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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update vibhu and Tiwari insecure

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tiwari and Vibhu at tea stall are worried about anita and angooris moderness,Tiwari says I can’t take this anymore,vibhu says neither me,tiwari starts crying,vibhu says don’t nothing will happen to us,prem walks to them and tells them that his wife ran away.

Happu enters Mishra house with a bag and says is anu Baby home,vibhu says how dare you call her baby,Happu says you orthodox we are friends and it’s allowed,vibhu says shut up and what’s in this bag,Happu says I’m gonna stay here,vibhu says get out,anu says cmon guys stop it let me enjoy my drink,vibhu says anu he is gonna stay here,anu says he is my darling friend and it’s fine,vibhu says we are husband wife what about our privacy,anu says we are modern people and it’s fine grow up.

Anu says Happu darling beer

or scotch,Happu says beer,anu says vibhu get us beer we are chilling in bedroom come Happu darling,vibhu confused.
Tiwari on call says this modernness is causing me pain,master walks in with his bag,Tiwari says what nonsense is this,angoori walks out and says don’t misbehave with him and hello dude,tiwari says he is your friend look at him,angoori says enough not a word against him,master says he is old fashioned forget it,I have an important things to talk it’s I have guests at my place so will stay at your place,Tiwari says why is it,is this guest house,angoori says he is my friend he will stay here come with me and Manmohan get his bag.

Happu walks in Anita’s bedroom,and says anu Baby you look so pretty,and wakes her up,vibhu Wakes up and asks who is not,Happu says it’s me anu baby’s friend,anu wakes up and asks what’s wrong,vibhu says how dare you enter my bedroom,anu says he is my close friend,vibhu says he doesn’t deserve to be your friend,Happu says you don’t deserve to be her husband,anu says calm down tell me Happu darling what is it,Happu says I feel lonely,anu says it’s ok join us here,vibhu hits him.

Tikka tilu Malkhan gargaling to keep their throat clear and good,preping for next days interview.

Master wakes up angoori and Tiwari,Tiwari says what are you doing in my bedroom,master says I was bored,tiwari says you want gulfamkali to dance for you,master says not a bad idea,Tiwari says get lost,angoori says stop insulting him,Tiwari Throws him out of the house,vibhu pushes Happu out too,anu and angoori try to stop them.

Anu says we asked them to do so,vibhu says what,angoori says we heard you talking about being modern and so this,vibhu says stop it,tiwari says we can’t take it we accept you as it is,anu says modern is through thoughts drinking means is not modern,Tiwari and Vibhu says we agree,anu says apologies cmon,vibhu and Tiwari say sorry.

At Rajeshs house,he asks what you want,tikka says here’s our details,Rajesh asks what for,tilu says London,Rajesh says I didn’t go London why will I take you,tikka laughs and says good joke,Rajesh says is the truth,tilu says then 250 toilets in London,Rajesh says that’s not me,I own wooden artefacts business get out.

Boys at tea stall,tikka says I didn’t see a beautiful girls past so many days,Malkhan says true,tilu says go ramnarayan market you will find so many girls.laddu and his friend Parth join them,tikka says you are lacho devis neighbour right,Parth says right and here is a letter from her.
Malkhan reads letter which says the one who says I love you first I will reply to them.

Lacho passing by,boys say I love you,she slaps them and leaves.
Laddu and Parth leave laughing.

Pre cap: Khurana and Gupta conduct an experiment and people turn zombies.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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