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Samaina – The blossoming love story (shot 5)

As Naina reached hostel, She was still confused and was struggling to find answers. She was lost in thoughts. Swati’s voice brings her back to senses.

Swati : oiiiii. What are you thinking about so deeply, that you couldn’t even hear my voice.

Naina: nothing Swati. I am just thinking about tomorrow’s class test.

Swati : do I look like a mad to you 😡 why you want to hide from me. I can very well see from your face, that you are thinking about Sameer. Am I right ?

Naina : Swati…. How did you find out.❤

Swati : Because Meri jaaan , I can see it in your eyes. The sadness in your eyes says it all.

Naina : I don’t know what happened their exactly but Sameer was provoked by something. I wanted to know what happened exactly.

Swati : May be you can speak to Sameer na.

Naina : Are you mad. How is it possible to speak to him. He must be angry with me. Moreover he will not come to school naa for next 1 week.

Swati : you have a detective friend with you my jaan , I will help you out. We will find his home.

Naina : Are you kidding ? What shall we say if someone ask how are you related to Sameer ?

Swati : hooiiii hoiiii. Relax . I have made a plan . So you just chill my dear 😉 it’s already late, we will sleep now.


Next day morning , Swati and Naina get ready and are on their way to school from hostel.
The rival gang was seen sitting in the ground and they were talking about the fight happened between rishi and Sameer. Naina stops hearing Sameer’s name.

Naina : Swati wait I have heard them speaking about Sameer.

They hide behind a tree and hear their conversation.

Harish : Hey ! when is rishi coming back to school, without him it’s boring yaar .

Sunil : After 4 days yaar. Sameer will also join naa. I dnt know what will happen . Munna and pandit are already angry on us.

Harish : It’s obvious yaar. But even I didn’t like the way , rishi talked that day. We may be opposite gang , but it’s wrong to talk about her mother.

Sunil : what happened is happened, leave this talk guyzzz.

First bell of the school rings. And they leave to class.

Naina : It means they talked about Sameer’s mother badly and hence Sameer has beaten Rishi.
Swati I have did a big mistake . Poor Sameer , at that moment how bad he could have felt.
I want to meet and apologize to him.

Swati : Now we have to leave for Class Naina. Already first bell rang. We may be late. Come we will meet Sameer after school.


After school gets over, Naina and Swati reach Sameer’s home. Swati has already got Sameer’s address from Munna ❤ (in upcoming chapters we will see how the love develops between Munna and Swati )

Naina : Swati , I am really ashamed to face Sameer . I don’t know how he will react. Will he accept my apology?

Swati : don’t worry Naina surely he is gonna to forgive you. What has happened is just a misunderstanding.

Naina thinks about the past happenings . Tears roll down over her cheeks. Swati tries to calm the broken Naina . At the same time , Sameer comes out of his home. He sees Naina and Swati .

Sameer : Hey , what are you doing here ?

Swati : We came here to meet you Sameer. Naina wants to say sorry to you.

Sameer : Uhhh. It seems your friend is not interested in talking to me. She is quiet for a long time.

Swati : She feels akward to face you Sameer. Naina speak to him naa. Why are you hesitating.

With tears rolling over her cheeks Naina sees Sameer.

Sameer : hey . Chill Naina. Why are you crying. I feel bad. Whoever in your situation could have done the same. So don’t feel guilty.
In fact I should thank you 😉 see because of this I got leave for a week. I can spend time with my naanu ❤ So please don’t cry. It doesn’t matter at all.

Naina : Sameer whatever you say. I feel ashamed of myself. Without knowing anything blindly I spoke. I am really sorry Sameer.

Sameer : uhhhh. Beautiful girls should not cry 😉 so please smile now. So now we are friends naa 💃

Naina : yeah we are ❤❤❤

She forwards her hand ❤ and they both shake hands ❤ not only friendship but it’s the beginning of a beautiful love story too 😍

Precap : Naina gets locked inside the lab …

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