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You & Me (Chap-16) Kanchi ff by ArpitaKrish

YOU & ME (CHAP-16):

RECAP- Sanchi’s haldi happened. She get to know about suffering from last stage of brain tumour. She shared with Riya and ask for promise to marry Kabir without revealing Sanchi’s truth. Riya accepted unwillingly. Riya was thinking about an idea to tell Kabir about Sanchi’s truth. Lets see will riya succeed in her plan?
Next day, It was Kanchi’s marriage. Whole Mishra Mension was beautifully decorated. Kabir was shown sitting in Mandap. Pandit called for bride. PraSha came upstairs to bring Sanchi because they are unaware of the truth.
Here, in Sanchi’s room,
“Riya I know it will be hard for you but please take care of my Kabir. I have my flight for mumbai in night. I am going to airport. Perhaps I will not meet you again. So please always be happy & don’t break your promise. I cant find any girl for my Kabir better than you. I trust you more than myself. I hope you will not break my trust. Take this letter to show everyone that I don’t love Kabir and I am going by my wish” Sanchi wiped her tears.
Riya hugged Sanchi. “Sorry Sanchi, I cant let you go, I will not reveal anyone about your illness but I will not marry Kabir. Kabir only deserve you. Please god, do some miracle” Riya thought.
“Sanchi” Pragya knocked the door.
“it seems they came, You go with them, I will go by back door” Sanchi pulled veil of Riya and she herself hides in washroom.
Riya opened the door. “what were you doing? Lets go, pandit ji is calling” PraSha took Riya with them.
Sanchi came out of washroom & bursts into tears.
Baahon mein tere aake lgau, mera safar toh yahi tak hain
Tumpe shuru tum pe hi khatam, meri kahani yahi tak hain
(Sanchi took her bag, Other side Kabir was smiling remembering Sanchi)
Dil ko jo de rahat si, tujhme hain wo khamoshi
Sau baar talash liya tujhko, kuch tere siwa na mila mujhko
(Sanchi came out of house, Riya reached to Mandap)
Saanso se rishta tod doon, tumse tod na paugi
Main phir bhi tumko chahugi, Main phir bhi tumko chahugi
Is chahat mein mar jaugi, Main phir bhi tumko chahugi
(Sanchi was walking on road, Here Ribir were sitting in Mandap, tears were flowing from Riya’s eyes)
Aankhe khule toh main dekhoo tujhe, Sirf yahi pharmaaish hain
Pahli toh mujhko yaad nahi, tu meri aakhiri khwaish hain
Sah loon ab main teri Kami, mujhse yeh hoga hi nahi
Tum aise mujhme shaamil ho,
Tum jaan meri, tum hi dil ho
(Sanchi stands on a bridge and starts shouting the name of Kabir)
Shayad main bhula doon khud ko bhi, par tumko bhool na paugi
Haan, main phir bhi tumko chahugi, main phir bhi tumko chahugi
Is chahat mein mar jaugi, main phir bhi tumko chahugi
(Sanchi sits in a cab and went to airport, Here Ribir stood up to take rounds)
“Please god, if you exist then do some miracle, you cant do injustice with Sanchi. I cant reveal to anyone because I have bound with a promise. Please god” Riya prays.
“only 3 rounds are remaining” Panditji said.
On the other side Sanchi reaches airport.
“Please god, I need your help” Riya became emotional.
Suddenly Riya’s dupatta catches fire. Riya throws her dupatta. Everyone became shocked to see her.
“Riya” Anand takes her name.
“where is Sanchi? What are you doing here?” Jaya shouts’
“actually, She……” Riya lied to them. She said everything what Sanchi said to say everyone.
“No, she cant do this, I know it’s a lie” Kabir stumbles. Veer and Riya holds him.
“Just stay away from me” Kabir shouts at Riya.
“You can stop her, She is going mumbai, after 20 mins she will board a flight” Riya shared.
Kabir wiped his tears and came outside to his car.
“Sanchi cant do this, she cant cheat us, I will never forgive her” Sunil became teary eyes. Jaya consols.
Anand, Savitri, Veer, PraSha, Kusum everone are sad.
On the other side Kabir was shown driving the car.
At airport, Sanchi is going to board flight.
Kabir reaches at airport. Announcement happens. Sanchi is shown sitting in flight.
Kabir went inside the airport. At reception, “what is the time for flight for Mumbai?” Kabir asks.
“Sorry Sir, that flight is ready to fly” Receptionist replied.
Kabir became shocked before he reaches towards that area, flight is shown flying.
Kabir burst into tears.
Dil bharta nahi aankhe rajti nahi,
chahe kitna bhi dekhta jau
(Kabir came outside the airport)
Waqt jaye main rok na pau
Tu thodi der aur theher ja jalima
Tu thodi der aur theher jaa
(“Sanchi, you cant do this to me” Kabir shouts. On the other side Sanchi was sobbing in flight “I am sorry, Kabir)
To Be Continued…………………..
Na Ribir Na Sabir, will post next part asap.
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