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Daayan 7th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Daayan Relives King

Daayan 7th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Jahnvi performs tantra pooja as per Brijesh chacha’s advice. A feather emerges, and Jahnvi says she can smell Rimpi. She with Chacha and Veer follows feather which leads them to jungle where Daayan has hostaged Rimpi. Veer says there is no one here. Jahnvi shows pooja items and says Rimpi must be somewhere here. They search Rimpi and hear her voice nearby, reach there and see Daayan performing black magic/tantra vidhi on Rimpi. Prithvi and Vishakha guarding Rimpi attack them and they counterattack. Aakarsh daayan hiding behind stone thinks he has to stop Jahnvi and coming out disguised as Chandrika attacks them with black magic and ties them to trees. Jahnvi says she cannot be Chandrika, who s she. Aakarsh hides behind stone again. Rimpi gets under daayan’s complete control and Daayan

relives king. King with his extremities tied wakes up and asks daayan why did she relive him.
Daayan says her 500 years of hard work bore frut today and asks where is Divyani mani/diamond. Raja says she will misuse it to control whole world, so he has hidden it somewhere and nobody can get it without his permission. Daayan insists and attacks king. King bears torture. Jahnvi says king has superpowers, so daayan has tied his extremities. She asks Veer and Chacha to try and free themselves. The succeed and free king. King attacks daayan and creates protective cover around Jahnvi, Chacha, and Veer. He warns daayan that she cannot harm them now and asks them to run away from there. Veer and Chacha run. Jahnvi takes Rimpi with her. Rimpi under Daayan’s control attacks Veer. King tries to punish her, but Jahnvi stops him saying she is a kid. King calms down Rimpi with his superpowers.

King asks Jahnvi and team to hide somewhere as he cannot control daayan for long. Jahnvi thanks him for saving them and apologizes for trying to burn his dead body before. King says it would have been good if she had burnt his dead body as his life can bring big trouble it the world. He into flashback where he goes for hunting and sees a beautiful in jungle, he marries her and brings her to palace. She asks him to bring divyani mani from a cave, which is very powerful and with its possession, nobody can defeat him and his army. He goes in search of mani and after a lot of struggle and fight with evil forces gets mani. Once he gets out of cave, his wife takes money and behind him starts black magic to gain control on whole world. He finds her true motto realizing she is daayan, steals mani and hiding it tries to kill her. She turns into daayan and torturing him asks to return mani. He says he would rather die than letting her fulfill her motto. She kills him and before he dies pleads where mani is. He dies without informing.

Out of flashback, king informs Jahnvi and team that anyone can gather superpowers like him if they concentrate, he conserved his energy lying in coffin for 500 years. Veer says they don’t have so much time and have to escape from here before daayan reaches there. Aakarsh reaches there and tells Jahnvi he does not want to kill her, so she should handoever king to him. Jahnvi says he cannot be her Aakarsh. King says he can find out his true identity via his superpowers and tries, but Aakarsh’s face does not change. King says this is his true identity. Daayan emerges and informs Jahnvi that her husband Aakarsh is daayan’s son and himself is a daayan. King creates protective barrier around Aakarsh. Daayan emerges and brutally injures king. Chacha says they should take king to near by cave. They take king into cave and closes its door via stones. Aakarsh tries to break open door, but fails. King asks Jahnvi to kill him as he is losing his powers and if daayan catches him, he cannot hide mani anymore. He asks Veer and Chacha to go aside and reveals Jahnvi a puzzle to reach mani, describing about a beautiful woman who is not human. He then gives a stone and asks Jahnvi to break it as his life is hidden in it. Once Jahnvi breaks stone, king turns into ashes. Jahnvi feels guilty for killing king. In hotel, Dipank shows his worries for Rimpi to Narendra. Jahnvi returns with Rimpi, Chacha, and Veer and describes whole incident. Dipank emotionally tries to hug Rimpi. Rimpi attacks him. Jahnvi informs that Rimp is under daayan”s influence. Narendra asks how to save Rimpi. Jahnvi informs that Aakarsh is daayan and before he reaches hotel, they should escape form here. Aakarsh reaches hotel..

Precap: Precap: Rimpi informs Aakarsh that king inform Jahnvi secret of mani before dying. Aakarsh tells Jahnvi she is a simple girl and cannot fight with daayan clan. Jahnvi says he once fell in this simple girl’s love.

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