai says Lord has answered our prayers. Doctor says I told the same, that Chaitu is fast asleep. Genda cries that Chaitu is alive. Chaitu says I won’t leave that pandit, thanks for coming, now you all may leave. Imli says I was worried for you. He asks how can I leave you. Malai mentions a song. Party workers come and say pandit has died, he slept and didn’t wake up. Chaitu says its all superstitions, some fraud pandits fool people and spoil the name of good pandit. Puttan

says we will go for a picnic. Chaitu says I will sleep now.

Imli comes home and tells everyone that she has done much shopping, she is preparing to keep a fast for Chaitu’s long life. He says I will take care of you. They see the news, that Chaitu has flirted with a lady and also sang a song. They ask him what did he do. Chaitu says they are lying. The reporter says this is a 20 year old incident. Imli asks why did you tease anyone. Chaitu says let me see who’s this woman. Khoji takes the woman Chatri’s interview. He asks is this true that Chaitu has teased you. Genda says he had sung a song too. Khoji asks when did you notice him first. Chatri says I noticed him a lot, one day I went to get khoya, Chaitu came and behind and teased me, he started flirting. FB shows the moment. He sings Khoya khoya chand…… Khoji asks what happened then. She says I had run away, I then thought of neighbor’s Gauna, I went to buy bangles for myself. FB shows Chaitu singing songs for her. Genda says Chaitu is a big fraud. Chatri says I got so scared and went to hire a rickshaw to go home. FB shows Chaitu holding her dupatta. Chod do anchal….plays….. Khoji asks what will you want now. She says I want Chaitu. Genda says Chaitu should resign, no woman can be safe when he is the CM. Genda declares a hunger strike. Chaitu sees the news. Imli says you mean that woman is lying. He says I didn’t tease her ever.

They scold Chaitu for his bad character. Chaitu justifies himself and calls Imli a diamond. Imli asks whom did he tease, why didn’t he tease her. He says I married you. She says you would have sang a song for me. Puttan asks why did Chatri target you, what do I lack, why didn’t anyone blame me. Ghotali says because you are not CM, no one will benefit from blaming you. Imli scolds her. Chaitu comes to office and sees the protest going on. Khoji asks him about Imli and puttan. Chaitu says everything is fine, Genda is a good politician, she should observe hunger strike, her weight will get less. He goes. Jha massages Chaitu’s head. Chaitu says you can’t understand my state, Imli is angry, children are also angry on me. Jha says I think opposition has done this to topple your govt, we should expose Chatri. Chaitu agrees. He asks Jha to save his reputation once. Jha asks him to trust him, he won’t let him and govt. fall.

Its morning, everyone acts rude to Chaitu. Chaitu tries to please them by giving money. Khoji goes to take Genda’s interview. Genda gives statement against Chaity. Chatri says I just want Chaitu. Genda says she has been traumatized since 20 years. Imli gets angry watching the news. Jha says we have to get Chatri away from Genda, we have to make her say the truth by getting here. Imli threatens Chaitu. Jha says then its time to resign. Ek taraf ghar wali…..plays…….

Imli asks who is my Sautan. Imli scolds Chaitu. Chaitu gets stuck in the mess.

Update Credit to: Amena

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