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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 13

Puru , Laachi , Hasthi and Pritha reach Paurav Rastha. Puru stop them from entering. He says, “let’s go from a secret way. If guards catch us, it won’t be a good start” Everyone nod and agree.

King Bamni is thinking while sitting on his throne. Queen Anusuya comes there and sees him. She addresses him. “What are you thinking my Lord?” Bamni looks at her, thinks for a while and says, “I want justice for both of my sons.” Queen Anusuya comes near him and says, “They will get justice. Don’t think much. Lord will show us a way” Bamni looks away. He speaks, “I want to punish the culprit who tried to kill Kanishk and who tried to trap Puru, but by the time of that, none of my sons will be here.. ” Queen Anusuya replies, “They will be here, have faith in your sons.” Bamni doesn’t reply.

A guard comes inside and informs, “My Lord, Prince Kanishk is heading back to Paurav Rastha” Bamni and Queen Anusuya gets tensed, “Why so suddenly?” King questions. Guard says, “We don’t know my Lord. We got a letter from our men” Queen Anusuya looks surprised. She replies, “Who has won the battle?”

While at Persia…..

A Macedonian soldier comes in running saying, “O great Lord, now you are the owner of Persia” Darius and Barsin get shocked. Alexander looks at him calmly. “I know this already” the soldier continues, “Most of the Persian soldiers are no more, It’s a historical victory that we gained” Alexander looks around proudly. His soldiers gather around him. They see Barsin and Darius near the door and runs to attack. He lifts the soldier and at the same time Alexander throws away that soldier’s sword with his one. His army gets surprised. “They are our enemies, we don’t let enemies live after our victory” Alexander says, “That is correct but these two are not my enemies, they are part of my family” Soldiers are shocked to hear this.

Alexander looks at Barsin and orders his soldiers, “Prepare for marriage”

Barsin is sad from inside but doesn’t show out. Darius looks at him angrily.

While at Paurav Rashta….

Alexander the Great , replies the guard. King Bamni and Queen Anusuya are shocked to hear this. King Bamni quickly stands up, “Then what happened to my son” guard answers, “My Lord Prince is heading back to Paurav Rastha” Queen Anusuya says, “Then Kanishk might have managed to escape” King Bamni is surprised, “then what will happen to his bride? His duties? His honour?” Queen Anusuya gets worried, “Maybe he was helpless” King Bamni replies, “He did have a army for him”

“It was not his army.. ” someone says from behind. Queen Anusuya and King Bamni looks at that direction.

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