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Destiny’s game twinj os (twinj os)

Hey guys this is my first try to write an Os.. Hope ki this will win your hearts..

Happy Reading Lovelies..

In a room a girl wearing a beautiful lehanga sitting in front of mirror continuously smiling..She is looking very happy..why not after all she is going to marry her dream boy Kunj Sarna..And the girl is Twinkle..

Taneja and Sarna’s are childhood friends..Kunj was five years old when Twinkle born..At that time only they decided to get Twinj married.. From childhood they love eachother..They understand,care and trust eachother..

Today they are going to get married..Now kunj is 25 years old and Twinkle is 20 years old.. They both love eachother immensely..

Twinkle was engrossed in her thoughts..At the same time her cousins along with Mahi and Nikki came there to take her to mandap where her kunj is waiting for her..All of their cousins are married..Today Twinj are also getting married..

They took her to mandap there she saw her husband.. Looking like a Greek God wearing cream color sherwani..kunj is equally lost in her beauty..She is looking like a princess wearing red heavy wedding lehanga..kunj Smiled looking at her..She blushed..

Girls made her sit beside kunj..Twinkle is looking down shyly..

Pandit: vadhu vara varmala pehnayiye..

Twinkle is about to make him wear that but Yuvi and Anand pulled him..Twinkle pouted..But kunj came towards her and bent.. Twinkle Smiled and made him wear garland..Now kunj is about to make her wear garland but Mohit lifed her up..Mukti his wife pinched him..Mohit immediately put her down..kunj Smiled and made her wear garland..

Pandit asked them to take pheras..They took pheras..Then kunj made her wear mangalsutra and filled her mang with sindoor..And kissed her forehead with Soo much of love..

Usha went towards Twinkle’s mom and asked her permission to leave..

Now it’s time for bidai.. Twinkle cried hugging her Mom,Dad and Mohit very much..At last she hugged mukti and cried..Why not after all mukti is her best friend as well as her Bhabi.. Nikki came forward took twinkle with them..they sat in car and drove off to Sarna mansion..

Usha and Bebe welcomed them with rituals..kunj is waiting very Impatiently….

Nikki and Mahi decorated her bed..Made her sit on bed..After teasing her they left..kunj after giving them rishwat he also entered and saw her sitting on bed..He removed her veil and looked at her intently..

Kunj: I love you Twinkle..

Twi: I love you too kunj..

Kunj:Today I will make you mine..Are you ready.. I am going to eat you..kunj said mischievously in her ears and bit her earlobe..She just blushed..He kissed her forehead,eyes,nose, cheeks and lips..He is Sucking her lips passionately and she is responding equally..He removed her jewelry showering her with kisses..He once again took her lips in his and made her lie down on bed and hovered over her..He removed her clothes..He himself removed his clothes..After relishing her body for hours..He finally claimed her with love and passion..After hours of love making..They slept in eachothers arms after saying I love you to eachother..

Next morning they woke up in eachothers arms with content smile..His family and cousins teased them..

Like this days started passing peacefully with love..They loved eachother..

Leap of Three Months..

Twinkle is working in kitchen but suddenly she started feeling dizzy.. Everyone is laughing and pulling eachothers legs in living room..but kunj is looking at Twinkle..She is about to touch the ground but kunj held her protectively from falling..They called doctor..kunj made her lay down on bed..

After sometime doctor came and checked her.. Everyone is looking at her with worry.. Doctor after checking ​her Smiled and said to kunj..

Doc: Congratulations Mr.Sarna you are going to be father soon.. Everyone is shocked..Usha and Manohar had never ending smiles.. while kunj is looking at her shockingly as if trying to see it is dream or real..But then Mohit hugged him tightly and Shouted..
Mohit:Mujhe mama bana Diya kunj.. love you yaar..With this his brother and friends jumped on him..kunj now started Smiling like a fool..His eyes filled with tears..why not the feeling of becoming of father is out of this world.. Usha and Manohar too had tears.. Usha kissed Twinkle forehead who is sleeping followed by Manohar..They hugged kunj and blessed him..kunj is just Smiling with tears.. Twinkle gained conciousnes..They left leaving couple alone..
Twi:kunj what happened..why are you everything ok..Kunj hugged her tightly and started sobbing..
Kunj: Love you Twinkle..thank you baby.. I am completed as a man now..
Kunj kept his hand on her stomach and said..
Kunj:We are going to be parents soon.. Twinkle pressed her lips with his..
Twinkle : Thank you to you too kunj love you Soo much.. I am completed as a woman now..

Kunj: I can’t wait for nine months..OMG I am going to be father.. I will have my baby..Who is very soft,small and fragile.. I will play with her..Yes her because I know she will a little princess.. I will love her more than anyone in this world.. Just imagine Twinkle small and soft hands,legs..Milky skin..Milky cheeks.. I can’t express my happiness Twinkle.. I love you.. I love you for this..And started crying.. Twinkle too cried looking him..He is just blabbering and blabbering about the baby.. Twinkle have a satisfied Smiled on her face..why not she made her man happy..After blabbering for God knows how much time..He left to give party to his friends in the happiness..

Nine months passed in a jiffy with kunj’s over protective and Possessive behavior towards his pregnant wife..He took her tantrums without any irritation..
Nine Months Later:
It’s 2 am Twinj were sleeping.. Suddenly Twinkle felt too much pain in her stomach..She sat on bed..She don’t want to scare kunj by shouting but when her pain became unbearable she shouted which caused kunj to wake up from his sleep..kunj held her..She was digging her nails in his skin..kunj lifted her in his arms and started taking her towards his car while shouting for Bebe, Usha and Manohar..They came down immediately and saw him carrying her.. kunj asked driver to drive fast..Usha and Manohar came in another car..On the way they informed Twinkle’s Family..

Kunj’s eyes filled with tears seeing his wife in unbearable pain..They reached there in no time.. Doctor took her into labor.. Yuvi and Mahi along with their parents reached there..Kunj is silently praying in his Mind to save his Wife and Baby..All are tensed..After one hour which seemed one decade came Doctor..Kunj immediately rushed towards them.. Doctor Smiled and said..

Doc: Congratulations Kunj..You are the father of a baby girl.. Your wife is also perfectly fine..and left.. kunj’s happiness knew no bounds..Their parents and friends hugged eachother out of happiness..His friends pounced upon him..Kunj laughed with tears in his eyes and shouted..
Kunj:Did you guys heard I am father of a baby girl.. I can’t wait to see my doll..
Then nurse came towards them with a baby wrapped in pink towel..kunj went towards her Smilingly..Nurse gestured him to take the baby..kunj bit his lower lip nervously..Nurse Smiled and nodded at him..Though he is scared to carry a baby but he want to see his baby before anyone..kunj took her in his hands..After seeing her cute sensitive sleeping face his eyes filled with tears..He madly kissed her face..The baby girl slowly battled her eyes before opening them..After opening them she saw her dad….Instead of crying she smiled lightly which amazed Everyone and here kunj is going mad with happiness..Though the smile was small but it was there..They say infants don’t smile but she did..he felt it..kunj then noticed a mole on her upper lip just like him..He touched it lightly with his index finger..The baby licked his index finger immediately…..kunj once again kissed her madly..Mohit is about to touch her cheeks but kunj slapped his hand and said..

Kunj: Don’t touch her..My baby is Soo sensitive..First wash your hands..
Mohit:Oye sale chup also didn’t wash your hands..
Kunj:Ha toh I am her father.. Isliye she didn’t get any problems from me.. Everyone just looked at him with disbelief..kunj and Twinkle’s parents also came forward to take baby..But he asked them to wash their hands too..They are grand parents they too want to held their first grandchild​ so they washed their hands.. Because Possessive father is not ready to give the baby..
Kunj then gave his baby girl to them hesitantly..One by one held her with constant Smile on their faces.. While kunj is asking them to be careful.. Everyone just nodded their head in disbelief..
Then kunj took his baby in his arms and went towards Twinkle who is smiling with tears..kunj gave her to him..And Twinkle kissed her all over her face..
Twinkle : kunj what will we name her..
Kunj: Kavya Kunj Sarna..Did you like it..
Twi:Yes I loved it..kunj kissed Baby and Twinkle on their foreheads..
Suddenly baby started crying..Kunj panicked and Shouted..
Kunj:Maa Doctor..They came running..See my baby is crying..what happened to her..with fear in his eyes.. Usha laughed shaking her head and said..
Usha: Don’t worry beta..She is just hungry.. Twinkle feed him..And they left laughing.. Now kunj yelled at Twinkle..
Kunj:What are you waiting for?..feed my baby..She is crying..And helped her in feeding the baby..After filling her tummy baby slept with a pout..kunj smiled and took baby in his arms..and started pacing in room..
Twinkle – kunj make her sleep in cradle..She is already sleeping na..why are you carrying her..
Kunj:No no I want my baby to be in her daddy’s arms.. Now She will stay in my arms.. I want her to feel my warmth.. I want to feel her is Soo much..My Daughter My Life and kissed her forehead.. Twinkle got discharged next day..
After 20 days..
Today is Baby naming ceremony..Kunj is making his baby ready in red dress.. I forgot to tell you kunj carries his baby every time..And yeah whenever kunj takes her in his arms she stops crying..Yes his baby loves him more than anyone it seems..She spends more time with her daddy dear..
Kunj brought his baby to living Hall where pandit ji making for Pooja ready..
Usha:Beta what you want to name your daughter..
Kunj: kavya Kunj Sarna..My daughter..My Kavya said with Possessiveness,love and proud.. Everyone Smiled and started saying her name in her ears..
Guest:Aww she is soo cute.. Everyone started praising her..
Kunj held Usha’s hand took her to a room and said..
Kunj:Mumma she said my daughter is cute..Mere beti ko nazar lag jayegi..Mumma please uski nazar utaro and do something taki usse nazar na lage..He said panicking..Agar Meri beti ko nazar lag gaya and stomach pain hua toh she can’t even tell me..She is too small she can’t bare it..Mamma please jaldi..
Usha looked at him shocked..the person who stays away from such things and calls ridiculous is believing them.. They says love changes the person..But here his daughter changed him or scared.. Usha Smiled..uski nazar utari..And put kala tika on kavya and asked him..”Happy”..
Kunj:Very Happy..And Smiled..
After Five years..
It’s 9:00..
In living room..A cute little baby girl is sitting on a couch with pout..Then a lady came wearing a blue saree looking beautiful..She is none other than Twinkle..And the cute little girl is Kavya.
Twinkle : Kavya beta have your dinner..Dadda ke aane mein deri hojayega..
Kavya :Nahi..Mumma..Dadda ke bina mein dinnel nahi klati.. I love my Dadda.. I will wlait fol him.. Twinkle and her grand parents just shook their head in disbelief..After having dinner they left.. Twinkle and Kavya is waiting for kunj..
At 11:00 clock..
Door bell rang..
Kavya who is all sleepy ran towards door hearing the door bell..And with great difficulty opened door..And seeing her father Smiled broadly and hopped in his arms..kunj have slight tears seeing his little love who loves him more than anyone in this world..He kissed her face madly and asked..
Kunj:Baby why did you wait for me.. I asked you to sleep na..softly while caressing her hairs.kavya kissed his cheeks and said..
Kavya: How can I sleep without seeing you Dadda.. I want to have dinnel with you.. I love you Dadda..and made pout..kunj pecked her pout and said..
Kunj: I love you too baby..
With that he took baby to his room.. Freshened up..And came to dinning table with his daughter.. Twinkle served their dinner..She served herself too..kunj is making her eat and kavya also making him eat.. Twinkle Smiled seeing their love for each other..
Then kunj took her to their room..Yes Twinj and kavya sleeps in same room..As Kunj and kavya loves eachother too much and he also can’t leave his daughter alone in a room…Kavya slept over kunj who hugged her tight..
Next day kunj made his daughter eat breakfast..And dropped her in school.. Suddenly he remembered that his daughter asked him to take her to exhibition..Today they planned to bunk their work and school..
Kunj:Shit.. How can I forget my baby’s wish..And took his car keys and left for her school..
He went towards her classroom..He is about to ask for Kavya but her class teacher asked students a question..
Tea:Today you will say whom you love the most..and why?..We will start with Kavya..She stood..kunj is waiting eagerly..he know she will say about him..
Kavya: I love my Dadda the most..He is my Supel Hero.. I love evelyone in my family..But My Dadda is the Blest.. I love my Dadda mole than anyone..My Dadda plotects me..He cales fol me.. I love to spend my time with him.. I love my Dadda vely vely much and opened her arms wide showing how much she loves him..kunj have tears in his eyes..Then he took permission from teacher and took her with him..After coming to car kunj kissed her and hugged her tightly..She too hugged him and kissed his Cheeks..
Kavya: I love you Dadda.. I love you more than my life baby..You are my life..
Then he took her to exhibition..Then dinner date with his little daughter..They returned home and saw Twinkle puffing in anger..They held their ears and kissed her cheeks and said sorry cutely which melted her anger.Kavya slept soon because of tiredness..Twinkle slowly took Kavya in her arms and made her sleep on the other side of the bed and came over him and kissed him..kunj too gave in..They adjusted pillows around her..An kunj made her lay down on couch..He came over her..took her lips in his and kissed her..Soon he removed their Clothes and claimed her..And they are in heaven..(Actually why kunj always have desires.. Twinkle ko bhi honge na..And guys did you liked Twinkle’s way of asking for love..)..
Days passed like this..But you know sometimes happiness didn’t last..
Twinkle is making lunch..There kunj is in office discussing something important with his business partners Anand,Mohit,Mukti,Mahi and Yuvi..
Kunj:No yaar.. I will not be able to come tomorrow.. cancel it..
Anand: why are cancelling such an important meeting?..
Kunj:My daughter wants to spend her time with me.. I promised her..
Muk:you love her very much..
Kunj: More than anything..She is my life..
Mahi:When she will marry she will leave you na..kunj suddenly became angry..
Kunj:What the hell..She is my life..She will only stay with me forever..
Friends: Arre Kunj baba calm down..we are just joking..Kunj mood is totally spoiled.. Just imagine he can’t even imagine his daughter staying away from him..He is a father who loves his daughter more than anything.. Imagine what happens if suddenly God take that daughter away from him forever..
Kavya is running down the stairs but suddenly she slipped and rolled down the stairs..Her head hit with the stairs hardly and blood is coming from her head..

Kavya :Daddaaaaa..and fainted..(Well when I was small I used to call for Paa instead of Maa those Times I used to fight with My Friends or All those Times I used to get Hurt)
Usha is in living room..And Twinkle is in kitchen when Usha received a call..She is numb to react..Her eyes filled with tears..Manohar who is sitting beside her got confused and took phone..After listening to otherside..He is just crying..He saw Twinkle who is working in kitchen..He went towards Twinkle and said..
Manohar: Twinkle..Let’s go to hospital..
Twinkle:Why Papaji..
Manohar:Woh Madhu..She fell from the stairs..She is in hospital..The glass she holding fell from her hands..Manohar held her and said..Beta please sambhalo apne aap ko.. kunj ko ab tak nahi patha..Usko koun samballega..She looked at him and asked..
Twinkle:ku…ku..nj…ko…na…na…hi…..p…pa….pa….Tha…Manohar nodded in no..She started crying more.. Manohar,Usha and Twinkle went towards car and left to hospital..They are crying continuously..
Usha:Ho…How….. we… wi…will sa….say ku…ku…nj..Woh..woh pa…pagal…ho….ho…Jayega….And they cried more..
They reached there in no time..They didn’t have the courage to see Kavya isliye they sat there.. Manohar called Yuvi and said the matter..
Here in office Yuvj is shocked..His eyes too filled with tears.. Everyone is looking at him confused..But Yuvi is looking at kunj only..They asked him what is the matter..But yuvj didn’t answered any..He know if he will tell the matter to kunj here..He may can’t be able to reach hospital.. so he asked everyone to come to apolo hospital.. Everyone is now worried..
Kunj Pov: Don’t know why..My heart is becoming heavy.. I am feeling ki someone is stabing my heart..God please be with us..
They reached hospital..twinkle who saw him,ran towards him and hugged him tightly..Kunj is now worried seeing them like that..
Kunj: Twinkle Kya hua..why are you crying baby.. Twinkle cried more she don’t have courage to say anything.. Manohar held his hand,took him towards ICU..And showed his daughter who is getting treated..Kunj stood numb on his place..There is no expression on his face..He is just looking at his daughter..Manohar held his hand and made him sit on chair..He just followed him like a robot.. Twinkle came towards him once again,hugged him and started crying loudly..This brought him out of his shock and looked at his sorroundings as if trying to understand is it a Nightmare..When nothing changed..he stood and went towards ICU and looked at his daughter.. Everyone cried more seeing him..They know he loves his daughter more than his life.. Everyone is praying for her life..l at his daughter who is getting treated and started crying very loudly taking her name..He is crying for the first time in his life.. Everyone came towards him and held him but he is crying very loudly as if someone cut him into pieces..
After sometime doctor came..Kunj is just crying and crying..
They rushed towards doctor..
Doc:We can’t do anything..She will leave anytime.. Please meet her once..They started crying more..But kunj didn’t listened what doctor said and went towards his daughter..
She is conscious..kunj went to his daughter.. Everyone came after him..Kavya Smiled looking at her Dadda and said..
Kavya:Dadda dard horaha hain.. I want to go home..kunj started crying loudly..Dadda don’t cry I hate your tears.. I love you Dadda..
Kunj: I love you too baby..You are my life..Pain katam hojayega.. I will take my baby home.. I can’t live without her na..And kissed her face madly and hugged her.. Everyone now understood he didn’t listened anything..All we’re crying their Heart Out..His daughter too kissed his cheek and hugged muttering..”I love you Dadda”..He stayed like that for some minutes..Then he noticed she is not moving..He looked at her face..And patted her cheeks..Mohit called doctor..He came and checked her..and said..”She is no more”..This snatched the earth beneath their feet.. Everyone started crying..But kunj went towards his daughter..Took her hand in his which have no life..He started shaking her..He hugged her but she didn’t hugged him back..He kissed her forehead and said”I love you more than my life beta”..But she didn’t say I love you too Dadda..He kept his head on her chest..But he didn’t listen the heart beat which gave him peace..He stumbled fell on his knees.. Yuvi rushed towards him.. Hugged him and cried their heart out..Kunj is just remembering his moments with his daughter..He is not able to move or say anything.. According to him this is just a Nightmare and when he will wake up he will see his daughter with him..kunj was just sitting numb and murmuring to himself..”This is just a Nightmare my daughter loves me..She will never leave me.. I know..Kunj don’t cry..This is just a Nightmare..”.. Hearing him Yuvi cried and slapped him and Shouted..
Yuvi:This is the Truth..Kunj tu pagal hojayega..Cry kunj just cry.. Kunj suddenly held his collars and Shouted..
Kunj:Shut up..My daughter loves her Dadda..She will never leave me..
He went towards his daughter and complained like a child..
Kunj :Beta tumne suna..They….They are very bad..You will never leave your love her haina..when you will get up na we will not talk to them and hugged his daughter.. He once again shaked her..But she didn’t wake up..
Kunj:Beta wake up na.. Otherwise I will cry.. I will not talk to you..wake up..But she didn’t..His friends and family consoling him.. Now kunj took his baby in his arms and started crying loudly..
After sometime Mohit came and said..
Mohit:Kunj’s the time..Kunj please you should have to be strong..Who will handle Twinkle if you will behave like this.. Please mein Tere samne haath jodta Hoon.. Please try to be strong..
Then Mohit,Anand, Yuvi and Kunj came to graveyard..Kunj sat on ground..He is just looking at his daughter as if hoping her to wake up.. Mohit asked him to proceed..He is about to put her there but suddenly he hugged his daughter and started crying loudly..And asking..
Kunj: Please please wake up.. How will I live without you.. Tomorrow you wanted go with Dadda..And today you are going leaving me here..And started crying very loudly..After crying for hours..They buried her..They came back to mansion..Kunj is just looking at door and remembering his daughter calling him.. Opening door for him..They entered inside..Kunj went to his room..He didn’t speak to anyone..
After 3 months..

Nothing is changed.. Twinkle is a little Strong now..She is forgetting slowly..But kunj..He didn’t speak with anyone till now..He just nods..
One day kunj is sitting in dark corner holding his daughter photo when his daughter came and rubbed his tears and said..

Kunj :Dadda I love you.. Don’t cry.. I hate your tears..Dadda you became Soo silent.. I love my chirpy Dadda.. I will come back because I love you..And disappeared..Suddenly he felt a little lite..Kunj got up and went towards Twinkle.. Twinkle tried her best these days talking to him but he didn’t..He hugged her..She is shocked..He started crying.. Twinkle too cried.. Manohar and Usha too joined them in the hug..
After two days:
Twinkle is coming towards kunj when suddenly she started feeling dizzy..She is about to fall..But kunj held her..They called doctor..
Doc:It is common in these dayd..She is looking very weak.. Take care of her..
Kunj : It is common Matlab..
Doc:She is four months pregnant na..This is shock for everyone..But then They Smiled for the first time after four months.. Doctor prescribed them and left..kunj remembered his daughter’s words of coming back..Then other five months passed like this..And Twinkle gave birth to triplets..Two boys and one girl..All three babies have mole on their upper lip..kunj and his family and friends are very happy..Mukti and Mohit have five years old son..And she is pregnant once again.. Anand and Nikki have a Son of Five years and she is Pregnant again..Mahi is also pregnant of Five Months..

Kunj touched his daughter’s mole..But she held his hand and kept it in her mouth just like Kavya did.. Now it confirmed that she is his Kavya only..He named his son name Abhay,Neeyan and Avni..
Ten years later:
Kunj is getting ready..And Twinkle is scolding their naughty children..Who are just like Kunj in looks, Attitude and height.. Except his daughter..Avni is just like Twinkle in looks but attitude is same like her Dadda..But let me tell you they are very naughty and loves their father more than anyone in this world..
Kunj came dinning area and saw his parents and his friends along with their children sitting there..Kunj went towards Twinkle and closed her mouth and said..
Kunj:How much will you shout.. Don’t you know my babies are the best..His babies jumped on him and kissed his Cheeks saying “Love you Dadda”.. to which he replied saying”Dadda loves you”..
Then Kunj dropped them in their school..And went to his office opened his drawer and started talking to his first daughter..yes he still didn’t forget her..Everyday he talks with her..
At night Kunj returned home soon..Spent good time with his children..Then in room..Kunj kissed Twinkle passionately and made love to her..After satisfying themselves Kunj made her lay over him and said..
Kunj:Thank you for coming in my life Twinkle.. Love you..
Twinkle:Thank you to you too kunj.. Love you..

And slept in eachothers arms..And happily lived ever after..
Hope you guys like it..It is not edited..

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( Note – hey lovely people this os is written by my friend priyanka she is one of famous writer on wattpad she writes ff on manan.. She loves twinj too She wanted to post it here and said me to post it here so i did… How is this os share your views…
And yeah I know I haven’t updated any of my ff now sorry guys I was busy I’m working on it and I’ll post it soon khan pakad key sorry 😔
And please share your reviews)

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