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Living our life together – promo

So guys here i am back.. with my promo . i will give you promo of each character and you have to find whom they are reffered to.As i said to you in the intro part



A girl is shown laying down on his bed.. She suddenly wakes up and looks at the sky.. Its full of stars..

Girl : Everytime i see this sky it gives me a feeling that we are together.. The days we spend on teasing eachother and making fun of eachother … i really miss you my dears…

Just then her phone beeps . She hoes and saw an e-mail.. and she smiles


A girl is shown riding a bullet het face is not vissible..She stops her bike at an edge of a cliff..

Girl : Life was perfect until you guys were with me.. But it was our decision to stay away from eachother..Then why am i not happy.. am i the only one who misses you guys..

Just then her phone beeps.. she takes her phone from her backpocket and looks. she gets shocked


A girl is shown sitting at a cafe with her laptop. Next to her tabel a group of ladies were also sitting.. They comment on people who were sitting next to them.. The girl smiles

Girl : Seeing eachthings around me.. i feel your presence how we used to comment on others. The sleepless nights .

I wish all were back.. She looks on to her laptop and her eyes fills with tears


A girl is shown writing a message…

Girl(thinking ) : Its been years since we have met eachother… We at a time scarificed our friendship for our career. But tomarrow is a big day and i wish you guys will come.. That’s why i have messaged you all


Its night and quite dark.. Four girls are shown riding cycle.. They stoos the cycle and starts running to some place.. They goes to a cliff from where they could see the whole city lightened up..A girls holds there hand..

Girl 1 : 3

Girl 2: 2

Girl 3: 1

Girl 4 : Go

All girls at same time: HAPPY NEW YEAR.

.A cracker at the same time explodes in the sky

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