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Swasan – Fallen love with robber (part-1)

Inside plane
Many people where tide  and some men having gun is roaming by looking it’s seems like terrerist have hijacked the plane which is flying 20000 above the land
A boy among the passenger
Boy-waha here is came to arrest international robber and caught by terrerist
Girl-so sanskar maheshwari fears also
Sanskar – Swara ….leave it up always say na u are madari …now what happen became monkey
Swara- in absence of master when monkey show some dare that doesn’t mean he can win his master
Sanskar -ur dialogue
Swara-its show time
Swara just slightly push her boot from toe a knife comes out she cut her rope and from something she break one light by seeing it a terrerist comes she show her boot towards him his gun comes and stick to her boot she shoot him by sound rest terrerist come she kill them with giving time to think. .this all happened in seconds no one get the chance to react
Swara comes to sanskar ..and realised him
Swara -its always upto madari. .what he want whether to part of game or game changer…..17th June I am going to rob the biggest bank of world if u can catch me ..catch otherwise on 18th june if you want also u can’t explain to anyone ..
She run and open door and jump down sanskar comes towards the gate and see Swara flying down with parachute
Sanskar –Madari

In mm (paris)
Ragini -are you trying to say that girl jump from 20000 ft and u could don’t anything
Sanskar -Ragini i told u the plane was hijacked
Ragini -i think ur love is making u week or u yourself
Sanskar -ragiiiiiniiiiii
Ragini shiver
Sanskar -before point me look at yourself. ..what you did ..u let laksh simply run away
Ragini -laksh is my husband
Sanskar -not is he was ….know he is only a cold blooded murderer  ….who killed your and my dad
Ragini -hmmmm u are right. Our partners only used us
Sanskar -not mine ..she never said me she love me
Ragini wipes her tears
Ragini -what you think do they are together .or Swara is working for laksh
Sanskar -no (rags try to intrupt )listen to me ..Laksh has the motive he wants to  take revenge for his family murder
And Swara she is free  bird she is a robber without any motive and lots of  target …she is mysterious she do anything  for money but never run behind money don’t have any value but never hurt any value
Ragini -a brilliant robber or magician there is no lock which she can’t break

In night pub
A boy is drink by seeing a photo
Laksh -kavya look i have taken revenge but still that Durga prasad is remaining I will take our revenge
Suddenly he see a girl dancing he keeps kavya photo back and comes towards the girl who is doing crazy steps he holds her hand and takes her to a corner
Laksh -look Swara I am sorry because of me Police is behind u and that gangster
Laksh -angrily don’t give me that stupid looks I know I used us and lied to u everything
Swara-laksh don’t be silly. one can use me ..and about your so called fake story I knew it’s your cooked up story Mr laksh goenika u wanted to take revenge for your family and your pregnant girlfriend death
Laksh -then why you become fool
Swara -who told you that …I have used to rob Swiss bank
Laksh shocked
Laksh -it means u
Swara-queen of robbers. ..i have transferred some amount to ur account. ..knowingly or unknowingly u help me a lot …. (came close to his ears ) revenge need money too
In Paris
Sanskar room
Sanskar is searching something when a wedding card  falls he smiles  seeing it ……it’s wedding card of sahil and kavita
Sanskar point of view
Today I am smelling by seeing it but yrs ago I got it shake me completely ..i some how got the courage.

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