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Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 58

Continuation from Episode 57:

Next Morning

Shivaay wakes up feeling something wet and scented near his face.Opening eyes he notices Anika.She is searching something.He asks:

-What are you doing Anika?
-I have misplaced my bracelet.Trying to find it.Move over,here yes.Got it.She finds it under Shivaay’s pillow.Shivaay sits up:

-You got up so early?
-Early?Look at the clock.Almost 9 a.m.Anyway,congratulate me.
-My head is paining so much.Just unbearable.He rubs his temple.
-Mine too.Saying that Anika sneezes.

-You have bathed using cold water again Anika?
-What could I do?Geyser did not work.Fuses got fired up of our room.I think a storm passed by yesterday night.See na,all my decorations got spoiled.Anika points out the glass covered pool at the left side of the room.Thinking something Shivaay says:

-If you want,you can decorate again Anika.Don’t worry.Can you recall anything,what happened in the party?
-Danced,drank,laughed,talked.What else?
-Rudra served all of us punch drink right?

-O God!
-What happened?
-Punch is the reason of our present problem.

-You meant to say it was spiked?With alcohol?
-Of course.I told him very clearly not to do that here.Don’t know what I especially you did after drinking.
-I could not remember a thing Shivaay.My whole body was paining when I woke up in the morning.

-What?But why?
-Don’t know.May be I danced a lot.
-Are you okay now?

-Trying to be.But do something about this headache Shivaay.Chutki and Choti drank punch for the first time,perhaps.How they are managing I don’t know.
-I will make hangover drink for you and everyone.Let me freshen up first.
Shivaay gets down the bed then heads for the washroom.Anika retires to get ready.

Everyone sits down to have breakfast.

Rudra:Has anyone remembered anything?What happened at the party?
Om:Are not you ashamed of asking this question?My head is paining like it is carrying a mountain.Hangover drink has not worked.Thanks to your punch.

Gauri:Putting aside the pain,I enjoyed so much after a long time.Thank you Rudra.
Soumya:Something might have happened.My gut feelings are saying.

Rudra:Gooli maro tumhari gut feelings ko.We all are here in one piece.Everything is fine and my party was successful.
Shivaay:Listen Rudy,I am going to ban your punch drink in any party.
Rudra:Why this sudden wrath on my innocent punch drink?What did it do?See na bhabi.

Anika:Why Shivaay?
Shivaay:What happened?Anything could have happened.We all were high.And you are saying this Anika?Only I know how wild you became after getting drunk!You….He goes silent.Rest of the people look at one another except Anika then burst into laughter.She sits looking down,blushing.

Om:Shivaay,are you concerned about Anika or yourself?
Rudra:Right.They start laughing.
Gauri:Di must have irritated you.Perhaps did something….out of the box.

Shivaay:Stop it guys.I am serious.
Om:Hmmm….Considering the tone of words,you seem afraid of disclosing any of your secret!They start laughing again.
Shivaay stands up angrily-This is not funny.He leaves taking long strides.

Om:Shivaay listen,we were just pulling your legs.
Soumya:I think jiju is offended.We should not have laughed on him.
Gauri:You are right Choti.

Rudra:Relax.He will come around.Bhaiya is used to all these.
Anika:I will take to him.You guys have breakfast.She leaves.

Shivaay is pacing in his room,trying to remember about last night.Closing eyes he gets a flash of Anika’s crying.She enters into the room with a tray right that moment.He asks:

-You too want to make fun out of me?
-Why will I do that?
-This is a very serious and sensitive matter Anika.That’s why I am worried.After getting drunk,one loses control over his actions and words.What if I,I did something wrong getting drunk?You are unwell and……Anika holds him:

-Calm down.They were just pulling your legs.And I understand you.Look at me,I am all okay,standing in front of you.
-Anika you…
-Shhh…..You won’t do anything wrong.With me,never.Don’t make your BP shoot up.You have not eaten anything.I have not brought your breakfast.

She makes Shivaay sit on the sofa and feeds him breakfast.But tension does not leave Shivaay.Whole day pass in thinking.
Night Time
Anika is sleeping.Shivaay comes out of the washroom.His phone rings:

-Is it due?All right.Send it to the board of directors and keep me updated….He cuts the call.

He is about to enter into the balcony but stops noticing something.Anika is stirring in her sleep.Within a second she opens eyes and shouts-Sagar!!
Shivaay rushes towards the bed.Anika is looking terrified.Holding her he says:

-It’s okay Anika.Just a bad dream.You will be okay.

Anika hugs Shivaay.She is trembling.Later,she falls asleep in his arms.While Anika sleeps,Shivaay says in his mind:

“This happened for the second time.Who is this Sagar?”

Next Morning
Anika’s Showroom

Anika is in her cabin surrounded with staffs and assistant.Someone knocks at the door:

-May I come in?She looks at the door and stands up promptly leaving the chair:
-Shivaay?He enters smiling.
-How are you doing?Anika sends off her staffs and assistant.
-All good.

-Today is your first day so thought to pay a visit.
-Hmmm….Is it the only reason?
-No.I wanted to have lunch with you.

-And what?
-Nothing.Let’s have lunch.Feeling really hungry.

-Not here.
-We will go out.Come.

They leave and reach Indian Accent,a very famous restaurant in Delhi.While eating Shivaay asks:

-Anika,have you met any of your friend recently?
-You have been here since a long time.You should meet.

-You are right.I got so busy at home that did not think on it.
-Your friend circle must be big…..Anika,do you have any friend whose name is-Sagar?

-May be your best friend or very close.
-Sagar….Name sounds familiar.May be I have but can’t remember exactly.What about him?
-Nothing.I am just curious.

-Shivaay Singh Oberoi never turns curious without any reason.Let me guess-You have brought me here to ask about Sagar.Am I right?
-Just a personal curiosity.
-Have you got your answer?
-Can I start eating?
-Of course.

Shivaay says in his mind:

“Anika can’t remember.That means he has fallen in that part of her memory which she has forgotten.I think he is deeply connected with Anika.I should find out who is he,for Anika’s sake…..”

Finishing eating they returns to Sunflower Petals.

Precap:Shivaay returns to Mumbai for an important business deal.Pinky-Shivaay face off!

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