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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Danny finds the truth about Baby.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malkan says you stay in America we want more money, Tilu says yes atleast 1000₹, Danny says I don’t spoil servants, Tilu says place I use to work before gave me 500₹ for a calves birth, Danny says okay give me my money back then, Tilu says its fine, Danny asks them to go cook food.

Helan says to Danny its not good to be this miser, Anu says his Misery stories are famous, Danny says not for Helan tell me what you want I will get you Taj Mahal, and you know I feel liej spending rest of my life in India here and Helan you have maintained a lot, Anu says she was beauty queen in her college, Danny says Jr. Dabny hasnt cried since long, Anu says look and Doll starts crying.

Danny says to Helan see I have a daughter and I am rich so I worry if my daughter is doing well, Vibhu says with your blessings we have everything bungalow, servants,cook , driver, Danny says right I saw driver but didn’t see car, he got me on cycle rickshaw, Vibhu says you must be stuck in traffic, Danny says thanks to cycle rickshaw we could get out quickly, Vibhu says if you were in car you would still be stuck in traffic.
Danny asks Helan are you married, Helan says this is why I have Vibhu, Danny says America has trend to have baby without marriage, where is your husband, Vibhu says Yuganda he has eggs business there, Helan says and is there since long, Danny says how do you manage then, Tilu walks to them, Danny says I hate this woman she looks so poor, Malkan says dont bother she is result of her mother having fun with a rich man, Danny asks Vibhu do you have some fun, Vibhu thinks what to answer and asks so you, Danny says its in my blood, Anu says he does go clubbing,pubs etc. Danny asks Helan do you and do take me to pubs and clubs some day. Vibhu thinks he is behind my mom god, and says Danny I have a suggestion you have to name all property in name of Anu, Anu says not needed dad will transfer money when he will be legal age.

Tiwari in bathroom due to upset stomach, Angoori knocks and says come out, Tiwari says you have already tortured a lot not anymore, Angoori says I got nothing come out, Tiwari comes out, Angoori says have goat milk, Tiwari says it has heat, Angoori says doctor suggested, bottoms up common. Tiwari has it and feels better

Danny watching kids video, Helan walks to him and asks why is he not asleep and what is he doing on phone, Danny says I was missing my grand son so watching kids video, Helan says cmon he is here alseep upstairs see him tomorrow, Danny holds her hand, Helan asks what is this, Danny says missing a lot and I want grand son, Helan abuses him and leaves.
Danny says I will see my grand son now.

Vibhu says to Anu I don’t understand you, I mean your father was giving money but you denied, Anu says if I take money from him what will you do, Vibhu says its difficult yo argue with you, tell me who am I, Anu says stop this drama because if I start my drama your whole family will shatter, Vibhu and Anu start arguing over families, Danny hears them argue, Anu calls Vibhu useless, Vibhu calls her witch, Anu throws doll at him and it falls off the balcony, Danny rushes to the doll, Anu and Vibhu see from balcony, Danny sees its a doll and looks at Anu.

Danny scolds Vibhu and Anu says I am hurt how can you cheat me and whose dirty idea was this, Vibhu says mine, Danny says I dont like you nor your ideas, what all have you lied, Anu says he is unemployed, Danny says and he always will be, I knew it from the time I saw his shoes, Vibhu says I have expensive 5000₹ shoes too, Danny says surely Anu must have gifted those, Vibhu says how do you know, Danny says like this and slaps him.

Tiwari walks to Angoori, and says I am very romantic today and just tell me you want a girl or a boy, and goes close to her, Angoori says I feel shy, first close the door, Tiwari says who will come now, Angoori says anyone or Vibhu, Tiwari says I will throw him out and says what you want, Angoori says a girl and a boy, Tiwari says done, Vibhu walks in bedroom from window and says what about her figure and I knew nothing will happen here, anyways I need help, Danny threw me out because je found out that the baby was just a doll, and tells whole story.
Tiwari excited says what Anu isnt a mother, Vibhu says no, Tiwari asks what help you want, tell me, Vibhu says I need a place, Tiwari says okay, Vibhu leaves. Tiwari rushes to washroom due to upset stomach.

Pre cap: Danny announces Anita’s wedding and says if you deny you will see me dead.
Vibhu asks what party is Danny giving, Prem says Anita’s engagement and I need waiter will you, Vibhu says yes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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