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Nimki Mukhiya 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki’s inlaws leave her in house

Nimki Mukhiya 7th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tunee comes to Ram’s house and says to Dumri that you are always here. Tunee says I have brought chicken. He gives it to Mauha. Mauha asks Ram to bring veggies. Dumri says tomatoes are expansive. Ram says tomatoes are expansive. Ram says Mauha likes them so I will bring it. Mono calls Nimki. Nimki tells that she is going to Patna. Mauha takes call and asks why she is going to Patna? Nimki says my father is invited in a function so all are going to Patna, I am their daughter in law so I am going too, I am flying in air. She ends call. Tunee says they will not take Nimki with them. Mauha says why they will not take her? she is their daughter in law.

Dublo meets Ratan with his goons. Dublo gets tensed seeing his goons. One goon says you took so much money and havent paid your

debt for 6 months, you have to give money to us today otherwise we will kill you. Dublo says I am going to Patna today, I will give it tomorrow. Goon says we wont let you go. Dublo says whole house is going to Patna tonight so no one will be in palace, there are lakhs in Tettar’s safe, rob it, steal it, his room is on first floor, give half money to me. Goon says no we will take 70%, Dublo says okay and tells them place of tettar’s room in house.

Nimki is selecting dresses to go to Patna. Rekha selects her and sees Nimki’s saree, she doesnt like her saree and changes it.
Nimki gets ready.
Dayya brings grocery to house, Diamond says we have brought diesel to go. Tettar says we have to leave for Patna, lets go. Rekha comes there and says Dublo is out for business. Babbu says we can wait for him. Dublo comes there and says lets go. Sweety says lets put our jewelry in bags, we will get ready after reaching there. Nimki comes there dressed and says how I am looking? Ritu says pretty. Mai says where are you going? Nimki says I know I am pretty, I will raise standard of this family, you all are looking good, she takes selfie. Mai asks her to go to her room. Nimki says I am going to Patna with you all. Tettar says Babbu didnt tell you? Ritu says Grandma is ill, someone has to stay back to take care of her, Rekha cant do it so Babbu said that you can stay here and take care of her. Nimki blushes and says Babbu respects me, I dont like it that I am not going but its good, you all go and enjoy, wish birthday to Kishan, I will take care of Grandma. All leave. Dublo is tensed as Nimki waves at them. Tettar stumbles but Babbu holds him. Dayya says paint work is going on in house. Dublo thinks that if workers come then robbery cant happen. Dublo says send workers khome after 5PM. Mai is about to sit in car but ladder is about to fall on her but Babbu holds ladder and saves her. Babbu shouts to remove ladder. Dublo says keep this ladder here, it will help them, I mean lets go. Mai asks Dayya to take care of house, she asks servant to take care of Grandma and dont let Nimki come in house. All family members leave.

Abhi comes home and sees Aunt trying to make Elena eat. Aunt says to Abhi that Elena is doing drama and not eating. Elena says I am miffed, Nimki has changed, she canceled lunch. Abhi says we can go out, she has to go to Patna. Elena says she could have stayed back. Aunt says she has to live as per her inlaws. Elena says why she cant live as per her own in inlaws. Abhi says you will live on your own and Nimki will live as per her will too.

PRECAP- Nimki dances infront of Grandma. Grandma starts dancing too, she comes to Nimki and holds her hand. They both twirl around and dances. Grandma smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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