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Bepannaah 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya and Zoya are caught again

Bepannaah 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Few ladies come to Wasim ji’s house and find Zoya and Aditya there. They ask them who they are. Wasim ji returns just then. He lies to them that Zoya is his niece and Aditya is her husband Adil. Somoene calls out to him so he goes out. The same guy who had a doubt on them earlier, peeks inside. The ladies ask Zoya about her mother and why she dint come to Wasim ji’s daughter’s wedding. Aditya and Zoya cook up excuses. The ladies ask Zoya to cook. They go out of the room. Zoya is panic stricken. She turns to Aditya. I do not know how to cook! He is surprised. She asks him if he does not remember the incident when she was trying to make gajar halwa with the help of recipe book. He says I can.

Aditya calls Zoya Begumjaan. I will show your family members how well you have taught me to cook. He keeps

instructing her as to what to do. Ladies smile. Zoya is lucky to have a husband like him. Our husbands have never stepped their foot in kitchen till date. Zoya is having trouble kneading dough. Aditya guides her again. She ends up spilling flour over herself. The ladies laugh again. Seems like she makes you cook every day. Help her. Aditya cleans the flour off her face using a cloth. O re piya plays in the background. Zoya is trying to place the duvet on the floor but fails. Aditya helps her. Their heads collide in the process. Someone gives a cap to Aditya. He gestures Zoya to come. When she does, he asks her if it isn’t small. She makes him wear it.

Mahi asks Rajvir how long should they wait. He tells her that he is waiting for Iftari to begin.

Aditya is passing by Zoya when her dupatta gets stuck in his wristwatch. She frees it. Aditya goes aside to call his father. He sits next to Zoya and assures her that Dad is coming soon.

Arjun tells his father to drive carefully. Harsh does not care about it. I will even fly it if I have to. Anjana also tells Arjun to let him drive.

Wasim’s wife asks him to come so he can break Roza. He refuses to eat anything till his daughter is home. Inspector asks them to go home. Police is doing their work. He taunts him back on it. Noor asks her Abbu to eat something. You will fall ill this way. Who will take care of us then? Eat something for my sake. Wasim’s mother thanks Allah for returning their one daughter back to them. We will get our Zoya soon too. Please eat something.

Zoya gives a date to Aditya.

Wasim and his wife offer prayers to Allah.

Zoya offers a silent prayer. Aditya follows her.

Wasim and his wife eat a date.

Aditya says Bismillah after Zoya. She refuses to eat anything else. He tells her not to worry. You kept roza and even offered prayers. Please eat something. She takes fruits and wipes her tears. Wasim ji goes aside. That suspicious guy notices Aditya looking at his watch.

Arjun, Harsh and Anjana are still on their way.

Aditya asks Zoya to come. We must leave. He looks around for Wasim ji when the guy asks them to come with him. They hesitantly do as told.

Rajvir is also looking at his watch. Time is up. Let’s go inside. He warns Mahi to stand outside only.

Arjun checks GPS. They are around. Harsh says we must reach there before Rajvir.

The guy locks Zoya and Aditya in a room. Aditya says we should do something. The guy goes to Rajvir and asks him to come with him. I will tell you where they are.

Wasim ji is in that room only. He tells Zoya and Aditya not to worry. I only asked him to bring you here. I promised to send you out of here safely. This will take you out of jungle.

The guy brings Rajvir and his team to that room but it is empty. Rajvir questions him but Wasim ji says seems like they ran away. Rajvir asks him if he helped theme escape. Police finds that secret passage. Rajvir takes that passage and asks one team member to follow him. He sends the rest of the team the other way.

Aditya is unable to call Arjun / his father. Arjun tries that number as well but there is no signal. Aditya notices Arjun’s car. Dadu must be with him. Arjun and Harsh see someone waving at them. They look carefully and realise it is Aditya. Harsh stops the car in front of Aditya and Zoya. Aditya says I was sure you will find me. Rajvir steps in between. Rightly said! Everyone looks at him in shock. Rajvir says I finally found you guys. Shall we? Harsh asks Rajvir if he thinks he will be able to take his son in front his him. Do you think it’s that easy? Rajvir says I know you don’t like it easy. Let’s make it little serious. He aims his gun at Aditya shocking everyone. I will shoot him and say that he died in encounter! Back off Mr. Hooda! Mahi also comes there. Rajvir says I am not at all bothered by your money, power or anything! I know you can easily keep law in your pockets but no one can escape law till the time I am there!

Precap: Rajvir is taking Aditya with him. Anjana requests him against it. Rajvir pushes her. Aditya ends up hitting him. How dare you hit my mother? Rajvir angrily points his gun at him again. I can kill you right away!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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