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RagSan – Do Dil Ek Jaan-Part 2

Ragini was on her bed reminiscing her life so far.

She was 4 years old when her loving mother left the world. Depression killed her. But her father wanted Ragini to get motherly love. So he got married to his ex love Sharmishta who gave Shekhar another daughter. Though Sharmishta wasn’t her actual mother, she genuinely loved her. So did Swara. Dadi too accepted them and they were living happily. But when Dida moved in with them, her life changed. Dida always showed differential love to Swara, which secretly made her feel unwanted. That’s why Ragini moved to Mumbai. Coming to Mumbai changed her life. She wasn’t the same shy and reserved girl she was in Kolkata. She excelled at her university graduating as the valedictorian and became more free spirited and got a job. But Dadi fixed her alliance with Laksh. Dadi was one of her emotional pillars after her mother died, so she agreed. Ragini disliked Laksh. Neither did she find him attractive or his behavior. When Laksh decided to break the engagement, Ragini’s heart was jumping with joy. After a long time, she was back with her favorite place in the world. But she had to return home. She was worried about how her family would react after knowing Dida’s truth.

Her reverie was disturbed by Priya.

Priya: Ragini, We have to leave to the airport.

Ragini: Let’s go.

They got a cab and landed at the airport.

Sanskar landed at the airport and walked upto the front. Then he saw Ragini for the first time.

 Then he saw Ragini for the first time

Sanskar’s POV:

Angel. An angel from heaven. I’ve never seen such beauty before.

Ragini recognized Sanskar from the picture she saw in the Maheshwari Mansion.

Ragini: You must be Sanskar.

Sanskar: And you must be an angel.

Ragini: Well I am not one. Sorry. I am Ragini. Ragini Gadodia. Swara’s sister.

Sanskar: Oh, you are Bhabhi’s sister.

Ragini: Yes. We will leave tonight for Kolkata. Till then you can stay at my house.

Sanskar: That’s very kind of you. Thanks.

Ragini: Not a problem. You are my sister’s brother-in-law. This is the least I can do for you.

Priya: Hi I’m Priya, Ragini’s best friend and co-owner of our house.

Sanskar: Hi.

They leave for home.

Sanskar takes a shower and comes out.

Ragini: You are only here for 2 hours. So we will treat you to Mumbai’s highlight THE WORLD’S BIGGEST THALI.

Sanskar: Wow.

They go to Masaledaar By Mini Punjab in Thane.

They go to Masaledaar By Mini Punjab in Thane

Ragini: Surprised?

Sanskar: No.

Ragini: All 3 of us have to eat from this plate. So be prepared to share.

Sanskar: I wouldn’t mind sharing it with you lovely ladies.

They ate fully and both of them left for Kolkata. Sanskar didn’t sleep . He was gazing at the sleeping beauty in front of him. Lots of girls flirted with him, but he never felt the feeling he was feeling now. He was some how connected to her. He didn’t understand this feeling.

He was happy to be returning home. He was doing a good job running the international branches. Laksh never bothered about buisness, he was too spoiled. Durgaprasad preferred Sanskar over Laksh even though he was only his nephew. Sanskar was really close to Annapurna too. Ram was never involved in Sanskar’s life too much while Sanskar never liked Sujatha’s provincial behaviour. She acted very village like: jumping to conclusions and hurting people with their words.

He still vividly remembered Uttara’s wedding a few months back. Sujatha picked up a fight with the groom’s mother because she didn’t like the sari she presented to her. But the wedding went well and Uttara and Siddharth were happily married and settled in Australia. He still loved his mother very much but he wished she changed.

They arrived the next day in the evening. Both of them went home respectively.

At the Maheshwari Mansion

Sujatha: Mhara Chora aa gaya!! ( My son has come !!)

Sanskar took her blessings and came into he house.

He went and took the blessing of all the elders and hugged Laksh and Adarsh.

Annapurna: How was your trip, Sanskar?

Sanskar: Very good Badi Ma. Ragini was good company.

Annapurna: You must be tired. Go and takes some rest.

At the Gadodia house

When Ragini enters Sharmishta rushes to her and hugs her.

Ragini: Ma is everything ok?

Sharmishta: No, nothing is ok. How can you just disappear like that? Do you know how tensed I was?

Ragini: Sorry ma.

Sharmishta: Promise me, you will never leave again like that.

Ragini: Promise.

She goes and hugs Dadi and Shekhar.

Swara comes in and they both hug.

Swara: I missed you Ragini.

Ragini: I missed you too Swara.


Precap: Laksh: Ragini is so old fashioned. Can she even talk english?

At the Mehendi function, Laksh is shocked seeing Ragini speak fluent English.

Romantic moments between RagSan.

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