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Stuck With Her (SwaSan Short Story) Epilogue Part 1 by Marsuu

Stuck With Her (SwaSan Short Story)
Epilogue: Part 1
Recap: leap of 9 months. SwaSan blessed with daughter.

At night:
Shekar went to home while ranveer is with swara in the hospital. Swara is sleeping and baby girl is beside her. The door of the cabin opened slowly and sanskar came inside. He was waiting all the time to be with them but he know swara don’t want to talk to him. Ranveer got up from couch and moved towards him ” you can be here, I’m waiting outside” he said patting his shoulder understanding to give him privacy. ” thanks” sanskar mumble. Ranveer left the room and went outside whereas sanskar moved towards the bed with slow steps. His heart beat enhances as he capture the two important persons of his life. He slowly sat on the chair not to disturb their beauty sleep.

“swara, I’m sorry i know you are not listening to me but please give me one chance. I don’t want to be aw..ay from you and our dau..ghter ” he was stammering and tears were flowing from his eyes. Because of the little noise, baby open her eyes and looked around. She blink her eyelashes and keep on seeing sanskar. Sanskar slowly removed swara’s hand from her chest and picked the baby. He felt immense happiness to hold her for the first time. She start making baby sounds. ” shhh mamma is sleeping ” sanskar whisper kissing her forehead. But it was too late, swara’s sleep is already disturbed and her eyes widen to see sanskar near her bed. He is holding her baby and this made her angry.

” give my baby back” she loudly said sitting on the bed. Sanskar place baby in her lap as he don’t want her to get panick when she is already weak. Swara wrap her arm around baby. Sanskar smile at her possessiveness.
” don’t go to him, he is bad man” swara whisper to the baby making sanskar chuckle at her childish behaviour. ” she is my baby also” sanskar said sitting next to her. Swara slightly shift on bed and replied ” no”. Swara was playing with baby and sanskar was staring her.

” why you left me??” He asked after the silence of couple of minutes. Swara give him a look and said ” because you asked me to leave you” Sanskar was finding words to say to her as she is right. He was the one who shouted and asked her to get lost.
” but you love me so you should be stubborn to live with me as you were to marry me” sanskar gave her a reason. Swara took deep breathe and mumble ” you know i felt so useless and rejected at that time” a lone tear escaped her eye pinching sanskar’s heart. ” I’m sorry i was furious because shekar uncle blackmailed me and i was not knowing you were not aware about it” sanskar tried to explain her. ” it was just a misunderstanding and we could have cleared it” sanskar took her one hand in his.
Swara didn’t said anything and keep on listening to what he was saying.

” give me a chance and please come back” he pleaded squeezing her hand. ” i want to be with you and our baby please” swara was little shocked as his eyes are wet and tears are threatening to fell down. ” but what if you again hurt me??” She asked innocently.
” i will not, i promise and you can give me any punishment” sanskar said. ” i don’t trust you now, you said I’m cheap but i never allowed any boy to touch me though i had many boyfriends for time pass. You were the first whom i trusted but you used me” swara complained as tears were flowing down her cheeks. Sanskar was drowned in guilt. He badly regret for using such words for her. He never intended to but was angry and

absentmindedly blurted everything. ” i didn’t mean it and our baby need both of us so please come back” he requested once again.

Swara remember her last conversation with ranveer ” swara give one chance to sanskar” ranveer told her. ” never ” swara was already annoyed because of his presence in hospital. ” see swara he is regretting and your baby need father also right??” Ranveer tried to explain her. ” i can take care of my baby” swara stubbornly replied. ” it’s just easy to say. You have only your father. He is undoubtedly very good and didn’t let to feel alone but tell me didn’t you anytime felt that you need a mother too??” Ranveer asked. Swara has to accepted that she felt the void of her mother. So honestly she accepted nodding her head. ” a child need both father and mother so for the betterment of your baby you should give one chance to sanskar and he is mature among you both” ranveer said. ” what do you mean I’m not mature??” Swara frowned. ” yeah” ranveer shrugs his shoulder. Swara hit his arm making her laugh. ” think about it” he again said at last leaving swara in thoughts of what to do.

” okay but i have conditions” swara finally said and sanskar felt the happiest man on earth. ” thank you so much” he quickly peck swara’s cheeks. ” first listen to conditions” she strictly said. ” okay okay tell me” he said because he will definitely accept all of them.
He can go to any extend to bring her back in his life. ” i will keep baby’s name” she said keeping her first condition. ” done i don’t mind” sanskar instantly said. ” you will not shout at me even if you are hell angry” she said. ” never i will not repeat my mistake ” he answered. ” and what’s the next condition??” He asked as she didn’t said anything further. ” i have only these” she pouted. ” okay ” sanskar couldn’t help but laugh at her expressions.

” i missed you” sanskar whisper kissing her forehead. ” don’t touch me” swara roll her eyes. Sanskar signed at her behaviour. ” we will directly go to our house so talk to your father” he said getting serious. Swara just nodded as she also didn’t like the idea that shekar blackmailed sanskar to fulfil her wish. ” now take rest” sanskar pick the baby who is already asleep. He place her beside swara and made swara lie on the bed. He himself settled on the chair.

After a week:
Swara got discharged and she came to sanskar’s house. Though shekar protested firstly but agreed at last because he has to leave to USA for his business and swara was alone so sanskar can take care of her.
Sanskar enter inside the room and saw swara playing with her fingers staring helplessly at the baby who was also the same. Sanskar observed them and tried to figure what’s going on. When he was not able to find, he went close to the bed and asked ” what happened??” Swara lifted her head and whisper ” i don’t know how to change diaper and baby is uncomfortable ” swara explained. Sanskar look at her in amusement. He know swara never did it as in hospital nurse used to change and today only they came to the house.

” i can change swara ” sanskar said casually. ” you know??” She asked instantly little surprised as he is man. ” hmm” he nodded and picked the diaper and changed it. Swara examined how he did and thought to do next time herself. ” let’s sleep” sanskar said as they both must be tired. ” i will sleep on couch” sanskar picked the pillow while saying. ” it’s okay you can sleep on other side of the baby if you want” swara said shrugging her shoulder. Sanskar smile and lie on other side of the bed beside baby.
He switched off the lights when they both slept.
To be continued…

Well i was going to give long epilogue but I didn’t have sufficient time to end it so here is half part next one will be last.
And as many readers message me to post my stories, i apologise for not giving updates but now i will give small and regular updates because to write long one’s it take alot of time. Kindly compromise with me.
Thank you
Take care.

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