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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 11)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti.

Episode 11:

Ayesha tells preeti about Herry ‘s proposal.

Ayesha: preeti plz talk to dad and grandpa about this. i… i realy like him. He is good choice for me. please.

Preeti: ok..ok..don ‘t worry i ‘ll talk. gud night.

In morning…

Everybody take breakfast. Preeti takes her call and going towards forest.

Dad: how ‘s your working?

preeti: we are not start yet dad. but very soon. i talk to you something.

Then she tells him all about Ayesha and Herry. At the end she smiles.

Kavya: come on guys its late we go for dehli soon. lets go.

Rohit: Ayesha , preeti your bags?

Ritik: i set it in car.

Rohit: ok lets go.

Journey starts. They reach hotel. Ayesha asks her about that. preeti smiles and gives positive reaction.
Ayesha becomes happy. preeti tells him that grandpaa and dad will come after week.

They reach in Resturant for lunch.

Preeti: I think there is Mazar right?

Kavya: yes after lunch we ‘ll go there.

Preeti: great.

They reach hotal change their clothes. kavya wears long frock , Ayesha wears “Dhoti shalwar like panjabi kurri” Herry is very happy to see her like this. Rohit wears shalwar kameez.

kavya: where is preeti?

Ayesha: actually…she may be late. we left one car for her. she is attending some phone call.

Herry: ok…lets go.

They left. then they reach at Mazar. Rohit buys chunri and flowers. Ayesha buys sweets and more. Then they go for rituals.

here preeti reached. “piyaa mile gay” song plays in background. During the song preeti buys some flowers. She touches the zameen of mazar and kisses with hands. Then Rohit goes up to grave with chunri. Air blows and Chunri fly from his hands. Here preeti is also goes up to grave and chunri fell on her. She slips and fell on stairs. Rohit sees and runs to pick his chunri She stands and Rohit sees that his chunri is on the head of his love preeti. song continously plays. they look each other continously with so much passion. its marvellous scene when some men comes with a big chaddar and they pass through them. but they are standing under this chaddar looking to each other like the world is stop for them. Then Preeti remove chunri from her head and give it to Rohit. One woman comes and says to preeti ” ab yeah chunri sirf tmhari hai.” and she leaves. Rohit sees her she looks beautiful in double white frock and curly long hairs.

Rohit: come there is mazar.

Preeti: yes…yes.. lets go.

Ayesha: here you come. your work is done.

Ritik says to kavya: she looks adorable. lovely jodi.

Kavya: what jodi?

Ritik: i m joking darling.

Kavya: shut up.

scene ends.

They reach hotal.

Preeti: I think kavya. we enjoy a lot. Thank you.but its enough now we should go home now. there is so much work to do.

Kavya: ok…but i want to ask something to you..

Preeti: yes plz.

Kavya: you are…like my sister. and i mean it. I want one sis till my childhood. but my wish is never granted but when you comei realise some thing more so….”tum mjhe chorr kar tw ni jao gi na??”

Preeti: (hugs , her eyes are full of tears) no… i never leave you.

scene ends.

Next evening they reach home. Rohit and preeti think about that woman. Rohit is very happy. he thinks that preeti is only his. preeti thinks that woman wass fooling her.
after week ayesha dad and grandpa comes.

Preeti: grandpaa!

Grandpaa: preeti…how are you my child.

Preeti: I m fine.

Dad: where is Herry.

Badepapa: whats the matter?

dad: we come here to fix the marriage date of Yesha and Herry if mr. shergill is agreed.

Badi maa: good news. i ‘ll call them.

Shergill herry come and they fix the marriage date of Ayesha and Herry.

Ritik: “yeah shadi ni hogi”.

everyone shocked.

Ayesha: why??

Ritik: “sath me meri bhi hogi”.

every one laughs. Then neeti asks him about that girl.

Ritik: I loves preeti and i want to marry her.

Rohit and preeti is shocked. looking to each other. kavya gets happy.

will preeti agrees to marry him?

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