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Prithvi Vallabh 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi proposes friendship towards Manyakheta, Mrinal declines

Prithvi Vallabh 7th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pradhan tells Tailap that Mrinal is accused of killing Malwa king Singhdant. Tailap says Akka is successful in her mission, Singhdant is dead. Pradhan says yes. Tailap says where is she and tells that entire Malwa must be her enemy. He asks where is she and asks Pradhan to search her. Pradhan tells that the kings who were supporting them refused to fight war with Prithvi, as they thought it is not right in this weak moment. Tailap asks him to search Mrinal.

Kalari comes to Rajmata and apologizes to her for not being about to save Maharaj. Rajmata asks him not to be apologetic and tells that her own son had killed his father and put blame on devoted son. Prithvi comes to meet tailap. Tailap asks where is my sister? Prithvi says she is resting in Palace. Tailap is surprised and says he don’t

expect this from enemy. Prithvi says Mrinal haven’t killed my father, but someone else. He says he wants to end hatred between them. Tailap says how to believe you.

Prithvi tells that if he doesn’t want to do then wouldn’t have come here alone without any weapons. He tells that he wants to extend friendship hand. Tailap tells that they are having enmity with Malwa and his heart tells him they are staying with the pain of losing since day day. Prithvi says even I lost my father. He presents friendship and peace infront of him. A messenger informs Jakala that Kosha is pregnant and her Mausi told this. Jakala cries and tells Lakshmi. She says she can’t kill Kosha now.

Mrinal recalls Sindhu insulting her and wakes up. Tailap tells her that she is safe. Mrinal asks if she is in Manyakheta. Tailap says they are in Malwa and tells that they were brought there with fill respect and tells about Prithvi’s conspiracy and tells Tailap that he is trapped by him. Tailap asks her to end the enmity for now. Mrinal refuses and says enmity and hatred will end after her death. Tailap is tensed.

Prithvi comes to Tailap and Mrinal and greet them. He asks them to give him a chance for friend ship. Mrinal tells him, you betrayed me becoming rajkumar and daku, and says your brother has crossed all limits and now you are apologizing to me. She asks him to go. Tailap holds Mrinal and asks her to calm down. Prithvi says I can understand your pain, Mrinal pushes Tailap and slaps Prithvi. She says there is a difference between bearing pain and understanding it.
Amrusha comes to meet Mrinal and calls her name. mrinal stops.

Amrusha says I made friendship with you and respect it, but it seems you have forgotten my friendship and asks did you forget the moments spent with Prithvi. Mrinal says enmity have scattered the roots of friendship, you have to get experienced. Amrusha says she believes that friendship can lighten the hatred. Mrinal says until she is alive, this will not happen. Prithvi and Mrinal looks at each other. Mrinal goes to Manyakheta with Tailap, Sulochana and others. Prithvi sits sad. Amrusha comes to him and you have responsibility of Malwa. Prithvi says I am tired from within and feeling lost. Amrusha asks him to handle himself and says you have to end enmity from mrinal. She says she has seen love in her eyes and asks Prithvi to let her go.

Tailap’s son Satyashrah comes home. Jakala tells him that she is very happy to meet him. Guru Aditya blesses him. Jakala introduces Vilas to him and says she will be your would be wife. Satyashrah says he is happy to meet her. Lakshmi asks Vilas to feed him sweets. Satyashrah holds her hand and asks her to meet him in might. Jakala says your room is ready. Kalari tells prithvi about neighboring king extending friendship hand and tells that he said that he came in Maha kay’stalks. Prithvi says we shall give him a chance. Sindhu punishes himself with hunter. Prithvi stops him. Sindhu says he is punishing himself as you haven’t punished me, says Singhdant wanted peace and friendship between Manyakheta and Malwa, but I have increased the enmity. He asks Prithvi to resolve the enmity and become friends with Manyakheta. Prithvi feels helpless and asks him to forgive himself.

Vilas comes to meet Satyashrah. Satyashrah comes and looks at Vilas. Vilas gets tensed and senses his bad behavior. He touches her sensually. She tells him that she needs to go. Satyashrah asks her to go and asks why he is feeling that she is scared from him. Vilas says it is not. Satyashrah holds her hand and keeps leech on her hand. Vilas shouts. Satyashrah keeps hand on her mouth and asks her to let leech drink blood and go. Vilas is shocked.

Satyashrah tells that he don’t like her tears and removes the leech from her hand. He says he was taking her test to check if she is brave, and asks her not to get scared next time.
Mrinal is angry with Tailap and asks him to go. Tailap asks her to kill him and says you don’t have anything to do with anyone.. Mrinal takes sword and keeps on his neck. Sulochana says Tailap Raj is samrat and heir of the kul. Mrinal says he has agreed for friendship where I was insulted. She tells that everyone of Malwa have to pay for her revenge.

Mrinal cries badly. Tailap tells Jakala that Sindhu has scratched the wounds. Later Sindhu stabs himself. Prithvi cries and shouts for help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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