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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhabho gives Kanak 2 days for her answer

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uma is shocked knowing Akshay is Kanak’s fiance. Kanak tells Uma to stop worrying about her, Akshay is there for that. Uma says he thought a goon was troubling her. She says she was waiting for him and she was upset because he got late. That matter was between them, why he had to interfere in it. She apologizes to Akshay. Akshay says he needs to apologize for being late. Kanak says she has already forgiven him, she won’t let their date spoil. Uma looks on. Meera is happy. Kanak tells Uma that he tried best to spoil her date, but she has learned to take care of things now. She asks him not to interfere in her matters and leaves with Akshay. While leaving, Kanak looks at Uma from car’s mirror.

Akshay gets team for him and Kanak. He asks her why she looks sad. Just

while ago she was acting like a queen. Yesterday she said she wants to move on and today her mood changed just by seeing Uma. She says she is not upset seeing Uma’s sad face, she is upset because he got beaten up today because of her. She then asks him why he gets so insecure. He says she is one piece, he won’t be able to find anyone else like her. She agrees and laughs. They drink tea.

Meera is fumed as Kanak lied to her about her alliance. Adiya provokes her more. She says there is only one solution, they must get Kanak and Akshay married soon.

Kanak is at home. She is sneezing. Bhabho brings hot milk for her and scolds her. She says it was Akshay who wanted to go for long drive. Bhabho says she will take his class. Akshay comes to her house. He asks Bhabho if he can stay in her house for today. Kanak says no. They both joke with each other. Kanak asks what happened to his hotel room. He says he used his wet phone charger and there was short-circuit so they threw him out. Bhabho asks Kanak to give him towel. Kanak takes him to his room. Bhabho is happy seeing them together.

Later, Kanak says she has taken decision to move on, why she still can’t stop thinking about Uma. Other hand, Uma also wonders same. He wanted her to move on, but for some reason he’s not convinced. Meera says why she feels both are still close. She tried so much to win Uma, but he keeps going further away.

Next morning, Bhabho sees Meera scolding Aditya that Akshay is Arpita’s brother. If Kanak gets married to him, then she will get double power which she can’t let happen. She will do anything to stop the marriage. Bhabho says she won’t let Meera destroy Kanak’s life again. She will get Kanak and Akshay married soon. After Bhabho leaves, Meera and Aditya smile. Aditya tells her that she said right that Kanak will have more power after marriage. Meera says her business is huge, no one can do anything. For now, her priority is to separate Uma and Kanak.

Akshay and Kanak have nok-jok. Kanak says she still hasn’t said yes for marriage. He says she hasn’t said no either. Bhabho tells Akshay to rest. Later, she asks Kanak she likes Akshay, right? how much time she needs to say yes for Akshay. Kanak asks her to give her some time. Bhabho gives her 2 days time. Kanak says fine, she will give her answer in 2 days. Akshay gets happy hearing that. Bhabho is also happy.

Uma also comes to know about that from Sumar and Masa’s conversation. He says he will have to find out whether Kanak really wants to marry or she’s marrying in pressure. He hears some noise and goes outside. Meera says she saw a shadow. He looks around and sees someone hiding. He picks up a stick. Akshay comes out and says not to beat him. Uma asks what he’s doing there.

Precap: Uma sees Kanak and Akshay drinking coconut water from same coconut. He wonders why he feels something is not right.

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