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The dream I dreamt – A Swasan short story by despacito part-2

Precap- swasan meet. Sanskar hold swara hand. Swara blushes.

Lets start
Swara run & sit in her class. She sarted to thinking about sanskar.
At swara home
Sharmi(swara ma)- Swara bring a dahi from ravi uncles shop.
Swara- ok ma.
Swara went to ravis shop for bringing dahi.
At ravi shop
Swara- Kaka give me a packet of dahi.
Ravi- Ok beta wait for a sec.
Swara is standing and waiting for ravi suddenly sanskar come there. Sanskar sees her & asked
– hi. Where is ravi uncle?
Swara- he is inside.
They chitchating lite talks then ravi come with dahi.
Ravi- Beti your dahi. Beta apko kya chahiye?(to sanskar)
Sanskar- One mmm no two amul cool.
Ravi- ok.
Swara- kaka 20 rupees.
She gives money & attempt to left. Seeing her sanskar said
– Swara wait na please take a amul cool.
Swara- No no im going.
Sanskar- Plzz na swara just for me plzz plzz.
Swara- ok.
After drinking dahi both left to their respective place.
Swara room
Swara(monologe)- hey bhagwan i dont know what is happening with me. When i see him something something starts in my heart. His talk,smile, walk omg how handsome he is!!! Stop swara stop what are you thinking its just a affection. Ok stop it.
Suddenly swaras mother called her. Her thoughts chain breaks.

Next day
In street
Swara is coming from her by bycycle. Suddenly rains start falling with full force. Her smile crept in her face. She stands her cycle near a shop. And put the bag in shop and start to drenching. She is enjoying rain suddenly a bike come and split mud in her dress. Swara gets angry and shouts
– Who the hell you are?
The man stops the bike. And climb down and take of his helmet& he reveals sanskar.
Sanskar- Arre swara im sorry. By the why are you drenching in rain?
Swara- You sanskar. I love rain.
Sanskar- But you should got cold.
Swara dont hear him and she opens her hair and starts enjoying rain.
Sanskar become mesmerised by her beauty he loose his control on himself. He go forward her pull her by her waist. She lands in his chest. He fall in her eyes. Slowly he put his lips in her lips. They both lost in their kiss. After sometimes they break kiss. Swaras eyes got teary she runs from there leaving a guiltfull sanskar.
Swara come home and run to her room.
Swara(monologe)- what did i do? I kissed with sanskar. Omg my dream comes true. I always wants to kiss a half known person in rain. Omg omg omg. Uuuu im so happy.
Here sanskar in feeling guilt.
Sanskar(monologe)- what did i do? What swara will think? I have to apolige. Ok but how will i? I have to go her house.
Swaras house
Sanskar come to swaras house and knock the door. Swaras mother open it.
Sharmi- Who are you?
Sanskar.- Aunty im sanskar. Swara is in house?
Sharmi- Yes you come. Swara swara someone come to meet you.
Swara- Kaun ma?
Looking at sanskar she become surprised.
Swara- Sanskar you!!!!
Sanskar- Oh swara i want to talk you. May i?
Swara- Hmm yeah come with me.
They went to swaras room left a csnfusing sharmi outside.

Recap- love in the air

Hey im ending this chapter here. Thanx for comment on previous part. But for your kind info this part is not my dream. And sandymsdian specially thanx to you dear. But dear your guess in vk gone wrong. Its my crush. By the way thanx and lots of love to you.
And thanx to you all also for like dislike and comment.
With love

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