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Siddhi Vinayak 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi learns Rajbeer’s plotting

Siddhi Vinayak 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin taking Siddhi to the temple. She asks did you get me to meet Bappa. He says yes, we should thank Bappa for protecting us. They pray. He thinks Bappa has answered me yesterday. He smiles seeing Siddhi. She thanks Bappa as she always wanted to get blessings together. She recalls their childhood moments. She cries. Vin thinks I love Riddhi. She thinks I love Vin a lot. They both make a Bappa promise.

Mannu asks Riddhi to manage Vin’s promotional events alone, as he is going Delhi. She asks him not to worry. She asks about the marriage certificate. He says don’t worry, I have kept it in bank locker. She thanks him. Gauri and Prachi look on. Prachi says Riddhi is impressing Vin and Mannu too. Gauri says Mannu is innocent, but I don’t trust this clever Riddhi. Mannu

asks Riddhi to call him if she needs any help. He leaves. Pratima calls her and says you made me a detective. She asks the news. Pratima says I got Rajbeer’s call history, Rajbeer is involved in Vin’s accident. She sends the goon’s pic. Siddhi gets shocked and recalls the goon. Siddhi says its same man who attacked me and Vin that day, commissioner was right, some family member is behind the attacks on Vin. Rajbeer comes there. Siddhi ends call. Rajbeer asks why is she scared. She says just wrong people get scared. She tells about his meeting. He asks her just to mind her own business. He goes. She thinks to expose him soon.

Vin recalls Riddhi and smiles. Vin calls her and talks sweetly. Gauri and Prachi try to hear the talk. Siddhi gets Pratima’s call. She says I m fine, Vin called me for work, I will call you later. Prachi asks when is your Dadi coming from US. Gauri asks didn’t you tell her you got saved from fire. Siddhi says stop it, my Dadi will worry. Pratima hears them and asks Siddhi about it. Siddhi says I m fine. Gauri says Vin saved you, else anything could have happened.

Siddhi says Vin saved me in time, I m fine, I will talk later. She answers Gauri and Prachi. She asks them to make breakfast for her. She goes. Gauri says just look at her attitude, I won’t leave her. Prachi says you should have caught her then. Gauri says something is going on between Vin and Riddhi. Prachi says its Rasleela. Gauri agrees. Vin applies ointment to the burn wounds on his back. Siddhi comes there and gets shocked. She cries and asks did you get these wounds while saving me. He says no, while making breakfast for you. She applies the ointment to his back. Itni mohabbat karo na……plays….. He looks at her.

She thinks what happened to Vin, why is he seeing her this way, is he liking her now. He says cancel all meetings today. She asks why, are you fine. He says yes, but you aren’t fine, I can’t do any work without you. She agrees. He thinks today I got to know your smile is so beautiful. He says book two tickets. She asks where are you going and with whom. He says we are going for a movie. She says we can’t go for some security reason, but movie can come to us, I will arrange everything for you here. He says for us. She says I have much work. He says we will watch movie, say yes. She thinks she has no time, she has to make plan to get Rajbeer caught.

Vin says I need to say something. Siddhi asks him to say it fast, she has much work. He says I love you. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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