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Rudra singh oberoi – The cute prince .. (chapter-03) Annika hide rudy..

chapter:-03(annika hide rudy)

~oberoi mansion~

Om feel his brother’s missing as his lonely .. rudy is his little brother who him teach goothing when he make funny mistake .. rudy share his problems with om and om give strength to face his problem but shivay solve it.. the two brothers are his life now what will he do without them om heart beats fastly!!!


Om:- where are you rudy???



Flash back..

Om in drug addict problem so shivay decided to send him hospital for recovery and om also accept that after the many affect of shivay.. but rudy is not ready to accept this fact because of his childish mind. He think if om went to the hospital then who will care him like shivay bhaiya.. if he got that arrogant actions when he want drugs then who will control him if them beat him for this… no i will never leave him for this hospitat treatment ….

Rudy hold om’s hand tightly but om think like as usual he did this when they are together…but he never allow him when he about to go…

Om:- rudy. Are u ok!! Please leave my hand..

Rudy:- no bhaiya don’t go anywhere please don’t leave me na!!

All family are shocked because this treatment is important for om’s life …then why him reacting like thing..

Tej:- stop rudy .. leave him …

Rudy:- no dad.. i don’t want him leave. Pls o don’t leave me…

Shivay:-rudy calm .. why are you panic this is just a treatment.  I promise you om will return soon ok

Shivay now his feelings because he also feel the same..

Rudy:- then they don’t beat him na

Om in tear after hearing his words. He feels guilty about make his family helpless ….

Om:- i promise you after few months we will celebrate our obro moment ..

All feel happy after hearing his confidence ..

Shivay hug omru

Shivay:-one for all.. all for one..

After that om never leave his Rudy’s  tight hold ….

Flash back end..

Now om feel the guilty of his brother’s missing.  Shivay try his best .. om also search everywhere but never find him any place …..

The lone tear falls from his eyes….


anikka feels very much sad because rudy is her best buddy and Partner in crime. She never go to the oberoi MANSON after her fight with shivay (that fight will reveal later) but rudy is always connect with her and he don’t know their fight..

Arjun also feel sad because shivay is his best friend now they aren’t talking but still arjun feel oberoi are his family because they don’t kow their fighting …

Arjun:-don’t feel sad annika.. calmdown doll shivay will fix everything right..

Anikka:- yes.  He’ll ….

Suddenly calling bell sound come.. annika open the door and shock..

Arjun:-who is that? ?

Rudy is in before them.. suddenly he hug arjun and cry badly he pat his bac and console him..

He make him sit and annika give some water to himm. Arjun sign annika as don’t ask anything to him and make him freshen up.. and after the some time he make him sleep by medicine .. because arjun know he is in shock so he should need some rest…

After him sleep…

Annika :-annika we should inform this to shivay..

Annika :- but how??

Arjun:-you are the one!

Annika thinks.

Anikka:-ok for rudy and you..

Arjun:-thank you princess

They hug and arjun hug her forehead..

~~~~~oberoi mansion car park~~~~

Shivay in call:-don’t make excuse i want details only.

He in angry that time annika come there ..

Shivay :-you????

Annika :-i want to talk to you.

Shivay :- get out

Annika :-pls listen to me once…

Shivay :-get out i don’t want to here your nonsense ..

Annika :- nonsense .. me…

She gets schok and look at the gold water bucket in the garden area ..she get the water bucket and pour over shivay body..

Shivay get schok his mouth turn as o shap…

Shivay:- what the f**k….

~be continue ….

Precap:-om run after the girl.. “stop stop don’t run”

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