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Nai Lagda- AkshAn OS (Guddan Tumse Naa Ho Payega)

Nai Lagda

Hi all. After more than a year, I am posting an article on this website. This is the first time I am posting an Akshan OS here. But I have wrote quite some Akshan OS and also FFs on India Forums.


(I hope the publishers post this on Guddan Tumse Naa Ho Payega forum)

Comig to this OSc I got this idea from the current track and also Nai Lagda is one of my fav songs currently so I named this OS- Nai Lagda.

This OS will be based on Akshat’s POV after he has been rescued by Guddan and brought back to Jindal Mansion. No memory loss drama here. Angad has been exposed by Guddan and Lakshmi and Durga and Saru has been thrown out of the house by Kishore and Dadi.

Here it begins.

I opened my eyes. As soon as I gained consciousness, I saw that I was back. Back in my own house and lying down on my bed peacefully. How did I come back? How am I back in my own house? A lot of questions was arising in my mind. Who was the one who rescued me from the mental asylum?Just then I hear, the voice, the voice of the person I was most eager to hear of all these days.

Guddan: Good morning Jindal Saab! Ab Aap Ka Tabyet Kaisa Hai?

Yes it was Guddan. My wife. She was here also. I felt so relieved after seeing here. But how did I get here?

Akshat: Guddan Mai Yahan Kaise…

Guddan placed her fingers on Akshat’s lips.

Guddan: Aap Kuch Bhi Nahi Bolenge.Sirf Sunege.

She shut me up so easily. I quietly listened to her as she nursed me. She helped me get up and helped me to fresh up. Then she took a bowl of soup and fed me.

There was a time I gave up that I will ever see Guddan’s face infront of me again. I thought I won’t survive this time. But seeing Guddan I felt so relieved.

(Palkon pe oss sa
Tera naam saja ke
Rakhta hoon yaar main
Tujhe khwaab bana ke)

Later in the evening, when everyone came to check on me, after insisting finally Kishore told me what actually happened all these days. What my younger brother Angad did! He was never mentally unstable. He was acting all these days. He wanted to punish me for snatching his love. That girl never loved him. But why did he kill my Antra for that?!

I couldn’t believe the brother whom I protected from the world so that he doesn’t suffer stooped this low! Rather the fact he tried to kill me, I was mad with the fact he blackmailed my Guddan. He even tried to marry her forcefully. How could he do that!! He killed my Antra and despite that I protected him and this is how he pays me back!!

I was so angry on him! I also got to know how my eldest and youngest daughter-in-law was a part of this plan. I didn’t expect this at all! Though I knew Durga Bahu hated Guddan, I didn’t know she could stoop till this level! And Saru Bahu? Despite the fact her brother escaped after doing so much wrong, I never said anything to her just because she is Rahul’s wife. And she?! She also went to this extent?! For the first time I realised how ‘perfect’ I was all these years. I choose the wrong daughter-in-laws for this house. Luckily Vardaan was the one who choose his wife by his own that’s why she was better than the other two. At least someone was there to help Guddan.

Akshat: Yahan Toh Apne Hi Log Dushman Nikle.

Dadi: Agar Guddan Nahi Hota Pata Nahi Tumhara Wahan Kya Halath Hota. Guddan Ke Wajah Se Aaj Mera Lalla Humare Saath Suraksheet Hai.

Lakshmi Bahu started telling me how much Guddan did just to rescue me. That crazy girl even risked her own life to save me!!

The girl who was considered making mistake at every second was the one because of whom I am alive and with my family right now. My wife rescued me! No wonder why I missed her the most all these days. Guddan is someone really special I have in my life!

I reflected myself whatever happened for a while. I still couldnt believe what my own brother did to me! Why Angad why?!

Just then Guddan comes and scolds Lakshmi and Kishore.

Guddan: Humne Mana Kiya Tha Na Aap Logo Ko Jindal Saab Ko Kuch Kehne Se?

Lakshmi: Maaf Kar Dijiye Saasu Maa, Voh AJ Zid Kar Rahe The Isliye Batana Padha.

Dadi: Guddan, Lalla Ko Yeh Sab Kabhi Na Kabhi Pata Chalna Tha.

Guddan: Par Phir Bhi Dadi…(worried)

I could see how much worried Guddan was for me. My throat became dry and I started coughing. She immediately ran to me, panicking and made me drink a glass of water. I just looked into her eyes. How much care and concern those eyes had for me…

When this irresponsible and immature Guddan grew up I didn’t realise! She was not a girl, but a lady now!

(Har kisse pe har panne pe
Tujhko padhta hai
Phirta rehta hai paagal sa
Bas ye kehta hai
Ke tujh bin)

At night,
Because of whatever happened I could not sleep. Suddenly Guddan came and took one of my favourite recipe book. She sat on the opposite side of the bed and started to read that out loud.

I was thinking what’s wrong with her now? I was praising her all these time and now her weird antics started again. But I missed it honestly. But then I was curious at the same time.

Akshat: Guddan Recipe Aise Kaun Parta Hai?!

Guddan: Mai Parti Hoon, Aap Ko Acha Nahi Lag Raha?

Akshat: Aisa Kuch Nahi! Par Yeh Recipe Hai Na.

Guddan: Dekhiye Mujhe Pata Nahi Aapko Kis Type Ke Stories Pasand Hai Par Haan Yeh Paata Hai Aapko Kaise Books Pasand Hai. Voh Darasal Jab Bachpan Mai Mujhe Neend Nahi Aati Thi, Tab Papa Mujhe Fairytale Padhakar Sunate Thi Kyuki Mujhe Fairytales Pasand Hai. Aap Ko Neend Nahi Aa Raha Hai, Isliye Socha Aapko Recipes Padhakar Sunao Shayad Aap So Jayenge.

I just stared at her. She may have became mature now, but she was still the same innocent Guddan. But how easily she could catch that I was not feeling sleepy. How did she know?!

Guddan: Agar Aap Ko Acha Nahi Lag Raha Phir Main Kuch Aur Padhakar Sunata Hoon

Akshat: Nahi Nahi, Yeh Thik Hai.

Guddan: Thik Hai.

As Guddan was about to read the recipe out again,

Akshat: Guddan Agar Tum Bura Maat Mano can I rest my head on your lap?!

I didnt know why I even asked that. After asking, I realised I shouldn’t have asked her that. But why did I even ask her that?

She smiled at me and nodded. She made me lie my head on her lap and continued reading the recipe book out. I felt much better after that. That was because I found much more comfort on her lap and gradually my eyes shut down.

(Ke tujh bin nai lagda, jee nai lagda
Haye nai lagda, jee nai lagda haye
Nai lagda jee mera mahiya)

But as I just started falling asleep, flashes of me in the mental asylum started bothering me. I remembered how badly they tortured me. Those laughter and the way they hold me captive. And those shocks. I could never forget that! I felt as if I got those shocks again!

I jumped out from my sleep and started breathing heavily.

Guddan: Kya Hua?!

Akshat: Guddan…

I immediately hugged Guddan in fear. Guddan patted my back and I could feel those tears on her eyes too.

Guddan managed to calm me down a bit. I started opening up fully to her. I shared with her everything. How Antra died in the accident done by Angad and how much guilty I felt! I used to be guilty for one thing and that was not saving her on time. But now I was guilty for another thing, for protecting her murderer all these years, for not letting my Antra getting the justice for which her brother, Vikram has been fighting for till today. I was feeling terrible. I broke down and started crying on Guddan’s lap.

(Ke tujh bin nai lagda, jee nai lagda
Haye nai lagda, jee nai lagda haye
Nai lagda jee mera mahiya )

Angad was in his right place. Jail. I will never forgive him for playing with my emotions and acting like a mentally unstable to escape from his crimes. He killed my Antra.

Guddan patted on my hairs and told me it was alright.

Guddan: Dekhiye Main Aap Ke Takleef Bohot Ache Tarike Se Samajh Sakti Hoon. Aapno Ko Na Bachane Ka Dard Mujhse Behtar Aur Kaun Jaan Sakta Hai. Par Main Ek Baat Samajh Gayi Hoon. Yeh Sab Kismat Ka Khel Hai. Koyi Isse Chahkar Bhi Badal Nahi Sakta.

I looked at her as she connected her story with mine.

Guddan: Abhi Puri Zindagi Padhi Hai. Abhi Se Agar Hum Har Maan Jate Hai Phir Yeh Kya Baat Hui.

Guddan: Antra Jii Jahan Bhi Hogi Bohot Khush Hogi Aur Aapko Dekh Rahi Hogi. Agar Aapko Aise Dekhte Hai Antra Jii Usse Acha Nahi Lagega.

Guddan: We should live our life with happiness and positivity. We should cherish all the good memories instead of pondering over the bad memories.

I looked at her quietly. I didn’t know what to answer her. But today I felt so relieved after opening my heart out to someone. After crying for some time on someone’s lap. Someone who could understand me very well. Thank you Guddan for understanding me so well. For letting me cry out all my pain.

Next day morning,
I woke up today. I felt so relieved. I walked up to Antra’s painting and a smile appeared on my face. Guddan was right. My Antra must be happy in the heaven with Guddan’s mom too.

I decided that I will value happiness and positivity in my life from now on. My family always yearned me to see that way. I will try my best to become the old Akshat that used to enjoy life once upon a time.

I looked at my wardrobe and the pink shirt that Guddan gifted me in our reception caught my eye. I decided to wear that.

I went downstairs and saw Guddan doing aarti with Maa and Lakshmi Bahu. With so much love and dedication Guddan was doing aarti. I got mesmerized seeing her.

(Kaisi duayein, kaisi yeh sadaayein
Dil kyun tumhara sunnta hi nahi[)

Guddan finished the aarti and passed prasad to everyone. As she went to me to pass prasad, a bright smile appeared on her face when she saw me in the pink shirt she gifted me. Even Maa and others were happy too. I didnt know everyone will like seeing me in colored shirts so much.

Guddan: Areh Vah Jindal Saab, Apne Meri Diye Hua Shirt Pehna. Mujhe Acha Laga.

Lakshmi: Areh Saasu Maa AJ Aise Kaise Nahi Pente Aapka Dia Hua Shirt. Aap Patni Hai AJ ki. AJ aap ka hi dia hua shirt hi Pehnega.

Guddan blushed a bit hearing that.

Lakshmi: Areh Saasu Maa Aap Toh Sharma Bhi Rahe Hai.

Guddan: Lakshmi Bahu…

She looked so cute when she was blushing. I wanted to thank her for making me feel so much better and also reducing the guilt I had in my heart all these years. But she walked away before I could talk to her.

She was busy the whole day. A party was being thrown for my return. I wanted to talk to her but didn’t get the chance as our conversation will get interupted somehow today. I felt more desperate to talk to her. My heart was slipping for her even more.

(Tujhko bulayein, tujhko hi chaahein
Dil kyun yeh mera rukta hi nahi)

Before the party,
Durga and Saru came back. They were folding hands infront of me. Kishore was in no mood to forgive Durga. I thought it was better for Kishore to handle this matter as I didnt want to see their face, but then I thought about my family.

I would want to keep someone like Durga and Saru as far as possible from the family but they have learnt her lessons.

Akshat: I give Durga Bahu and Saru Bahu one more chance. If they do any mistake this time which may affect the family’s happiness, I wont hesitate to throw them out of the house.

The rest of the family members were against my decision but Guddan supported me. She knew why I was doing this. I didnt even tell her.

At the party,
The party was going fine still till Mehra mentioned about my restaurant catching fire. I totally forgot about my restaurant in all this chaos. I got to know my restaurant was being burned down. This broke my heart and I almost collapsed.

But Guddan was there to support me. Once again. She held me and patted on my shoulder.

Guddan: Hum Aapke Restaurant Phir Se Khaara Karne Mai Aapke Madad Karenge. Yeh Guddan Akshat Jindal Ke Vaada Hai Aapse.

I felt slightly better hearing Guddan’s words that she will help me rebuild my restaurant. I liked it when she said Guddan Akshat Jindal.

(Ke mera har lamha
Mera ik hissa ban jana)

For the last two months, Guddan worked hard along with Kishore and Vardaan to rebuild the restaurant. Lakshmi Bahu also helped out. Even Durga Bahu and Saru Bahu contributed too. Rahul came back from overseas just to help to rebuild my restaurant.

I didnt know when those two months flew. I and Guddan were too busy with the restaurant. More than me, Guddan was working hard to rebuild the restaurant. I got to know her even more and more those two months. We had lunch and dinner together those days. I still remember how I was sweating the other day and Guddan wipped my sweat off using her dupatta.

Guddan even injuired her finger one day while working. There was so much blood oozing. This girl never cares about herself. I had to nurse her finger. Thank god she was alright.

I still remember how she used to make jokes and I will chase her and she will run away. We both even fell on the floor together once. I looked at her. She was so lovely and adorable.

(Meri khwaahish jo bhi saari
Poori kar jana
Ke tujh bin)

Finally my restaurant was ready. Years back Antra was the one who helped me to establish my restaurant. It took a moment for my restaurant to be destroyed. But Guddan, rebuild the same restaurant in such a beautiful way. Now no one will ever say Guddan Tumse Naa Ho Payega. Guddan Se Sab Ho Payega.

Antra had created a place in my heart with love. But after she left my heart was broken. Now just the way Guddan had rebuild the restaurant, in the same way she had joined the broken pieces of my heart. Yes I was in love with Guddan. Madly in love.

(Ke tujh bin nai lagda, jee nai lagda
Haye nai lagda, jee nai lagda haye
Nai lagda jee mera mahiya)

In the room,
I looked at the mangalsutra that made me realize how much important Guddan is in my life.

Guddan came out of the washroom and came to me. She looked at me as I was holding the mangalsutra. I smiled and made her wear the mangalsutra as she smiled.

I looked at her and I immediately hugged her, surprising her. I wanted to tell her how much I love her. She was mine, just mine!

(Ke tujh bin nai lagda, jee nai lagda
Haye nai lagda, jee nai lagda haye
Nai lagda jee mera mahiya)

The end.

I hope u all liked the OS. Please comment on this OS if you really liked it 😊

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