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from today I will write there dialogues in Hindi)
Gadika says arya..

Bamni: aakhir kya mila aapko yeh sab karke
hamse hamaari patni door ho gyi aur putr uski mrtyu to svayam hamare haathon se hi hogyi

Kanishq pleads falling in his feet: mujge maaf kar dijiye pita shri maharaj mene puru ko dekha to mujhe laga ki usne mujh par prahaar kiya

Bamni makes him stand: yeh tumhari galti naa hoke bhi tumhaari galti hai
Aap dono ab yahaan se jaa sakte hain

They leave sobbing

Next day the whole dasyu lok is being decorated for puru and Laachi’s wedding
Laachi look very beautiful in a nice saree of brown colour with other clothings being of green colour
Laachi thinks: aaj main sadev ke liye puru ki ho jaungi

Dasyu rani and raja come and stand behind laachi but she is lot in her in thoughts

Dasyu rani :LAACHI (laachi comes to reality) kahan kho gayi ho tum aur ye kya tumne ek bhi gehna nahin pehna kam se kam chudiyan to pehen lo
Laachi: maa sirf chudiyan kyun main to aaj pure solah sringaar karungi
Anusuya : haan aaj to mujhe meri bahu pure solah sringar mein chahiye
Laachi feels shy

Anusuya to dasyu rani : main to yeh soch rahi hun ki laachi ko itna sundar dekh ke puru ka kya hoga

Laachi blushes heavily

On the other hand puru is getting ready he is waring a green dhoti with upper dress made of shiny and fine brown cloth. He is looking handsome and hot as hell 😍😘
They complete several rituals separately and are not allowed to meet

At the night time
The marriage rituals are going to start every one is happy and managing everything about puru and Laachi’s wedding

Puru comes along with hasti and sumer on either side of him. He sits on the place under mandap and looks around for laachi. Anusuya whispers to him: tumhaari hone waali dulhan aane hi waali hai thoda intezaar karo is tarah har or dekhoge to sab kya sochenge ki tum thoda sa bhi intezaar nahin kar sakte
Suddenly laachi comes wearing a saree with wearing ornaments of solah sringaar
Puru is mesmerized by seeing her and thinks:- maine to kabhi socha bhi na tha ke mujhe itni sundar patni milegi
Laachi comes and and sits besides puru who is staring her madly falling in love with her each second
Rituals start
Puru and laachi do all the rituals while is continuously looking at her
The marriage gets completed

Thay reach to take blessings from elders
Dasyu rani weeps:- kal tak jo ladki apna svayam khyal nahin rakh paati thi aaj vo kisi ki patni hai sahi kehte hain bachhe kab bade ho jaate hain pata bhi nahin chalta
She hugs laachi and they both cry
After one or two more rituals laachi is send to puru’s house where she sits quietly thinking:- aaj ke baad mujhe mere puru se koi door nahin kar sakta pata nahin aaj kya hoga
And blushes
While on the other side puru is walking towards his house when hasti and sumer come in between and say
Sumer:- are are kahan chal diye
Hasti :- are tujhe nahin pata mere bhai ki abhi abhi toh shaadi hui hai to woh kahan jayega apni patni ke paas hi toh jayega naa
Puru blushes
Sumer:- dekho patni sunte hi bechaara kese sharmaa raha hai
Anusuya comes and stands behind hasti and sumer and pulls their ears:- kyun sataa rahe ho use ab bechaara apni patni ke paas bhi naa jaaye and drags them to other side while winking at puru
Puru blushes more heavily. He reaches his home and enters his room to see laachi sitting on his bed quietly
He comes near her sits beside her loking at her smiling
She feels shy and turns her face to other side
Puru lies down and keeps his head in her lap and kisses her hand and says:- laachi mere sar mein bahut tez dard ho raha hai
Laachi caresses his face and massages it
Puru sits erect on bed and grabs laachi and lifts her in his arms and keeps her in his lap
Laachi says:- kya kar rahe ho puru
Puru :- prem prem karta hun tumse laachi aur aaj mein vo prem darshaana chaahta hun
Laachi looks deep in his eyes and finds herself and nods in yes
Puru pulls her closer and closer and nibbles around her neck and places moist kisses while she grabs him tightly and pulls him closer. He lays her down on bed and comes above her and slowly presses his lips against hers
She begins to move her lips following him and gently removes his upper outfit while he unwraps her saree. They lose each other in the passion of love for each other and show their love for each other and make love.

In midnight
Puru is sleeping while laachi is laying on him looking at him with deep eyes and a warm smile
Puru:-(eyes closed) kab tak aese nihaarti rahogi
Laachi:- zindagi bhar
They hug each other and fall asleep


Heys guys this is the episode you all must be waiting for abd also I made this episode slightly longer

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