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Petrichor to his heart – intro – MHRW FF

Petrichor to his heart – teaser


Scene 1


“Pallavi… ” shuffling between the files and dressing up for the occasion he called her again.

“Pallavi…” this time he nearly shouted her name but no response came. “Āme tana asalu pēru mātramē viṇṭundi” he muttered to himself. (she would listen to her real name only).

He sighed and walked to the door and standing on the top of the stairs he shouted.

“Saree ka Dukan…” he was unsure whether she heard him or not but he did hear some giggles downstairs.


Scene 2

“Everything used to be on its place when Farhad was handling now I can’t find a single thing,” he spoke shuffling through the drawers.

“Farhad didn’t know he used to search everything for you,” she muttered and walked behind him to search whatever he was needing at the moment.

“Pallavi, Abhi main mood me nahi hai varna main answer Karega tumhe… ardham ainda”? he turned for a while and then resumed the search.


Scene 3

“what is this new smell, haan?” he asked her inhaling her hairs.

“what is with you, always smelling my hairs?” she asked turning to his arms.

“i don’t know, I love smelling them but what happened to strawberry?” he asked pulling her close.

“bajar me strawberries khatam ho gayi thi, Ghamndi Rao.” she smiled giving him his share from the morning.

“achha..aisa kya, lagta hai tumko ab mujhse dar nahi lagta..? he cornered her to the table.

“ha ha ha, tumse aur dar..kyu bhai?” she rolled her eyes to create the drama.

“achha, Mi bharta miku teliyadu, just wait and watch.” he smirked at her and curled his fingers in her hands.

“kya kaha abhi…” she asked the meaning.

“kuchh nahi, I am just in the mood to get to know what is this smell in your hairs.” he pulled her hairs and she looked up at him with her big eyes showing a slight amount of surprise.




Hey everyone! I am back with something new. and aren’t we all just love this cute NOK jhonk of Raghav and Pallavi? so i could not stop my fingers from typing this one-shot for them…

i know it’s too early but fanfiction is always welcomed, right? Also for the first time, I am writing in a different style than my usual way (using their language and Hindi for the somewhat same feel, I hope you like it).

and would it be okay to post it on Wattpad cause it’s easy on the platform since one can find all the chapters in a single place?

do tell me and we’ll decide in comments when do you want me to post the part and would it be okay if i publish it on Wattpad.

and don’t worry i never ask for a vote, comment, follow or shares so you can come and read the story with no worry.

waiting for your response.

with love Morusya.

p.s. – it has to be a one-shot only cause i somehow am very bad with updates and generally don’t get time to update regularly…sorry.


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