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Kaira Destined To be Together Forever Episode 9

Recap: Kaira are having twins .

Kartik and Naira enter the lift. As the door closes Kartik pulls Naira closer.
Naira: Kartik..ye lift hai

Kartik: Does that change your status as my wife?

Naira: Hato na..someone might see us

Kartik: Let them see. We are not newbie lovers we are husband and wife and future parents of our kids

Naira pushes him away and the lift stops with a sound

Naira: Kartik yeh..lift…

Kartik: Has stopped. Even God doesn’t want us losing this golden opportunity so soon

Naira: Ill call the security

Kartik pulls her into his arms

Kartik: Woh bhi karlenge jaaneman…thoda mauke ka fayda bhi utayenge

Naira: You never miss any chance of romance na

Kartik: Only fools will miss those chances

Naira: Sundar ladki dekhi nahi flirt karna shuru

Kartik: Jab woh sundar ladki meri hai , flirt karne mein kya galti hai ?

Kartik slowly bends down to kiss her.  Naira closes her eyes in shyness. Her face turns pink in blush

Kartik in mind: Bhagwan please keep Naira happy like this forever. I don’t want any thought disturbing her

Thinking that he lifts her in his arms. Naira who was least expecting this as she was expecting a kiss gets surprised

Naira: Kartik….

Kartik: Naira…I love you so much

Naira: I love you too…

They share an eyelock. Naira starts to feel dizzy and Kartik lets her down

Kartik:Sorry…sorry Naira… Madam highness what can I do to make you feel better?

Naira: Call the gaurd first

Kartik informs the guard

Kartik: They are looking into it Naira..in 5 to 10 minutes it will be ready

Naira: Thank god..Kartik. I want to dance

Kartik: Dance? Abhi?
Naira: Haan…I miss dancing

Kartik: But you cant now..you need to rest

Naira: Kartik….

Kartik : Acha chalo…come closer..hold my hands..lets imagine ourselves dancing

Naira rests her head on his shoulder and they enter the dreamworld

Oonchi hai building
Arey lift teri bandh hai(Haan)
Kaise main aaun
Arey dil razaamand hai
Oonchi hai building
Arey lift teri bandh hai
Kaise main aaun
Arey dil razaamand hai
Aha.aaja, aaja
Aaja mere swagger wale raja
Teri yaad sataaye
Dulhe raja tu aaja
Aaja, aaja
Kartik and Naira dance their hearts out in the dreamworld

Aaja band baja leke aaja
Teri yaad sataaye dulhe raja tu aaja
Oonchi hai building
Lift teri band hai
Haan.kaise main aaun
Arey dil razaamand hai

Suddenly the lift starts pushing Kartik over Naira who gets dizzy due to jerk

Kartik: Naira are you alright? Did I hurt you?

Naira: Mendak..relax…its just the jerk

Kartik: Tum teek ho na?

Naira: Haan mein bilkul teek hoon. Dont worry

Kartik holds her hand in his and kisses them. The scene freezes

Goenka Villa

Naksh and Keerthi enter the house with a happy face. Swarna turns away on seeing them but Manish runs to them

Manish: Beta..you are here second time in a day..thank you so much. This house has become dull after my kids went away atleast you came back . Im happy

Naksh: Papa woh…

Surekha: Naksh first have something then talk

Naksh: Chachi we need your permission

Surekha: For?

Naksh: Taking Luv and Kush to Mumbai  next week once their holidays begin

Keerthi: Chachi woh Kartik was saying that Naira is missing them terribly after knowing that she is having twins. So we thought of taking them with us

Akhil: You cant take them

Naksh: Chachu…

Akhil: Haan you cant take them alone..we will also come.
Dadi: Definitely we will come. After knowing such a good news and the fact that you are visiting them how can we stay back? Manish beta book tickets for all of us
Manish: Ji maa

Swarna is irritated by it. The scene freezes



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