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Love : A story of past to present – Part 5

Ashkan are in a car with no idea about destination and too much exited about there suprise date.

So finally after almost 30 min of journey car stops and they discover the place is mansagar and both of them are mesmerised by the beauty of Lake situated between a palace and Arawali hills . Soon driver approaches them and says that you may follow me as something is waiting for you.  Ashkan follow him and they reache the hot air balloon spot and after a few health check they are thought necessary safety tips and then they approach the baloons .

They are more suprised to find the ballon filled with rose petals .

Akshat gets in the ballon and then helps guddan get in by holding her hand.

At time of take of the ballon shakes a bit due to which Akshat gets a bit frightened so guddan holds his hand . Akshat hugs her.Guddan says everything is fine it’s just that we are taking of then she remembers that Akshat is afraid of hights. She looks at him and says how could I be so mad . I just forgot that you are Acrophobic. Why you didn’t said anything.

Akshat – It isn’t a problem okay I’m absolutely fine and then we have Dr.Guddan here if anything happens…

Guddan don’t let him finish and says – Shut up and nothing is going to happen as we’ll be landing and asks the coordinator to land bit Akshat says – No we are not I am enjoying this ride and he shows her the Amber fort which looks magnificently beautiful from top

Guddan – Are you sure we can just stop here.

Akshat looks in her eyes and says you are here nothing is much important.  I’m fine .Let’s not waste our moment .

Guddan hugs him. He tightens his grip and they enjoy the scenery.

They then land and then they have there launch near lake.

Then they visit Amber fort and spend some quality time .

Then they have a romantic dinner with live music.

While driving back home Guddan sleeps so Akshat puts her head in his lap and caresses her hairs.

As they reach Guddan’s place Akshat cares her in his hands so that her sleep won’t be disturbed.  After putting her in bed he covers her in blanket .

He then kisses her softly and leaves.

Next morning someone throws water on Akshat he opens his eyes to see Guddan laughing.

Guddan – Dr.Kumbhkaran Jindal u tho

Akshat – Just wait and this Kumbhkaran will show you what he can do.

He grabs her and pull her on bed.

She slips and run aside and throws a pillow on him he throws it again at her.

In there fight a pillow is torned and cotton scatters every where and on there hairs .

They both jump on bed and start laughing. Guddan’s head on Akshat’palm .

Guddan says let’s take some selfie.

Guddan asks Akshat to pout and so he do.

Then Guddan says get ready fast I came here to pick you up for college.

Akshat says fine wait for me I’ll get ready .Guddan says now I too have to comb my hair again because of you.

Akshat – no you don’t have to comb your hairs.

Guddan – You mean I should go to college in these messy cotton filled hairs.

Akshat –  I never said that I’m saying that I’ll comb your hairs

Guddan – No thanks I love my hairs a lot.

Akshat Makes puppy eyes and says fine here people love hair more than there true lover.

Guddan rolls her eyes then pulls Akshat’s cheeks .

Why are you soo cute and how can anyone resist these eyes but now go and get ready she pushes him in bathroom .

Precap – A lady says that this girl you know she is a curse specially for that boy . Guddan listen all this and runsecured from that place



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