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#Riansh Born to be united.. Episode 10

Hello everyone..Glad you liked the previous episode..
And you all were shocked and curious with the precap…
So I thought to write this..It is short as my classes have started and I am quite busy with that..🙁

Episodes starts…

Everyone freshen up and came down to living room and waiting for dadi..

Chanchal:- I should go and check mami ji..

Dadi:- No need I am here..

Rudra:- finally you come ..we are waiting for you…for a long pls tell fast..

Dadi:- So I have talked to pandit ji and the auspicious date for engagement is after 3 days.

Aryan:- yeah !! I am so excited..

Vansh:- We all are excited but you all have to stay here till engagement..we will have fun..

Sejal:- Not a bad idea..what say Riddhima..??🧐

Riddhima:- hmm.. okay..🙂

Kabir:- So done we will be staying here till engagement..😁

Vansh:- (in a low voice):- who aksed you to stay here..😏 Now I have tolerate him..till another 4 days…😔

Riddhima:- have you said something??

Vansh:- No nothing..

Aksh:- hurray!! We will enjoy a lot..but mamu what about papa he was coming today na??I am missing him..😔

Vansh:- Don’t worry champ..Angre is coming today only..till this time he should have landed Mumbai..

Dadi:- Call Angre and ask him..where he is ??

Vansh:- yes dadi..

Riddhima’s pov
Ishani’s husband name is Angre. ??
No he cannot be Ishani’s husband…There is not only one Angre in this world..I just Hope he is not whom I am thinking..

Se was sweating.. thinking about someone related to her past..

When a voice broke her thoughts..

Unknown:- No need Boss I am here…

Aksh:- Dad you are here..😃😃

When Riddhima saw the man’s face she was thinking all the things in the past which was black and white..

Then she fainted..

Vansh:- Riddhima !!!

He ran towards her and hod her before she fell on floor..

He patted her cheeks..

Vansh:- Riddhima open your eyes…

Angre’s pov
When I entered mansion there was lots of unknown faces and they all were celebrating..

When I heard that dadi is asking for me..

And I said Boss no need I am here..

And then what I saw was shocking to me.. Riddhima was there and seeing me she was sweating and was about to fall when boss hold her…

What is she doing here..Did she come to investigate about me..??

Wait I have to maintain a distance from her..

I don’t want her to remember her horrible past..😥

Pov ends..

Dadi:- Riddhima..Vansh beta take her to guest room..Aryan beta call the doctor..

Vansh and Aryan (in usion):- yes dadi..

Vansh lift Riddhima in the bridal style and take her to the guest room..

Vansh’s pov
What happened to her.. before she was fine..when angre enters she fainted..
Is Riddhima is connected with Angre ??

Wat happens to me why I am feeling like crying..why I am feeling pain in my heart..I know that she will be fine..
But when I saw her fainting why I am not able to control myself..why I feel like crying.???

Aryan broke his thoughts..

Aryan:- Vansh doctor his here..

Doctor:- pls go out I have to check her..

Vansh and Aryan leaves..

Everyone is waiting outside for doctor to come out..where two were missing…

One was angre…he was in the corridor behind a pillar.. hugging a photo frame and crying..(it was riddhima’s pic)

Angre:- I am sorry Riddhu…I am really sorry..If I would know that you are here I would have not come..
He was crying very badly..

And another one was Sejal..
She was still standing there in the living room..

Sejal’s pov
Why God why you always do this with ridhhu after so much of time she was happy …happy with her new friends.. forgetting about her past..but what you did.. again pushed her in her blo*dy know how much in trauma was she??what she was suffering from when she again see the face of that blo*dy man..I hate him ..he give soo much pain to her…he betrayed her..😫😫😨😨😥…I hate him..

Her pov was break by Kabir..

Kabir:- Sejal Are you okay ??
Why are you soo tensed..wait you are crying..
Riddhima will be alright..don’t worry..

Sejal hug him tightly..

Sejal:- I know..but I felt like crying..
(Thinking) I should not tell this to Kabir and Aryan they will loose there temper…after knowing that angre is the one who betrayed Riddhu..and he is Ishani’s the situation will not be good..sorry Kabir I have to hide this untill Riddhu get conscious..

Kabir:- shhh!! Don’t cry you know na Riddhu is very brave.. nothing will happen to her..may be she have not taken her medicine and fainted due to pain..

Sejal:- hmm… Lets go.. doctor must have checked her..

Here Angre was crying..very badly..

Angre:- I should go ther and check that is Riddhu okay..😥

Doctor comes out..

Doctor:- Don’t worry Vansh she is fine..she fainted due to high blood pressure..Is she taking some kind of stress..??

Vansh:- No doctor she was very happy for her Best friend Aryan..and she was fine..she did not seems to be tensed..🙁

Doctor:- maybe remembering something bad she got tensed.. nevertheless she will gain conscious after 1 to 2 hours..I have injected her..she needs some rest..and fresh mind so cool down the environment..

Aryan:- Thank you doctor..

Doctor leaves..

Angre:- what happen to her boss is she Ok..

Vansh:- yes she is know her ??..


Vansh understood his condition and asked him to come to his study..

Sejal’s pov
What a good actor he is.. blo*dy man..

Precap:-The horrible past..

Done for today..hope you all liked…

I know it is short but I will post the next one soon..

And question that will trouble you all is..
1)How is Angre related to riddhima..think..and

Do comments….

Be safe..

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