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Raglak short story: Misunderstandings (Part 1)

My home land received me by the polluted air and noisy sound of vehicles. There was a time I felt only the fresh air even in the midst of this polluted atmosphere. There was a time I heard only birds chirping. But not anymore! This land, my homeland, Kolkata, held many memories which I had ‘loved’ once. But not anymore! They were beautiful yet painful. They made my heart flutter once, but not anymore! Now they just break my heart into many fragments.
I was taking my long strides towards my car where my driver was waiting for me. I was tried to stop by a girl who started saying “If you don’t mind…” but I just cut off her by my 3 words “I do mind!” not even looking at her face, I just reached my car while I was about to sit I heard someone muttering “That’s rude!” But I don’t care. Not anymore! With that I closed my door and signed driver to start the car. I was once called as ‘the innocent and caring person’. But not anymore! I am now cold hearted, arrogant and rude person to everyone. But I don’t care.
My life turned upside down just by her…because of her… She is the one who made this alter ego to come out. She is the reason for the life I am living at present.
I took out the paper which was once weakness but now strength for me.
My name was written beautifully by the angel I am going to destroy now!
I am sorry! I am so tired of this! I can’t do this! I can’t fight anymore! Forget me and move on Laksh!
Your would be ex,

That’s it! Just by these 5 lines, my life ended. The future I dreamt was shattered in front of my eyes. She gave me up so easily! Is this called as love? She had ever loved me? NO! NOT AT ALL! She just used me. She used the real me and left me after her work is done. I was too innocent, naïve, dumb, idiot, stupid or what not to realize that I was used by her.
But darling! I am not that Laksh anymore. I am Laksh Maheshwari who built his business by hard work spending many sleepless nights and got positioned himself in the top most business man in India! I am gonna to take revenge, a dreadful revenge on you my love. You are going to beg me for death, but I won’t give it to you, because you are my love and I don’t have the heart to see you dead but I have a heart to see you suffer. Call me heartless man, cold hearted, selfish, psychopath, arrogant, aggressive and so on. But the pain I had undergone…the words can’t explain them.
Ready to face me Ragini! Here comes your dark angel.
With that I closed that letter and kept safely in the pocket near my chest so that I would be reminded every second the reason I am breathing now. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to dry my unshed tears. Little did I know that they had already rolled down my cheek!
Laksh! What do you think about him?
Ragini! What do you think about her?
Ragini will be introduced in next part and will give you all a pleasant surprise. So how is this part? Keep smiling! Bye!

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