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Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Venegeance to ishq) Episode 5

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Episode 5


“This is not fair. At least just a slap 😡😡. You are a darpok Adi. You ran away from there with me.”


Adi: Seriously!!arrey they were 3 hulks and I am a Chotta Bheem.


Shi: Whatever, how do you know that I am in danger. Telepathy na 😍😍


Adi: 😏😏 rubbish. This is called common sense. A hot chick in midnight. Think about it. Here I lost my control several times after spotting you like this.


Shi: What  😉😉.


Adi: Na nothing.


They reached Shivika’s home.


“Come in.”


“No bye 👋. I am going.”


She lagged his hand.


“Come in it is not safe”




Shivaay don’t you trust us. Nobody is there, said Tej.

Shivaay reversed his walk and approached Tej.


“I’m trusting you all but at least for my sake. I am feeling that Anik… No nothing.”


Shivaay nodded. He accessed inside. But nobody was present there. He came outside distressed.


Vivi dramatically showed his cheek.


Shiv: You are naughty hehe. None was there you crazy hallucinated boy.


Everybody started giggling at him.

“I will prove it  😔😔.”


He desperately walked inside of Oberoi Mansion.


Om: Rudy where is Bhabhi??


Rudy: I donno.


Vaani: Aunty she is fine na.


“Yes she is.”


Shivaani came outside with giving Vaanika a rude death glare.


“Actually I have concealed her. I accidentally overheard your plans so.”


Gauri rushed inside. She sat on the floor and rested her head on Anika’s lap.


“Jijji you don’t know how much I missed you.”


She wiped her tears in a hurry.


“You know something, you are my long lost sister. I am your Chutki.”


Shiva: Chutki!! Sister


Jhan: Actually, Anika is Gauri’s long lost sister, Chutki.


Anika’s heart started beating faster. Her lips moved a little more. Anika moved her hands slowly. Her eyes expelled a lots of salty fluid. She slowly began to run her fingers amid of Gauri’s hairs. Gauri surprisingly called Om.

“Omkara ji look Jijji is responding.”


The two girls and others danced in joy. Pinky hugged and kissed Anika.


Rudy called Khanna and told to call a doctor. Even Khanna was also happy. Dadi also came to know about Anika. She came with Bhavya.


She cupped her face with that wrinkled trembling hands.


“Anika, you are back and my Billu will also be. Maybe I am alive for witnessing this reunion.”


Anika smiled amid of tears.


Dadi: But I have a complaint. I can’t see your offsprings. It was my great wish ever which is never gonna come true. Your and my Billu’s kids.


Anika helplessly gazed at Shivaani and Vaanika.


Rudy: So what Dadi. They will try their best to fulfill your wish. They are still young you know.


Shak: But Shivaay is still angry on Anika.


Om: Leave it Chachu. I don’t think that old misunderstandings will stimulate him post spotting her like this.


Dadi: We hope so. But I can’t attend their children’s marriage.


Vaani: No worries Dadi. Definitely you will.


She said with secretly pointing at Shivaani.


Everybody left one by one.


Om: Take care of her.


Shiv: Don’t worry. We will do it better than you.


Shivaani closed the door and began to pinch and beat Vaani.


“Shiva, stop it. Maa is showing improvement na.”


Shiv: So what, beware of Oberois. Dikhaava hai yeh sab.


Vaani: For what and for showing whom??


Shiva: I donno.


Vaani: At least you can trust Maasi right. I think we should inform Maama and Nani.



She is dozing off on his chest like a kitten. Adi slowly kissed on her forehead. He caressed her hair. His eyes acquired something weird abruptly.


“Sleeping pills”


A girl entered inside the room with a white blanket and closed the door safely.


“Bhaiyya you can sleep in the upper portion.”


The room was divided into two. A upper and lower portion. The wooden stairs helps to reach the upper portion.


Adi: No I am comfortable.


“Then OK we can do some chit chats.”


Adi: Ankita(Kriti Sanon) , tell me something.


Ank: Ask me


Adi: Why she is having the sleeping pills.


Ank: Bhaiyya woh woh.

Adi: Tell me please.


Ank: Actually she cutted her wrist after breaking up with you. Somehow we managed to save her and she had undergone through a major depression. Now she wants such sedatives to sleep and live.


Adi’s heart fragmented into pieces. He doubtfully looked at her wrist.


“Koi baat ni Maama. Agar aapke badle ke liye khudko thodna bhi pade toh mujhe manzoor hai.”


He remembered her words. An unknown ire emerged in him.


“These all happened cz of your father. 😡😡 that blo*dy brain washer her Chotemama. He called her and told some lie about me. Your Badepapa and Paapa used her to avenge us. Even I am feeling bad about our trust. She is trusting your father more than me. Dekho this stupid tried to commit suicide.”


Ank: Bhaiyya 2 matters that I want to tell you. First of all she loves you and is trusting you more than everybody. That circumstances initiated her to separate herself from you. Are you thinking that she can misunderstand you. The reason was something different. Everybody will do the same like she did.


Adi: Then you tell me. What is the fact.


Ank: Am I your lady love?? No na. It is your Saanjh’s right. Force her your best and she will confess.


Adi: Badi samajhdaar hai tu. I don’t think you are of just 16 years old.


Ank: I know my height and thoughts aren’t suiting my age.


Adi: What is the second matter.


Ank: You are misunderstanding my father. You don’t even know him. According to me, he is a good brother, father, hubby, uncle. Moreover a good human being. He is physically handicapped but he vanished every hurdles across him and his dreams. He achieved his goals finally. Now he is Indian ambassador of South Africa. Then my Badepapa, he is our almighty. We can’t renumerate anything for his avails. From adopting my Paapa as his brother and getting him married to his sister in law to assuring his nieces and nephew a better living.


Aradhya(Saahil’s wife) called her suddenly.


“Anu who is there.”


Ank: Nothing Mumma. I am video chatting with Ahaan Bhaiyya.


She screamed loudly.


Adi: Who is Ahaan.


Ank: My Bhaiyya, Badepapa’s son and your Saanjh’s upcoming Jiju. He is in Philadelphia and doing FRCS.


Adi: Means!!! She has a sister?? Yeh jhooti mujhe kuch nahi bataya 😕.


Ank: Arrey Bhaiyya. Not one they are four. They are quadruplets.


Adi: 😦😦 Hats off to their father. Yeah where is her parents??



Ank: No actually Bua is paralyzed and her father. I don’t know.




Adi noticed Karthik’s single pic on the wall.


“Ohh are you the fan of KSO??.”


Ankita walked in her dreams. She glanced at his pic with a lots of love.


“Haan I am a fan. His crazy fan.”




7 months before Anika’s delivery.


Shivaay’s phone fragmented into numerous pieces.


“Shivaay I want to talk to you. It is important for our family and future.”


Shivaay: It is not your family but mine and our future is no more.

Anika sighed and forcefully inflicted him a letter.


“Jab gussa shaant ho jayega tab pad lena.”


Shi: Aisa kabhi nahi hoga.


He ripped the papers and threw it into the dustbin.

Anika romantically hugged him suddenly. Their cheeks rubbed each other. Her lips slowly leaned towards his lips. Shivaay tried to ignore Anika. Neverthless she has more strength than him this time. She ignored his incorporation. Their lips battled for each other. And the kiss lasted for as  long as they wanted.


Shivaay: What are you trying to proving for???

My lust is not my love.


Ani: I know. But I wished this……. For a last time.


Shivaay shockingly gazed at her. That ‘last time’ striked in his heart.


Ani: I’m going and never ever will be back. But I will send you some gifts very soon. I know you will accept those all my gifts whole heartedly.


She moved out of his office cabin in that midnight. It was their last meeting.



Shivaay’s POV


“Where are you Anika. Your absence is ruthlessly slaying me inch by inch. I want to see you, hug you, kiss you. You never came across my life ever post that meeting. Never sent those gifts. Vaqt ke saath saath ab mujhe bhi ahsaas hone laga hai ki tum bekasoor ho. The real antagonist is my Bua. Please come back. You know Dadi is wishing for our children. Mom too. In some instances me too. I don’t know about your wish but I want daughters. We already have two sons na. And their names will be… No no not me. Naming is your department na.”


Shivaay slowly patted on Anika’s pic.


“I’m mad na. We doesn’t even met again and I am day dreaming about our kids.  I don’t know you are moved on or not. Might be you have kids. How do you look?? Baal saphed hua hai ki nahi.”


He checked his own head.


“Mine is on or two. I can imagine how do you look. Like that na, when we went to stop Gauri’s wedding. Haan Anika Gauri is your Chutki. You are unaware of it. Come back soon I will tell you.”


Shivaay continued his speech. Meanwhile OmRu was watching him desperately.


Om: I think we should utter him.


Rud: But Om how we present her in such condition. You also heard that doctor’s words. Anika Bhabhi’s life ceased in that wheelchair years ago. I have a strong feeling that it is not an accident. Her come back is also a belief. No no I can’t see him in such state. He is already broken.




Her eyeballs rolled inside of her eyelids and her vision reopened. Shivika was still on that last night’s posture. Her head was resting on his chest.


“I think you are still dizzy.”


She smiled vainly and started chewing his blazer.




Shi: I’m Shiv…


Adi: No you’re always Saanjh. Adithya’s Saanjh.


Ambika( VVT’s wife) knocked the door.


“Kitto, Anu open the door.”


Ankita was peacefully sleeping. Shivika shook her and called.


“Anu wake up.”


Suddenly Shivika looked at Adi shocked.


“What are you doing here?? Please hide somewhere.”


Adi hide himself under the bed. Ankita stretched her hands and yawned.


“Kya di. Subah subah utha liya 😣😣.”


Shi: Open the door. I wanna change this s*xy attire.


Shivika escaped to washroom and Ankita opened the door.


“Where is Kitto. Today that guy is coming to meet her.  Heyy bhagwaan please fix this alliance. My daughter is already broken.”


Adi shocked and got jealous by hearing this.


Anu: Maasi Di is taking a shower.


Amb: Tell her to be ready soon.


Anu: Okay Maasi.




Shivika got ready in a baby pink and Skyblue merged full sleeve Anarkali suit, with matching jewelry.


“Is it necessary to look gorgeous😡😡.”


She wrapped through his neck.


“Hmm Mr. Jealous is getting more jealous today  😉😉”


Adi disdainfully moved his head aside.




Ankita came inside suddenly and both startled.


“Ahem ahem Romancaa 😉😉. I’m feeling bad for that guy. He is a vanilla ice cream di vanilla ice cream.”


Shi: Seriously!!


Adi: Then what are you looking for. Go and enjoy your vaaanila ice cream hmm 😏😏


Shivi: Going going hmm 😏😏


Shivika furiously walked to the ground floor.


Anu: Jiju don’t make her furious. Paapa n BP already met and liked him. Now Maasi and Maa also. If she too then you will be my former Jiju and he will be my……. You can imagine na.


Adi: Yeah I can. You please do me a favour.


Anu: Ok.




“What’s going on yaar. Everybody is neglecting me. This Vivi. Do one thing Vivi. Call Adi and tell him. He will trust you I swear.”


Vivi called Adi. Meanwhile he was striving his best to overhear Shivika and Sawan’s (Varun Kapoor) conversation.


Adi received the call.


“Vivi, I’m busy. I will call you back.”


The call hung up.


“Arrey isko kya ho gaya. Yeh toh holiday manane gaya tha. Now he is busy and something is fishy. I will unfold everything. First of all this mysterious lady.”


Vivaan silently accessed into the outhouse. There every windows were closed.

He opened every windows and doors.Then started burning the curtains and some clothes one by one.


“That chipkali and her sister is not here. They are hiding that lady somewhere. She will definitely run outside after facing this fire and I will catch my Mamas and Others red handed in front of Shivaay Mama.”


The fire spread faster. Vivi awaited for Anika’s arrival. Oberois and the two girls came outside cz of smoke and heat. They shocked to see the fire.


  • Shivaani, Vaanika and Gauri rushed to go inside. Rudy poured water on the main entrance amid of sobbing. Now Vivi really got to know about something fishy. Something serious. He  tried to rescue more.

Shivaay angrily approached them.


“Om what are you doing. Shivaani and Vaanika is safe na.”


Om’s eyes were swollen with tears. OmRu are trying to rescue Anika their best. Just like they rescued her from the coffin.


Om: Shivaay Anika Bhabhi is inside.


Shivaay: An An Anika.


Shivaay stunned to hear that.


To be continued…….






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