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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Pundalik’s father gets heart attack hearing his son’s attraction towards woman.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Pundalik dreaming about the woman dancing for him while his father’s brother thinks seeing Pundalik to complain about his behaviour to his father.
All student villagers along with Pundalik’s brother sit in the class of Pundalik’s father who is singing prayers & teaching them the devotional class while Pundalik is moving with the flower vendor to the woman’s place.
After completion of class all villagers ask him some questions taunting his son Pundalik’s behaviour while Pundalik’s uncle too curse his son complaining about him & also blaming his brother to stop all this drama of devotion which feels like fooling people. All villagers leave while his brother is trying to take his son away from him but Pundalik’s father trying to stop him.
Pundalik reaches near the place of the woman named Chandrakala but he is stopped by the woman whom the vendor had met & who is mother of Chandrakala.
Pundalik’s uncle is cursing his son while he gets shock of attack feeling pained & his nephew along with Pundalik’s mother handles him.
Pundalik enters the place convincing Chandrakala’s mother but more ahead she stops him while he feels Chandrakala is inside the room. The woman stops him telling for everything money & jewellery is required hence if you bring money then only you can be allowed to enter because she needs to be dressed-up with all those jewellery & he leaves to his house for bringing jewellery & money.
The vendor appreciates the woman who has attracted Pundalik using her brains to keep conditions of money & jewellery.
Pundalik’s father rests who is feeling pained to breathe while his brother feels he has done mistake for speaking wrongly with his brother but expresses his concern of his son who also mustn’t go on the same path but his son is explaining his father that uncle never taught me wrong lessons but instead he gave me knowledge of Shri Krishna’s path which was great to learn & his father appreciates saying that I won’t ever take you away from them now.
Pundalik comes near his house while he is hearing his father discussing with his uncle about his path being lost towards wrong way but his father tells his uncle that he will understand one day & will definitely come to ask forgiveness while Pundalik appreciates his father inspite he being wrong his father is talking good about him.
Chandrakala is blaming her mother why she allowed Pundalik to leave but she tells her money is also required for us but again she tells her that you always think about money & nothing else.
Pundalik’s uncle tells his brother that you might be correct that your son will return accepting his mistake but his brother tells him that I got hurt when I heard that he has gone to such a place where he shouldn’t be while Pundalik hears this & reminds about Chandrakala’s beauty who is waiting for him.
Pundalik goes inside his room hiding from them & thinks that he’ll go & return immediately after meeting Chandrakala.
Rukmini asks Shri Krishna that can’t you help your devotee but he says that if he has chosen his path then what I can do in this.
Pundalik is feeling very attracted towards Chandrakala hence he takes the jewellery as told by her mother to him while his nephew goes to bring water for his uncle but sees Pundalik & tries to stop him telling about his father’s ill health then too he doesn’t wait telling him that you look after him but do not disclose anything about me. Pundalik is leaving while his nephew thinks now only Prabhu Gopala will stop him. Rukmini tells Shri Krishna to try stopping him but he tells him he hasn’t seen me also then how can I stop him. Pundalik is leaving while the door is banging due to storm.

Precap: Pundalik’s father says that he’ll return when Prabhu Gopala wishes hence I’ll pray Prabhu Gopala to bring our child on right path. Pundalik is enjoying with Chandrakala while she is bringing a bowl of Liquor to him but he sees a peacock piece showing Prabhu Gopala & he holds the same.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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