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Complicated (Ragsan ff) shot 26

Phase ll

Let’s begin….


A guy in the formals was moving in a cycle

All are laughing seeing him because he daily comes like this..

He smiles at the laughing people

Within sometime he reach to one of a big library where his first book COMPLICATED Phase l was been published very long back in every countries… Now its Phase ll which will be published

Where many youngsters middle aged even old people are waiting to listen the story from him….

He goes inside…

After the small inaugural function…

It was time for him brief the Phase of COMPLICATED

an old man:it was very hard for us to wait for these many months… Finally
A girl:yes finally i am excited for the phase ll Abhay sir!

And the guy is revealed to be Abhay(Parth Samthan)
He smiles widely

A middle aged(foreign lady) :Abhay.. Please do start the Phase ll soon!

Guy:ha abhay sir… I am so excited… Would Sanskar be able to look after Ragini.. Now also he has left everything what would be do

Abhay just smiles

Mid aged men:Abhay.. What happened!!!??

Abhay:no.. Actually i am feeling like my first day.. Which had less number of people and today… (he looks at every seat which is filled)i have same feeling would i be able to reach your expectations?

He takes the second part of COMPLICATED

Abhay:i will not move into the story.. Actually now we will not talk about Ragini or Sanskar but the new character’s

All looks at him

Abhay:new character’s.. With whom will have Ragini and Sanskar’s new Phase…this phase will have lots of memories.. A beautiful new life.. Few positive peoples and negative thoughts

Girl:you mean again Ragini and sanskar have to face

Abhay:it’s said… For a beautiful destination ending we would find many broken roads… In our real life we find many negative thoughts.. It’s not the people behind this but their thoughts which lead them to do something wrong or a sin…..

Abhay smiles :let me now introduce the character’s the very first new character would Dr. Abhimanyu Khanna a famous neurologist and specialist for ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder… His character…
He laughs a bit…


Here a guy is shown he was engrossed with paper’s

His phone was ringing continuously..

Guy:abhi’s phone abhi’s phone

And he is Dr. Abhimanyu khanna(played by zain imam)

After searching a lot finally he gets the phone

It was his mum:hello.. Abhimanyu when will you reach son?

Abhi:abhi’s mum abhi busy


Abhi slaps his forehead :sorry sorry.. Mumma i am busy right now.. There’s a lot of patience.. I mean patients..

He was collecting the pages

Abhi:talk to you later…

He disconnects the call

He falls on his seat

Abhi:one my mom second my falling files third… Ahh don’t want to talk about her…

At the time he again gets the call

Abhi:i will go mad…. Ahhhhh

He sees the calker id

Abhi:shahveer… Isko bhi meri yaad aati hai par usko nahi aati😟


Abhay laughs:aditi singh the second new character…

A guy:let me guess she is the one whom Dr Abhimanyu is talking right

Abhay:yes.. Its her.. She is a journalist by profession.. Her dreams are so high.. She want to become universal number one reporter! She is totally opposite to Abhimanyu… Is behaviour’s and in career ek bhi successful show nahi gaya! She has one weakness of she gets angry whatever she would get if would be broken


Here a girl is shown.. Who is totally pissed with someone

A mid age man:this is the last warning i am giving you… From now you are demoted to junior journalists… Go to the C5 give the advertisement shanti slim fit syrup

And the girl is revealed to be aditi:saale bhudde.. What you thought.. My talent is not to show on all this.. Aur tujh jaise bhais samaj hi nahi sakte… I am resigned

Man:oh great then thankyou so much.. Never ever cross this way

He was about to go she angrily throws her mobile which breaks into pieces

Man angrily:out!

Aditi storms from there


Abhay:ab baari Aditya ki… He is a famous wildlife photographer and his wife zoya is event holder.. Kabhi kabhi Yeh janab apne biwi ke events par photographer banke bhi chale jaate hai..

A girl:i guess.. Now adithya would give the job for sanskar.. As Sanskar’s dream was a photography

Abhay:yes.. Even few years back adithya offered sanskar a job… For environmental photography which includes everything after seeing Sanskar’s photography on wild life surroundings and even the famous places in india

So lets meet them

A girl was managing the events

She is zoya

Zoya:arey make it up fast… We don’t have enough times

Someone clicks her photo

And she very well knew who it is

Zoya:adiiiiii.. I am here tensed and you are…

Adi:i am sorry biwi… But you are looking so beautiful being tensed that i couldn’t resist myself from clicking your photo!

Zoya gets angry at him

He again clicks her photo:you were looking so cute

Zoya :ahhhh i hate you!!!

She goes

Adi shouts:i love you….. Zoyaaa


Abhay:adithya just needs chances to irritate zoya… So these 4 people would be new support for RagSan…

A man:then where’s the negativity?

Abhay:hmm… You will get to know them when story proceeds.. Now concentrate on Ragini and sanskar… Jinki journey abhi abhi shuru hui hai.. (he sings) tu jo mila lo ho gaya mein qaabil.. Tu jo mila tho ho gaya sab haasil.. Mushwil sahi aasan hui manzil.. Kyunki tu dhadkan mein dil!!!

To be continued…..

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