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Where there is LOVE there is LIFE (EPI 6)

i am again here thank you for liking and commenting last one




many of you have doubt with  cousin getting married let me tell you there is no problem nor Physically neither genetically my mom and dad are also cousin and they have no problem AND one more thing Kunj has blood of sarna’s and on the other hand Twinkle has blood of Taneja’s they are not blood related so i am again telling you that just ignore bro sis thing





One more thing i had done a mistake in last epi Its SIYA KAPOOR instead chinki so sorry for that mistakes babes




Epi start with kunj going upstair to call Usha and twi just watching his Ohhhh So hot figure 😜 dissappearing and soon he is out of sight As soon as kunj dissappear twi start admiring the house it was such a beautiful house Twinkle feel safe in this house but why..? May be because she know its her house too This the house of her Husband (but he is my husband 😭 i miss him sooo much) as twinkle was busy admiring the house she hear some foot step she look in the direction and saw Usha coming with Kunj with a board smile on her face Twinkle also smile Usha come downstair and hug Twinkle


Twi: How are you Bua…?


Usha: i am good how are you beta


Twi: i am also good but how much she wanna say that she is incomplete with out her LOVE her husband but he toh don’t know anything 😢


Usha: How you come here


Twi: I am here for my studies And….. but her voice is interpurted by voice of hammer she look at direction and saw kunj fixing the drawers of Kitchen Ohhhh.. God he look breath taking his sleeve roll up till his elbow (Hardworking Baby😋)


Usha: where are you staying…?


Twi: in hostel


Usha: stay here Onl… Ding Dong 🔊


Usha: Kunj Look who is at door


kunj: yeah Mom going


Kunj went toward door To open when he open the door there was a boy with Boquet of white roses


Kunj: for whom he said taking the boquet


boy: For Twinkle Taneja


kunj: ok thank you


Kunj come to living room again and guve boquet to twinkle


Kunj: Are you here permanently


Twi: No


Kunj: thn why you gave your boyfriend address of our house


Twi: Whattt…? 😯 i don’t have any boyfriend


Kunj: so why there is written for my love twinkle from your valentine


Twi: i don’t know who sent this


Kunj: is someone behinde you *concern*


twi: its none of your bussiness


Twi: ok bua i am going *no expression*


Usha: but beta you can stay here


twi: no bua i will come next sunday and will have lunch with you


Usha: Promise


Twi: Pinky promise *smiling*


Usha: ok byeee kunj go accompany her till main door


kunj: ok *frustated*


Twi: i have no boyfriend ok 😏


kunj: i never ask about that again thn why are you explaining so much


Twi: Sadu sarna *mumble*


kunj: what you had said


twi: Nothing Byeeeee


Kunj: hmmmmm… *plastering a Smile*



I want her to tell me that she is my wife but she did not and neither i coz i have 0% courage than the thing happened in India was so horriable for me how can that blo*dy bastard Cherry touch whats mine 😠 Yeah she is mine only mine I know i am her husband but i will not tell her till the perfect time come btw Her expression were worth watching 😅 when i said all that about flowers and boyfriend yeah i had sent those all flowera everytime SORRY MERI JAAN but i have to do all that



TWI POV in the car

Ohhhh.. damn these flowers agai  yeah i had received the same flower on the day when i came to know about that i am going to turkey



That night Twinkle was in her room when she feel thirsty she went in the kitchen to get some water whem she reached in kitchen she saw Same boquet of flowers on kitchen counter It had written WELCOME TO TURKEY LOVE ❤


but i never know anyone who the hell is sending me all this i have to found out soon




Soon they reach in hostel twi quickly ran toward room put flowers on study table and change into night dress after changing twi came in room and saw SIYA and ROSY standing with question look

Twi: what….?

Siya: who gave you these flowers…?


Twi: i don’t know


Rosy: Someone had given you flowers and you don’t know.


Twi: yeah coz there is no name written on the card 🙅


Siya: may be its written secretly


twi: if there is written so why can’t we see that


Siya: wait a min ROSY can you give me candle


Rosy: yeah sure


Rosy gave her a candle Thn siya put card on flame and something appear


Siya: look something written its ARP


twi: who is ARP


Rosy: i think he is the mafia leader Abdul Rehman Pasha


Twi: f*** why he is behind me


Rosy: i am just saying may be i am wrong


Siya: yeah we have to fine out but first sleep its our first day at uni tommorow


Twi: ok Good night 😘


And they sleep but twi is just thinking about all the happenings





Such a confusing one right 😅 but its story i can’t do anything

Kunj said he sent tge flowers but it has written ARP who exactly send them…?

What twi gonna do now….?

Btw possessive kunj 😋😉

Love you all



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