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Twinj: Meant to be: Episode 6 

Greetings all you lovely people!! Thank you so much for all the love you all have been showering the story with. I know that there are still things that seem weird or confusing to you all, but we’re close to the truth now, stay tuned. Happy reading! 


Twinj: Meant to be: Episode 6 


A quick recap: Although Twinkle exhibits complete trust in Kunj by choosing to inform him rather than Yuvi, they end up having a series of disagreements, which ultimately ends in Kunj storming out after accusing Twinkle of things she definitely hasn’t done. 


Twinkle’s eyes were still puffy and swollen when she opened up the café the next morning, reaching there after Maya for the first time since she had started working there. “Ma’am, is there a problem?” Maya questioned worriedly when she noticed Twinkle was having problems even smiling at her when she returned her greeting. “No. It’s all good.” She lied. ‘Yet again! You’ve got to hate how much you’ve begun lying these days!’ Her mind mocked. “Aditi ma’am looked troubled last night.” Maya stated her observation, hoping that would get Twinkle speaking. “She was just worried about the wedding. You know how it is with brides.” Twinkle replied as she set her purse in the second drawer of the reception counter.  


Maya stood at the kitchen door, and spun around, having spotted the two unfinished cups of tea on the counter. She watched as Twinkle pulled out her registers and ripped a page off of one of them. “Event cancelled?” Maya asked, and Twinkle looked up immediately, as if she had intended to do that in secret. “Yuvraj won’t be having the dessert tasting thing he wanted to do to finalize his wedding menu.” She answered, wondering – hoping – that it wouldn’t actually happen that way. Wishing that she wouldn’t lose the only friends she had made ever since she had left behind her luxurious and comfortable life two years ago. She couldn’t take the allegations hurled at her. She knew Kunj must have begun to hate her, and for some weird reason, that hurt her a lot more than she had expected too. 


“Is he just going to decide by looking at the menu then?” Maya asked, now more suspicious than surprised. “He’ll probably find a more popular catering service.” Twinkle sighed, shutting the book. She was about to put both books back when her eyes sighted the one that Yuvi had spotted – her account of all customers. She opened it to the page that read ‘Kunj Sarna’ in block letters at the top. “Maya, would you get to work please? Just give me a moment, I’ll get there too.” She murmured in the general direction of the kitchen and Maya nodded, making her way through the doors, having realized that Twinkle wouldn’t reveal much no matter how much she pushed her. Something ought to have gone terribly wrong the previous night. 


There is ought to be something special about this man. Despite me foolishly spilling coffee over what is apparently one of his dearest pieces of clothing, he didn’t shout at me for it. Instead, he laughed it off and almost seemed to be more concerned about making me feel better about the situation. Yuvi and he are definitely as close as real brothers, and they seem to have a lot in common. Kunj though, has this certain aura about him that I can’t quite comprehend, something that’s definitely attracted appealed to me. He’s really nice, and for some reason, I’ve been unable to take my mind off him ever since I ran into him.  

Needless to say, he’s really good looking. Handsome, I would say. But equally warm. I should stop blabbering about him now, he seems to have bewitched my heartAnd that is something I definitely cannot afford. He’s Usha Sarna’s son after all. She’s going to look down upon me even more if she finds out that I might – just might – have ‘liked’ (Oh who am I kidding! Of course I like him, I should be damned!) her son, although it’s completely harmless and will just go away in a couple of days. She read her description of Kunj, her eyes welling up, and a couple of tears dropping on the page as she proceeded. She ripped it off quickly before her heart persuaded her otherwise. “All this is just because I’ve heard Yuvi blabber so many high praises of his friend! I was expecting too much.” She tried convincing herself, but her mind only mocked her for it. She reminded herself forcefully that he had been way too mean to her for no real fault of hers. She hated the man now. 


Or so she said to herself.  




Kunj stood in his balcony, struggling to control his anger which had hit an all-time high the previous night. To top it all, he had to pretend to be absolutely normal in front of all the others, at least until he found a way to tell Yuvi to keep away from Twinkle. He hated how right she had been about Usha’s reaction – the latter hadn’t hesitated to go all out at Aditi, and he had had to jump in to make peace between the women. He had come to really like Twinkle – her delicious food, cheerful nature and beauty all working out in his favor. He had even as much as considered thanking Yuvi for introducing him to her, but had held back since he was worried Yuvi would then tell her and things would get really awkward. But just when he had begun considering his earliest chance and a suitable reason to go back to her café when the eventful quarrel had happened. And now he – the Kunj Sarna – was finding it hard to convince himself that he could just forget he ever knew someone and move on. That had never happened before.  


“Hey, Aditi!” He called out when he saw her walk by the corridor outside his room. “Good morning, Kunj! You don’t appear to be in too much of a hurry to get to work today. How did that happen?” She asked doubtfully, stepping in and sitting on the couch. He rolled his eyes at her, earning a hearty laugh. “You don’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to leave either. Help me recall, who’s the girl that left weeping last night? And who is responsible for her being so cheerful this morning?” He teased, and although she tried her best to put on an unaffected expression, she failed miserably, for a pretty blush crept up her face at the thought of Yuvi. Kunj giggled softly, feeling relieved and grateful.  


“Thank God for Twinkle! Had she not informed you, both of us would be sulking even now!” She exclaimed, getting confused when his small smile disappeared, making way for disappointment. “At least she did one thing right.” He muttered under his breath, beginning to feel angry at Twinkle yet again. “What?” Aditi ventured, unable to make any sense of it all. “I said that you should be thanking me for getting there in time!” He lied, but Aditi caught it immediately. “Kunj?” She demanded the truth and he had no other go than to give in. “Oh alright! I don’t think Twinkle really has the best of you two as any of her concerns.” He gushed, lowering his eyes when he saw Aditi shoot him a disillusioned look. “No. Of course not.” She began, making him look up at her, unbelieving. “Because she wants much better than the best for us.” She finished with an air of finality that meant he wasn’t allowed to argue. 


“Just because I didn’t say so to Aditi doesn’t mean I trust you, Twinkle.” Kunj spoke to his reflection in the mirror after Aditi had left, only to realize that it was hopeless. He had heard Yuvi praising Twinkle for too long to let a single night’s occurrences change his views of her. He might go around claiming anything before the whole world, but in the back of his mind, he knew that he himself didn’t think so lowly of the girl at the café that had blown him away by spilling coffee over him, the girl that Yuvi had been so proud of for reasons he wouldn’t reveal, the girl whom Aditi trusted blindly, the girl that he couldn’t take his thoughts off of since he had first seen her. He definitely liked her, perhaps from even before than they had first seen each other, and that didn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. “Damn it!” He cursed, clenching his fist tensely, raking his mind for a way out of his dilemma.   


And that was how Kunj Sarna turned up right where he had vowed not to come back, just a couple of days later. He hated how much the place already felt like home to him. “It shouldn’t, right?” His mind taunted, even as he willed himself to walk along the paved pathway to get to the glass doors. He stood there momentarily, debating his move one last time, when a customer leaving the café opened the door, directing his undivided attention to a voice that he realized he had come to recognize too well too soon. “I hate this!” He mumbled, already knowing that that was equally untrue as well. His gaze followed the voice to find Twinkle laughing as she assisted a small girl choose her cupcake. He felt his lips curl up of their own accord until he noticed something that he couldn’t quite reason for. 


Kunj walked slowly towards Twinkle when she straightened up and began to walk to the reception desk, but froze when he overheard her conversation on the phone, “How did you find this number? Haven’t I told you a hundred times over the last week that I can’t think about this right now? I know you think this is the most important thing in my life, but news flash – it isn’t! A friend’s wedding is coming up and I’ve been really busy. Now that, on the other hand, is currently the most important thing right now.” She quietened the moment she spotted Kunj. He could have sworn he had seen a genuine smile – the one that had been missing a few minutes ago that he had found weird – on her face before her eyes flashed cold resentment towards him. She put down the phone right away, while Kunj’s mind struggled some more, unable to believe what he had just heard while his heart seemed to have known all along – that she cared for his friends, perhaps more than he had ever imagined. When he looked back at her, he found a questioning glance being shot in his direction and so he confided, “We need to talk.”   


That’s it for now, guys! Whoa. Twinj made quite some progress in this episode, even if it wasn’t what you all had expected. Also, they aren’t in love or anything right now, they just seem to have developed a liking towards each other. Only time will tell where this leads them. What do you guys think? Let me know. Until next time, lots of love! 

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