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Falling for my so-called sister (A RiAnsh Love Saga) Episode 3

Episode 3

Scene 1 :

Deep, Tara and Arohi return. 

Vansh: Dad, I wanna talk to you..

Deep and Vansh move aside. 

Deep : Yes Vansh..Are you fine? 

Vansh : Yess dad but a lil worried..

Deep: Why worried? 

Vansh : Dad..Riddhima is sitting idle..Shall she do something? Like any job..

Deep : Yes even I was thinking the same, she’s gonna work in our company..

Vansh : Will she agree?

Deep : She has to! It’s about her career and I don’t want any problem..Listen.. #$#$#$$$$%&* 

Vansh : OK dad! 

Deep : I want it to be worked..

Vansh : Yes daddy..

Vansh exits. 

Deep : I’m worried Vansh..for you..when they’ll get to know your truth, will Tara unite with you? I hope she does..And I also want that..

Tara calls Deep.  

Scene 2 : 

The next morning, Riddhima wakes up at 9 am. 

Riddhima : Hh..Time to get ready..

She goes to get ready. A long kurti, legging, silver earrings and open hair. She goes for breakfast. 

Arohi : Riddhu, Vansh has said to bring his file to the office.

Riddhima : Mom, send Dad naa..

Arohi : He’s busy..

Riddhima : Okayy..

She takes the file and goes to the office. 

Scene 3 : 

In office :- 

Employees are Esha, Alika, Mohit, Sunny and Aryan. Riddhima enters the Rai Singhanias office. She is adoring it. 

Receptionist : Yes ma’am? 

Riddhima : Vansh..

R : Vansh? He’s our boss..

Riddhima : Yes, yes he only..

R : Appointment? 

Riddhima : Ugh! See, he only called me..

R : Ma’am..

Riddhima : Huh! Wait..

She calls Vansh but he doesn’t picks the call.

R : Ma’am please understand..

Mohit : Hi..Vansh sir isn’t there, come sit with us..

Riddhima : No Thanks..

Aryan tries to hold her hand when she slaps on his face. 

Riddhima : Don’t you dare..You people don’t know me..I’m..

Vansh comes to see the noise. 

Vansh : Oh Hi Riddhu! 

Riddhima : Vansh, keep your file and I don’t wanna come here again! Foolish idiots! 

Vansh : Sorry ma’am..

The employees are dumbstruck. 

Vansh : But you have to work here only with me, with these foolish idiots..

Riddhima ; Whatt?

Vansh : Hey all! Introducing Riddhima as the second boss of this company, she is daughter of Deep and Arohi Rai Singhania..

They all bowed their heads. 

Vansh : By the way, what happened? 

Riddhima narrates the incident and pouts crazily. 

Vansh : Mohit, Aryan, I want YOU in my office RIGHT NOW!! Riddhima, till then you sign these papers in the files on the reception..

Riddhima smiles. Vansh goes inside followed by Mohit and Aryan. 

Scene 4 :- 

Vansh : HOW DARE YOU? (he shouted like a..a…human being only..Lol!)

Reception was a lil away so Riddhima didn’t heard it instead everyone else did. Vansh has put up CCTV in the whole office, that’s why he came to the rescue. 

Mohit : So.rr…y si..r

Aryan : I..f we’d b..e kn..owing sh..e i..s R..iddhi..maa Ra..i Si..ng..ha..n..i..a..

Vansh : Shut up! Even IF it’s another girl, you’d do this? Now, you’ll face punishment..Angreee (By the way, Vansh is a MAFIA unknown by Riddhu, but she’ll get to know soon..) 

Angre : Yess boss (same as show) 

Vansh : I want them to work overtime 2 hours for this week..Take care..

Angre : OKAY boss..

They left. Riddhima came inside. 

Riddhima : Wow Vansh! Such a nice office..I wonder why I didn’t saw it earlier..

Vansh : You should’ve come..Anyway, I’ll show you the office in the night, when all will go, as we’ve secret offices that only me and Angre know..


ddhima : Okk..Sure

She smiles. They complete their work and almost all of them leave except Mohit, Aryan, Angre, Vansh and Riddhima. 

Riddhima : Office tour? 

Vansh : Let’s go! 

Vansh and Riddhima’s office :

Canteen area :

Garden area :

Meeting room :

Projector Room :

Workstations :

CCTV room :

Secret room :

Riddhima : By the way, why the SECRET room? 

Vansh : V..I’ll tell you, first let’s see the SAFE..

Vansh : And this is our gun room. 

Riddhima : Now tell me why guns? Secret rooms? 

Vansh : Because…

To be continued..What is gonna be Riddhima’s reaction? What do you think? I hope you liked the episode..Gotta run for the class! Wrote the episode while writing Hindi ques/ans in rough notebook, multi-tasking, you know!! (winks) And yaa, I read your all the comments, sometimes I can’t reply due to lack of time so please forgive me! Thanks a lot for your appericiation..This is the last episode of this week, next episode next Thursday as I’m going to my nani’s house on Friday, I’ve told you..Tomorrow I’ll update Opposites Attract Each Other and Love from the Heaven..Finally, Byeee…See yaaa!!


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