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Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and King have a face off

Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kiara asking Pragya why she haven’t chose her clothes and says I can’t chose it. Pragya selects her clothes. Kiara tells Pragya that Dada loves her so much, just like I love you. Pragya thinks King loves Kiara so much and gave her more love than a father would do. Abhi and King’s car are about to collide. King scolds his driver. Abhi gets down from his car and asks if this is car or aeroplane, and says it would have been flying in air. King gets down from his car and says if my car had flied then we would have called Police. Abhi asks shall I give Inspector, ACP, commissioner’s number. King says I don’t call ordinary people and says I will call direct UK embassy. Abhi says foreign chidiya and tells that whoever can’t do anything here, go there. Abhi advices him to keep

eye on his house when going from there.

King advices him to play horn while leaving his house. Abhi asks him to give advice to his driver. King says you have home, but not road. Abhi says I have home, but you don’t have home, road, nation etc. King asks him to apologize and end the matter. Abhi shows attitude. King says you are behaving as if you are a rockstar. Abhi smiles. King says I am impressed. Abhi says you are behaving as if you are rapper. King says I am rapper from UK. Pragya searches for Mr. Blaster’s number from her call list. She calls Abhi, but he is busy with king. Kiara asks her to show attitude. Pragya calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call. Kiara says she is Kiara and asks for her doll cookie. Abhi asks no personal loan, insurance etc. He ends the call and asks King’s driver to ask his driver to keep his eyes open. King says it seems you thought this area is yours. Abhi says this is my area and says you would have got guy like me. He gets Aaliya’s call and leaves.

Pragya says he must not have heard your name. kiara says he heard my name and ended the call. She says he might don’t want to return my cookie. She says she will call british embassy. Abhi reaches the office. Aaliya and Purab tell him that the company gave best deal to London’s singer. He says they didn’t know what I can do? Purab says she wants to get spelling error in the contract, so that she can lower the company infront of media. Abhi says this is against our ethics. Aaliya asks him to relax and says I am sure that they will agree for our clauses. Abhi asks her to keep it clean and goes. Aaliya scolds Purab to tell him about her plan. Purab asks her not to keep him in dark. Aaliya takes king’s file from Abhi and thinks he has a downmarket name. Purab gets a call and tells Abhi that Bhupinder called them. He informs him and tells Abhi that Bhupinder asked for his daughter’s admission in Sunny’s school. Abhi agrees to go to school and get his admission done. Purab tells the school name. Pragya and Kiara also come to the same school for later’s admission. Abhi also comes there.

Driver comes and asks Abhi for autograph. He gives autographs to fans. Pragya and Kiara go to Principal’s room. Principal says our school is very prestigious and we have to enquire about your status and background. She asks are you single parent? She says we have studied that single parents kids are very moody and aggressive. Pragya says my mom was a single mother and I turned out quite alright. She says I am not a single parents, Kiara’s father is King Singh, and tells that she is a housewife and was a teacher before. Principal says very nice, you can focus on her studies and says rockstar’s daughter can study here. Pragya says her dada is not rockstar, but rapper. She asks when will admission test will be done.

Principal says next year, and tells that term has started for this year, and admissions are closed. Pragya says we want admission this year only. Abhi comes there and asks may I come in? Pragya hears Abhi’s voice, but just then he gets a call and leave. Pragya senses his presence. Principal says administration officer might have told you that admission is closed. Pragya says Kiara is a bright student and will make your school proud. Principal says sorry and says next year. Abhi talks to Bhupinder. Bhupinder thanks Abhi and tells that his wife Nisha must have reached there. Nisha greets Abhi. Abhi compliments her and says you are still smart. Girls greet him. Abhi says I will go and meet principal. Pragya thinks this is international school, if kiara gets her admission here then she will not get problem to cope up. She thinks to talk to Principal again.

Kiara meets Sunny and gets into an argument with him. He tells that he will call his chuks. Kiara says then she will call her mums.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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