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What Happens When….. ~ Chapter 3

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Those who hadn’t read the pervious chapter, here’s the link; 

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@Peace K The kids’ age you’ll find in today’s chapter but with a twist! And for that you have to do a bit calculations….and i.e. that when find Bhavya’s age just subtract it by 2 to find Daksh’s age too!! 😅

@Riansh1212 Just read first 3 lines of chapter-1 and you’ll find the answer to your question!! Link provided;

What Happens When….. ~ Chapter 1


Tears were continuously rolling down from Bhavya’s eyes. She moved her trembling hand towards the notebook, and was about to take it, but at the last moment backed off….again the same scene happened.

After telling her heart and brain that it was just a hallucination, or she might have misread. She took the notebook and read the same cut-out and found the same thing. She was shocked to the core, words were not able to come out.

Bhavya’s POV

No, no, no…..this can’t be true, this can’t be! How came this be? Why did he tell a lie? He always told that ‘Lying’ was not in his principle, then why did you he??

Let me read further,

What the newspaper says;

‘The great business tycoon or should we say murder, Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, finally surrendered to the police after almost 6 days of cat (Police) and mouse (Vansh) chase.’

‘He was last seen in a Rolls-Royce car before being in the police’s custody.’


When did all this happen?? Let me once check the date 21 January 2009, No…no. This is just after six months of my birth!? Uhh!!! Why everything wrong happens with me? Why God…why?

Author’s POV

Bhavya was becoming uncontrollable, tears were unstoppable and now even her inner self. She is having the thoughts of leaving the house, she is too shocked to understand a thing that she is believing, the best thing is to quietly leave the house and go somewhere where she’ll be far away from all this.

While her heart is saying that she should confront her parents and ask them whether whatever is written is true or not, as it’s her right to know.

After a great debate of either leaving the house or confronting her parents, she felt that the second option was better as at least you won’t be living in any misconceptions.

After composing herself Bhavya took the notebook along with her to have the answers to her questions.

Scene changes,

Vansh’s POV

I was having a talk with Dadi, when I saw Bhavya making her way towards us. Wait a minute, she looks as if she has been crying for a while, what might have happened?

Bhavya (serious): Papa have you ever been to the prison?

Wait…wait, what was that! How did she come to know? Did I listen correctly?!

Vansh (not able to say a word)

Bhavya: Before you give an answer as a ‘No’ (shows him the notebook which she had) I want an honest answer. Just yes or no.

No..no, how come she got the notebook? She might have read those cutouts.

Vansh (squeezes his eyes): Yes

After the revelation, when I open my eyes. I saw her going to the kitchen. What should I do now??

Dadi: Beta, kya hua, usne aisa kya puch liya ki tumhare itne paseene chutt rahe hain. (Child, what has she asked from you that you are sweating too much?)

Thank God, Dadi didn’t understand English, now I need to tell her everything.

Author’s POV

In the Kitchen;

Bhavya entered and asked her mother, ‘Mom, has papa been to prison?’

Riddhima who was busy cooking, stopped and looked at her with her eyes popping out.

Bhavya: Papa has given an answer. Did you know about it?

Riddhima (with with great difficulty): Y…ye…..yes!

Bhavya (expressionless): Great

Bhavya turned the very moment as she didn’t want to show her tears to her mother. She wanted to runaway, but didn’t want Riddhima to panic.

So when she felt that she was out of sight, she just rushed towards the washroom and sat on the cold floor with fresh tears running down. She wanted to cry loud to let all her frustrations, horror, all the feelings out, but didn’t dare to let her parents hear.

So to stop her sobs she put her right forearm in her mouth, though the tears were continuously rolling out, but sobs faded.

Within almost two minutes she could hear some running footsteps entering the room. The washroom door was passed open and, Ridhima ran towards Bhavya and hugged her tight. At that moment Bhavya felt it was the right time;

Bhavya (let out all the feelings): Why?? Why Mom??? (in between her sobs, breathing heavily)

(For a person who is too sensitive, Bhavya might be shown brave from outside, but from inside she’s a delicate flower, just like a coconut. This discovery was a huge thing for her, so she couldn’t handle it)

Riddhima (trying to calm her and wipes her tears): Ssshhh….Mera baccha, Quiet. Take deep breaths, deep breaths.

Bhavya started following Riddhima’s words.

All this while, Vansh was standing in the corner because he knew that Bhavya might be broken, it was only Riddhima who could make her stable a bit. Because a mother knows her child more than a father does in some things, even though he might be the favourite one!

Once, Bhavya’s breathing became normal and her was calmed down…she spoke up.

Bhavya (broken): Why did you speak a lie? You always told us to never lie, then why did you??

Riddhima, looking at Vansh as she wanted him to control the situation as always.

Vansh, moves towards Bhavya and reaches to her level and speaks up.

Vansh (as calm as possible): We didn’t speak a lie, we just hid it from you both.

Bhavya: Why did you even hide it??

Vansh: Then what we would have done, told the truth to you all, what would you have thought, and you both are not even mature enough to know what’s right and wrong and you thought that we would tell! No….! And if by chance you told your friends, then what would they think about you and the family, what would they call you ‘A Murder’s Daughter’, would you even like that, would we like that?? (Tried his best to make her understand, and I tried my best too!!)

Bhavya, who was listening to what her father said, felt that they were right at their place and, it wasn’t their fault.

Vansh (spoke up after feeling that she understood whatever he meant, suspicious): How did you come across the notebook??

Bhavya narrated the whole incident to them….while, he wanted to scold her a bit for opening the almirah without permission….but he didn’t so it, as he felt that it’d take time for her to recover from this and didn’t want to add more pressure on her.

Bhavya (slight smile): Sorry, for opening your almirah without permission.

Vansh: No worries, Joh hona tha voh ho gaya abb usko ham badal nahi sakte, isko ek bura sapna hi samaj loh. (What was meant to happen, it happened. Now you can’t change it. Just think it was a bad dream.)

Bhavya (nodding her head): I want to ask something.

Vansh: Yes…

Bhavya: That means you have never been to Siberia, and Siberia is a key word for Prison. Am I right?

Vansh (slight smile): Yess, you are.

Bhavya: Once more thing!!

Riddhima: Now what??

Bhavya: I want to go to Siberia.

Vansh and Riddhima (in unison): What are you crazy! (I hope you all might have understood)

Bhavya (innocently): No, I’m not. What happened to you all. I really want to go. We all will go, what fun would it be…….

Vansh: Are you mad or what?? What happened to her (To Riddhima)

Bhavya (Trying to hold her laugh): But papa what’s wrong? Siberia is such a nice place….Oh wait a minute, were you thinking about the other Siberia. (raising her eyebrows)

Vansh, who by now realised what Bhavya meant.

Vansh (scratching the back of his head): Yes!! (sheepishly)

Bhavya who by now was controlling her laughter, couldn’t handle it anymore and started laughing.

Riddhima and Vansh were surprised to see her laughing, a few minutes ago she was crying while now she’s laughing.

Someone truly said kids are too innocent. Can’t be in the same mood for a long time!!

Sometimes how much you try to hide the truth, it has to come out in one or the other way, it was meant to come out. You can’t change the destiny, so be happy with whatever comes in front of you or happens, be it good or bad. Always take it in a positive manner. I think Bhavya understood this small thing, that’s why she was a little back to her own self.


That’s it!!

Apologies, If the chapter wasn’t up to the mark 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️😔

If there are any suggestions or improvement needed, please do suggest.

2 more chapters left!! (Peace out!!) 💕

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