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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (94) (Trouble)

At 8’o clock..

Twinkle was sitting in the car covering her face with mask hiddeen in the bushes do that no on can see that a car is standing ther..

Aman n kunj were also covering their faces n are waiting for luthra hidden somewhere..

Exactly after 5 minutes luthra arrived.. n seeing no one there.. he shoted..

Luthra- koi hai.. anybody her… see i came here.. all alone..

Kunj- ohh.. mr. tuthra… welcome welcome.. but i dont think u wanna deal with us about ur proves.. see u r whole 5 minutes late..

Luthra- (sweating) vo.. vo .. i mean.. traffic.. yeah due to traffic.. i got late..

Aman- oh my god.. such a silly execuse.. even nursery students can give better execuse then this.. (he chukkled)

Luthra felt embarrased..

Kunj showed his eyes to stop his nonsense..

and he stopped immediatley..

Kinj- so yeh.. where i was.. to the proves right..

Luthra- what.. what do u want from me.. in ..in exchange to shutting ur mouth..

Kunj- i think u r not in condition to ask something like this as i have all the lead in my hand…

Luthra-  vo i.. i was just asking.. (stammering)

Their talks were going on..


Other side: In amritsar

Manohar was in 24/7 guidance of doctor n a nurse to take care of him untill kunj os not here..

HE showed some improvement from the time he came to know taht kunj is going to bring back his wife n dil.. may be due to happiness to get his family back..’

But this time suddenly he felt something bothering inside him.. doctors were noticing his every action.. and after a few seconds he started breathing heavily.. doctor n the nurse were trying every possible thing to make him calm n relax but he was as if he sensed some thing dangerous..

Doc gave him injection so that eh could relax for a bit.. n he immediately fell unconscious due to the effect of medicines but before being fully unconscious.. he moved his hands properly which both doc n nurse failed to notice..


Outside xyz building:

Twinkle was hiding in the car when she noticed some movement outside n saw a few people standing their and talking something about attacking.. she got nervous n got down from car n started going towards them (hiding ) so as to listen what they were talking..

As soon as she reached their.. she listend that they were talking about luthra and were palnning to barge inside with guns to kill those ppl who was inside him.. and was just waiting for the order from their boss.. fear gripped her heart listening to them.. she became suddenly tensed and started going back to car when rustling of bushes reached their ears and they became alert..

She somehow hide from them but went in some other direction (other than where the car was standing) so that even if they would follow her.. they wont come to know about the car n the people inside..

After searching for a few minutes.. they cocluded that its jungle area so may be some animal would be there..

She started going towards the direction the that abandned house in which kunj n aman along with luthra was present..

After 10 minutes or so.. by hiding here n there n without creating any noise.. she reached the back window of the place.. n checked inside to see whether everything is ok or not..

What she saw in there made her so shocked that for a fe moments she stood numb..’

Luthra was standing ther n was laughuing evilly n kunj n aman were fighting with those goons who were present outside.. she became shocked n tried to go inside .. thats when kunj saw her struggling to come inside n signed her not to do so.. seeing kunj’s face reaction.. luthra saw where kunj was signalling but at the exact moment twinkle bent down n he could nnot see anything there..’

Thats when kunj’s concentration loosened n two goons held kunj in his grip n tied him to the pole.. other ghoons were lying there injured due to fighting n all.. aman too was injured n was tied to pole..

Luthra- ha ha ha.. wht u thought.. mr. Kunj sarna that u will blackmail me n i wont do anything to u.. or even worse i will keep quiet n will listen to ur orders..

Kunj frowned hearing him..

Luthra- i toh came to know about u the moment u called me to meet u here.. i was just terrified to see that u have these much proves against me.. but now what will u do,.. i will kill u here n would burn this place.. no one would lknow what happened here.. along with u , ur proves will be shattered here only.. what u thought that if i m not doing anything from last yr doesnt mean i forgot my son death.. i was just quiet so that all the matter will be forgotten about raghav n ur bhai’s death.. i was just waiting for the right time to destroy u.. but see.. u yourself gave me this opportunity by inviting me here.. (ha ha ha…)

Meanwhile.. when he was blabbering soo much on kunj’s face.. swara somehow enterd the place n united aman’s hands who was tied close to the back side window only.. after a minute or two.. aman overcome the dizziness n gathered some strength.. n asked twinkle to stay behind this pillar only to which she complied n he headed towards where the other goons were standing.. n somehow dragged both of them from there…

Now only luthra was remaining with kjnj tied half injured n twinkle hiding behind piullar n aman dragging those goons away…

Screen freeses…

hope u enjoyed it.. i think this will end soon now.. plz do like n comment if u liked the story..thank you.. bbyee.. see you soon..

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