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Sai Aur Virat (SAIRAT) Kk Kahaani (Intro)

SAI aur VIRAT Ki Kahaani (Introduction)

Hello guys,

this is my first fan fiction based on the popular show “GHUM HAI KISIKEY PYAAR MEIN”

This story is completely different from current running show.


A courageous police officer VIRAT who always respects his family falls in love with a girl SAI who is very ambitious and self-respected girl,

Will Virat go against his family in order to get his lady love Sai or will he make his famly understand or will he compromise with his for the sake of his family.

Lets see what Virat will do


1.  IPS Virat Chavan ( male lead)

2.  Sai Joshi  (female lead)

3.  Samrat Chavan,(Virat’s elder brother)

4. Patra Lekha ( Samrat’s lady love, Virat’s bestie)

5. sunny ( Virat’s best friend)

6. Ashwini Ninad Chavan ( Virat’s mom)

7. Ninad Chavan ( Virat’s dad)

8. Bhavani Nagesh Chavan ( elder of Chavan house)

9. Omkar Chavan ( Virat’s uncle)

10. Sonali Omkar Chavan ( omkar’s wife )

11. Mohit Chavan ( Virat’s younger brother)

12. Karishma (Mohit’s love and Sai’s bestie)

13. Kamal Joshi ( Sai s dad)

Hope you enjoyed the start

ENJOY YOUR DAY……………………..

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