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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina reminisces Sameer on last day of school

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Naina’s voiceover telling that her love story started in year 1991 as Sameer came in her life then, and then later came year 1992. She tells about the happenings in the academic year as she relishes the memories, and says she called him in dreams. She imagines Sameer in school and smiles. Hum tere bin kahin reh nahi paate song plays. Swati pinches him and asks her to come. Naina asks are you mad? Naina’s voiceover tells that even Munna and Pandit were lost and was writing Sameer’s name with their names on school’s wall. Munna and Pandit write their names and hug each other. Pandit tells friends that Sameer is Naina’s bhakt and she asked them not to smoke cigarette. Naina says she was in the school with Sameer for a year, but was with others since 12 years.

She tells that she was reminiscing all the masti.

Naina is shown with specs while the voiceover is told. Naina writes poetry for her friend in her book. One of the girl tells that she has stolen her book. Swati asks her to go to her room and give 12 Rs. Munna and Pandit come to Shanti teacher’s class. Shanti teacher asks them to go. Munna and Pandit that they got jealous seeing her teaching next batch. Swati gets emotional and says don’t know where she will get admission. Naina says you are my best friend and hugs her. She writes poetry for her. Swati writes poetry on Naina’s uniform. Kamya hugs Naina and says I will miss you. Naina’s voiceover tells that my Papa entered there to ruin our moment. Rakesh scolds them for wasting their uniforms. Preeti says we will not wear it again now. Rakesh scolds her and goes. Swati laughs and says I will not meet your Papa again.

Naina tells that she felt that Sameer is near her, very close to her. She says telepathy was strong, even though there was no mobile phones. She says eyes can betray, but not heart. Mohabbat Song plays. Sameer is coming there. Naina is about to come there. Swati calls her. Sameer stops hearing Naina’s name. Naina turns to go. Sameer also turns to go. Naina runs towards Sameer sensing his presence, but Sameer runs faster and leaves before she could see him. Yeh un dinon ki baat hai plays……Naina comes out and looks on.

Principal addresses to the students and says he has written new poetry for them. Sameer is still there and hiding from them. Principal sir asks them not to forget them and make their school proud. Munna says we have written cheetah for you. Pandit says we can’t write sher like you and that’s why wrote cheetah for you. Munna tells poetry teasing his poetic lines. Rakesh scolds them. Principal asks them to come near him, and asks what you were saying, and says it was chutkala only and not sher. Principal tells poetry praising their cheetah. He blesses students for happy lives and asks them not to forget their values and remember that they are responsible citizen of a good nation. Kamya tells Principal that they shall click pic. Principal asks if they got camera. Kamya says yes. They sit to get pic clicked. Munna and Pandit tell that pic is incomplete with Sameer. They say they will bring Sameer. They bring Sameer’s photo board and asks peon to click their pic. Their pic is clicked. Sameer gets emotional and cries. Everyone cries. Naina looks for Sameer everywhere. Kasam se kasam se plays…..Sameer smiles and leaves.

Sameer comes to his Nana ji’s house. Naina calls Munna and Pandit and tells that something is wrong with Sameer. Munna and Pandit also realize same thing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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