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I Love you Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari – 7 by suma

Heyaaa here the next update of this story as per first voter saromythi wish.

Till noww the story went in author point of view 

Now the flashback you see in sanskar point of view.

Iam overwhelmed by your support for this story it’s #11 in short story  and I’m glad that you liking this triangle love. But I don’t want to hurt anyone as some want raglak and some what Ragsan …But both fans supporting me🙌 I’m thankful to them.

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Let’s get back to story now

Sanskar pov

Two years back…. First day of my college …. asusual I left laksh behind and ran taking his bike leaving him my car. I love bike rides than car. He too love bikes …so i stole his bike keys …yes you may think I can buy another bike…but stealing your brother bike keys and make him irritating and pleasure it gives is beyond words.

I entered college and saw some seniors are ragging Freshers… Slowly I thought to escape from them and soon my eyes caught one girl and I smiled seeing her because she is slowly escaping from seniors ….i really wanted to see her face so I’m slowly trying to go to her without notice of seniors.

I saw her face ! God damn ….she is so beautiful, I don’t know about Newton gravity …bcz I didn’t born at the time….. present she has magic which is leading to her. I followed her without her knowledge ….

I think she is angel from heaven by mistakenly she stepped on earth… God!! My eyes are clicking continuous pictures of her as if she gonna disappear anytime…I’m loving this new feeling when iam seeing her.

Love her…

I love her…

Love?? Is it??

I never believed love…if love means watching you all the time…yes …I love to watch you all the time….if love means being the reason for your smile…yes…I want to be your sole reason to smile …to be frank …I don’t want anyone to be with you when I feel your are mine.

She is mine ❤️

I love  her..really I’m in love with her…I never felt this feeling towards anyone.

Soon she disappeared… She went to classroom.
Just miss she is another department. Now I’m cursing myself that not to take this department.

Then I saw laksh infront of me … Actually glaring at me. First I don’t understand why he is throwing bullets with eyes at me. Then I understood I stolen his bike keys 🙈🙈🙈🙈 …I smiled sheepishly 😁😁😁😁😁

I wanted to say to him that I have fallen in love with that girl …but soon I understood he will complain to mom and dad…. Then mom will start giving lecture , so I stopped telling him and saw him going to same class where my angel went …

” Laksh stop why you going to this class? ”

” Bhai…this is my class and yours is next block…not even near to this block 😝😝😝 ”

” What ….next block ? ”

” Yeah…I requested you to take the same group …but you denied with ego for that small fight ”

” Yeah ! 😒😒😒 I’m regretting now….that’s the dumbest decision I ever made ”

” What Bhai…I didn’t get you ”

” Nothing laksh ….I’m leaving ”

” Ok Bhai ”


Actually I went to principal room and asked to change my department but clearly denied as its limited members for every dept. And now no seats available in that department…for which I got really hell angry but what to do other than to accept my fate.

Authors pov

Laksh entered the class and searched for place and sat beside Ragini … both introduced themselves and she had great time with laksh.
Both became friends

Pov ends

I went to my class and searched for the place and only one chair Is left empty which is between two girls. Though there is no place I choose to go to them and introduced myself
And those two girls are Kavitha and Aditi…

Both are nice people and good company either.

I started thinking about the girl whom I have seen before. Her smile. Her eyes. Her lips. Her cheeks. Everything I loved 😍😍😍😍

I should thank my brother , because of him I joined this college …so that I got this girl.


3months passed

Its been three months of the college ….still I didn’t meet her once…just looking her from far and admiring her smile…her innocence…. whenever she blinks her eyelids …I feel like to kiss her eyes.

She has the beautiful eyes ❤️

But one thing which irked me is she is always with my brother. I don’t know what relationship they hold eo …but I’m jealous … ofcourse it doesn’t suit me…but what to do …..

Today is college day …and what hurted me is both she and my brother are performing dance.

Authors note
( Ragini never knew sanskar is watching her all the time …but when she looks at him..he acts like she doesn’t even exists …and laksh never talked about ragini with Sanskar and same goes to sanskar .)

Now next performance is Ragini and laksh from xxx department.

Her name is Ragini…. How sweet name… Ragini…

Raginisanskar Maheshwari.

Mrs.Ragini sanskarMaheshwari
Awww nice nice…it’s looks cool ❣️❣️

Shortly  RagSan 😍😍😍

Soon I came back to reality and fuming in anger that I can’t see them together dancing like couple …
Laksh holding her waist…and she is letting him.

( This closeness made a slight change in laksh feelings towards Ragini. )

But soon I caught someone other than me is fuming in anger that is Aditi…but I was surprised why?

” Aditi…. somewhere I can smell something is burning …you know what ? ” he asked sarcastically

” Its me…it’s me sanskar…seeing my love with another girl ” she blurted out without realising

” Whatttttttttt 😱😱😱😱 ? You love my brother?? ”

She then realised what she said

“Umm… No…sanskar…actually ”

” Hey don’t lie…I can sense that…so you love my brother ”

” Yeah ” she admitted without any choice.

Somewhere iam very happy that my brother got love from such a good hearted girl like Aditi…and im bothered about his relationship with Ragini…

After that performance Kavitha called me alone …as it’s already dark….and there is no lights near the department while moving I heard some sounds.
I neared to the source of sounds there is one girl who is struggling and I can’t see her face as it’s dark.

” What happened ? ” I asked
There is no reply from her and I can understand something is wrong and then I noticed her dress  is torn and she is struggling to go to class room as there are many boys. 

( actually she went to change her clothes after performance while coming back she slipped and fell down and her dress is torn and she is waiting there for laksh as she called him and  laksh is coming  towards Ragini )

Soon I removed my shirt and gave it to her. She took without any response. And I left to kavitha.

( Here Ragini saw him for the first time )

” Sanskar what happened?? Where is your shirt ? ”

” I  explained to Kavitha what had happened ”

After sometime slowly she took a deep breath and told me three horrible words.

Can u expect ?

Yes for me it’s horrible bcz I don’t want to listen those words from anyone except from my angel
” I love you sanskar ”

” Seriously Kavitha….I never saw you in that way…I mean I don’t have that feeling towards you….you really special to me.. that doesn’t me I love you…if my behaviour towards you let this type of feelings grew for you…then iam really sorry….I know I’m bit rude..but I always wish for your good. So please don’t ever talk about love between us… because it’s never gonna happen ”  I answer her and then left the place …

Yes I’m rude to her… because I want her to get this straight that I don’t love her and I don’t have any such type of feelings for her now…and in future also. Its for her good I wanted.

When I’m leaving to home in bike….Shirtless 🙈
I saw someone fighting (not Dishoom Dishoom) arguing loudly with laksh ….I even saw Ragini there.
I heard their conversation …
They teased ragini….insulted her…but ragini stopped laksh to beat them. Soon they left.

I smirked evilly

How could I leave when they insult my princess…. I followed them and beat blue and black …
Now Dishoom Dishoom👊👊👊👊👊👊👊💪💪💪

” Never dare to see my girl with those bad eyes ” I pointed to them and expected response from them

But too bad I’m …they can’t even open their mouth… actually they are not in conscious state 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

I’m RUDE….
when anyone hurt my angel…how can I let them live in peace.
But badly I got arrested by police and sat in jail counting the bars for one night.

Yeah only one night…next morning Laksh came and bailed me out 😝😝😝

Still laksh didn’t knew about the reason why iam in jail whole night . *Facepalm*


Phewww. Still another shot goes with flashback
Hope you like it ….

Guys don’t hate sanskar !!!

Ok ! How was the update ?

Hit 🌟 and comment how was it and let me know how much you loved the part ?

Thank you
Suma ❤

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