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RadhaKrishn 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Tulsi’s Surprising Decision

RadhaKrishn 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tulsi tells Madhavi/Radha that she has arranged a special pooja today. Madhavi asks reason for pooja. Tulsi says she cannot reveal it. Madhavi says she will wait till the pooja then. Shankchurn with his army reaches Kailash and challenges Mahadev. Balram reaches Shanchurn’s kingdom border and thinks he shouldn’t enter via main door as guards will realize he is a warrior and there will be an instant war, so he should find some other way to get in.

Radha prepares kheer for Krishna thinking she shouldn’t have been angry on him. Krishna walks in smelling kheer. Radha offers him kheer and asks to finish it before Tulsi’s pooja. He says he will have it only from Tulsi’s hand. She says think again as she may not have her prepared kheer again. He says he is fulfilling her wish. Tulsi enters and seeing Shankchurn asks what is he doing here and offers him pooja prasad. She sees kheer and asks Madhavi what is it. She says its kheer for maharaj. Tulsi says she didn’t know maharaj likes kheer. Shankchurn/Krishna says kheer is his favorite food. She says its weird and prepares kheer for him. He taunts Radha.

Shankchurn with his army reaches kailash border. Devi Gauri gets worried and tells Mahadev that brother Krishna is not worried at all and didn’t come here, so he should stop Shankchurn. Mahadev says he is not bothered at all as only Krishna will do whatever he has to. Ganprets walk in and requests to come and fight with Shankchurn’s army. Mahadev says Krishna will help them. They say they have sought Blaram’s help already. Mahadev says let us see what Balram does. Balram tries to Shankchurn’s kingdom disguised as a woman Manjari. Guard stops him and orders his juniors to arrest her. Balram beats them all and walks in saying she is Anant Manjari.

Tulsi feeds her prepared kheer to Shankchurn/Krishna. He praises its taste. Tulsi then asks Madhavi to serve her kheer now. Madhavi tries to feed him with her hand. Tulsi stops her and asks not to touch Maharaj. Radha gives him kheer. He eats it and says its not tastier than Tulsi’s kheer. Radha angrily takes kheer away. Balram walks to her and reveals he is her Balram Dau and asks why is Kanha disguised as Shankchurn and creating drama her. Radha says its all Krishna’s plan. Krishna enters and identifies Balram. Balram asks what is happening. Krishna says its Radha’s plan and not his, asks Radha to give him kheer as he is still hungry. She denies. He insists and takes kheer from her. She leaves. Balram asks what is he doing here instead of fighting Shankchurn as he already reached Kailash. He tells Shankchurn’s end has come and Radha will be shocked to hear a secret from Tulsi. Balram says he doesn’t know what he means, but doesn’t want Shankchurn to ruin Kailash or else there would be a big disaster. Shankchurn challenges Mahadev to fight with him instead of sending Ganprets and starts defeating Ganprets.

Radha walks to Tulsi and seeing her decorating her room asks what is she doing. Tulsi says she fell in Shankchurn’s love again seeing his love for her and wants to marry him again. Radha gets sad reminiscing Krishna’s warning and Tulsi’s special secret pooja.

Precap: Tulsi tells she and Shankchurn/Krishna will start pheras and asks Madhavi to shower flowers on them. Shankchurn continues fighting with gangrets. Mahakali attacks him.

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