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Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 86

Episode 86. ❤️♥️😎

Episode started.:

After shopping and so much fun they going to home come out of the mall. Kunj and Twinkle along with their both kids they all went in the car and left for Sarna Mansion whole day they had great fun. Sending gala time together. Soon they reached Sarna Mansion.Maya just thinking why not Aayat and Ansh not come back from school. She just roaming here and there in hall. Just than twinj with kids they entered in hall entireness. Kunj and twinkle holding shopping bags in their hands. Maya turned and her eyes went on them see too.They were coming towards her. Maya see shopping bags in twinkle and Kunj hands and making nonsense faces.Twinkle see maya and, but she didn’t give her look. Aayat see maya.
Aayat: mamma see I buy so many things.
Kunj: haa bhabhi. Twinkle show to bhabhi. While twinkle didn’t give interest.She just ignored her and Kunj questions too.
Maya: yeah kunj.
Twinkle: I’ll come you people can see itself. Come ansh. Twinkle hold his hands take him upstairs with herself while Aayat to run behind them. Kunj see them.
Kunj: bhabhi you can itself.
Maya: no kunj I’ll see later. Maya went in her room in anger while Kunj took the bags and went upstairs in his room.


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Twinkle taking out Ansh ans Aayat clothes. From wardrobe. She took and went towards bed where Ansh and Aayat standing on the bed. Just than Kunj entered in room. He kept the all shopping bags aside and sit on the bed.
Twinkle:come ansh I’ll change your uniforms. Twinkle taking Ansh clothes while he stops her.
Ansh: mamma wait.
Twinkle: why??
Ansh: tell Aayat to closed her eyes.Kunj smiling on this. Aayat giving him look.
Aayat: ohello listen carefully I’m not interested in you and you nagu.😝.
Ansh: great. Turned your face. Aayat bend her face at him and turned her face to other-side.
Ansh: mamma do fast.
Twinkle: okay baba. Bete ko itni sharam aati hai but baap shameless her murmured but Kunj Listen this.
Kunj: what did you say.?
Twinkle: nothing made Ansh west his clothes fast. While Aayat asking them she turned back her face or not.
Ansh: ha. You can see my abs😂😂. Aayat tuned and look at on his stomach.
Aayat: abs very lame cry baby😝😝.
Twinkle: ansh go and closed your shirt buttons to Papa.And you Aayat come.
Ansh went near kunj. Kunj sit and closing his shirt buttons while twinkle change Aayat dress.And open her hairs too.
Aayat: don’t make my pony now.
Twinkle: ?? It’s good for your hairs. Whole day playing with hairs. While twinkle didn’t listen to her make her sit on the bed, and she too.While ansh laying on kunj chest. Twinkle take oil bottle.
Aayat: don’t apply oil on my hairs I hate it.
Twinkle: shut up. Aayat looking at Kunj.
Aayat: thanks to god you are not my
Mamma if you are than I’m toh gone. Twinkle hands stop while applying oil in hairs.Kunj and twinkle look at each other face.
Aayat: now do fast.
Twinkle: hmm. Twinkle applying oil in hairs and giving her massage 💆. Aayat feel so good. She closed her eyes and fold his legs Enjoying this.
Aayat: so good Twinkle chachi. You have magic in your hands.I always feel good in your lap and now this oil massage too. Don’t know why this feeling not come from my mamma. When I’m with you didn’t need her but when I’m with her I needed you my heart wanted you why?? This question give me headache. Twinkle stop giving her massage and turned her towards herself.
Twinkle: why you think about this haa.
( pain and tension both in her voice) don’t think too much. You know na Aayat when you think and give stress on your mind it gives you problems and health too. Twinkle just speaking continuously.
Aayat: offo I’m fine. Kunj see Ansh sleep on his chest. Kunj make him lay down properly on the bed and pulled Aayat himself.
Kunj: now you tell me Aayat properly. Kunj make her sit on his lap. Kunj cupped her face. Twinkle look at them. Now both Kunj and twinkle was serous.
Kunj: Aayat what happened to you.
Aayat:get confused. What happened to me nothing.
Kunj: acha what your teacher saying us. You didn’t pay attention in your class in other activities too.
Aayat: no I did my class teacher is not good na.Aayat just try to ignore this all questions.While twinkle can see botheration on her face.
Kunj: don’t hide anything tell me frankly.
Aayat: baba I’m okay. Just leave me on myself. She said and just ran from here fast. While kunj and twinkle now her nervousness make them more shocked.
Twinkle: now this girl.
Kunj: don’t worry maybe nothing is like that what we think actually twinkle everything is alright. We think too much.
Twinkle: what do you mean Kunj. You mean nothing is serious haa. Can’t you see on her face I’m damn sure something is bothering her very sure now.
Kunj: don’t know twinkle.
Twinkle: you can ask her please. If I would ask her she didn’t tell me anything at least you toh once and nahi toh tell Anant Bhaiya.
Kunj: hmmm. And twinkle what you had done now it’s not good I’m saying you that show things to bhabhi but you were not interested at all haa? Can I know pleased.
Twinkle: whatever I told you that she can see itself. Did I hold her hand no na so. Here I’m in tension for my daughter and you still think about others. And you tell me first why you didn’t call anyone in party.Kunj narrow his eyes..
Kunj:I already told you. They are not important.
Twinkle: what?? Tell na clearly.
Kunj: what I’ll tell you clearly when nothing is. You didn’t like my family so I didn’t feel it’s important to call them in party now happy.
Twinkle: what? I knew it already. You heard my and Chinki talks kunj.
Kunj: whatever.
Twinkle:I didn’t mean it.I understand in party too. Kunj looking here and there. Twinkle cupped his chin and made him face her.
Twinkle:now why you ignore me haa. Listen na now you started na now I’ll end it.In this small talk you feel chilly what happened to you on my time haa.
Kunj: jana now don’t eat my head.
Twinkle:haa I toh eat your head only. Go to your bhabhi she’ll vanish your headache.
Now you wait kunj I’ll not leave them now I’ll handle them itself.Twinkle get up from bed and kept all bags inside the wardrobe with noise.
Twinkle: twinkle ko har cheez sab ko dikhani hai.Why?? Now I’ll do same what they do with me. Bhabhi bhabhi 😏. Kunj turned his face and covered his face with pillow.
Kunj: murmured now radio has started it’ll not stop babaji. Twinkle Listen this.
Twinkle: one day I’ll kill you kunj.

Twinkle closed the room door and went downstairs. She went in kitchen. Nobody is there twinkle went towards platform. And see the eaten lunch box is there. Twinkle see this and pain wincing in her heart.
Twinkle:so they did with my kids only.Just than maya and Sheetal entered in kitchen.
They look at twinkle.Twinkle turned doing other work. While maya and Sheetal started preparations of dinner just than sheetal.
Sheetal: Twinkle can you please make roti dough behalf of me.
Twinkle: why?? I’ll do. Did you make lunch box of Ansh.
Sheetal: Arey you only always make so I didn’t make it.
Twinkle: acha when you can make your kids can’t you my ones haa.
Maya: when she knows that she should come in kitchen on time.
Twinkle: please I’m not talking to you.
Maya: you feel bad that I didn’t make it.??
Twinkle: why I’ll feel bad haa. Don’t make my son but at least makes your daughter.
Maya: I’m not anyone servant I’ll do all works.And you can make her too. You’ll not leave her.
Twinkle: why I’ll. Nobody understands you.
Maya: good. Don’t fly twinkle in 9 clouds. Don’t forget your past times.
Twinkle:acha you’ll taunt me on my past times haa.Who the hell are you. When I didn’t talk to you should be quiet.
Maya: acha you’ll give me Oder. Sheetal just enjoying it.
Twinkle:same to you.Twinkle complete her work.And I’ll tell this all to mummy ji.Just than Usha come there.
Usha: what’s going on here haa??
Twinkle: good mummy ji you come.
Usha: What happens twinkle. She went towards them.
Twinkle: you see mummy ji to Maya Bhabhi.
Usha: whAt maya.
Maya: nothing mummy ji.
Twinkle: now what happened to you. She gives taunts on my pastime haa.
Usha: maya 😡.
Maya: what wrong I said mummy ji. We all know what Kunj did with her now she pretends like that she is head of this family.
Twinkle: who give you this right to speak about my husband and whatever he did with me not with you than speak up. Did I come near you and tell you please helping me. Never I didn’t go near my parents I’ll come to you.. Shame on you. And next thing before speak get it.
Usha:Twinkle is right maya. How can you took this topic and point out on her.
Maya: you only take her site mummy ji.
I don’t want to stay here just because of her my life making Hell first see and secondly her daughter.Twinkle and Usha shocked to listen this.While Sheetal quietly laughing. Tears escaping from twinkle eyes.
Maya: mummy ji asked your daughter-in-law where she went last night.
Twinkle: (in pain voice) her words choking and throat feeling like many pins pinched on her throat. I’ll go anywhere wherever I wanted and I went with my husband not with any random guy.
Maya: good not leave your kids on me take them with you.
Twinkle:why you talk kids name. I didn’t leave my son on you.
Usha: maya you make this difficult don’t talk kids in this all.
Twinkle: at least value of my gift. She said and went out of the kitchen.Usha too went behind her. Sheetal look at maya.
Sheetal: Maya Bhabhi you don’t worry and you are right in your place I’m with you. Maya look at her. Give her smile.
Maya: thanks. They both busy in work. While twinkle standing in hall. Usha stand beside her.
Usha:Twinkle Puttar please don’t take on your heart please. I’m with you. Twinkle look at usha face and give her painful smiled.
Twinkle:see mummy ji what I did in this all.
Usha: I know beta. Did you think I don’t know anything I knew it beta it just that I’m keep silence that maya taking advantage of my goodness twinkle but you don’t worry still your mother in laws is alive.
Twinkle: keshi ka kuch nahi jada mummy ji.Thanks. She said back to in kitchen.In kitchen twinkle doing her work while maya and Sheetal theirs.Twinkle didn’t talk to them even they too.

Next side in luthra [email protected]
Yuvi and Anita sitting while Mahi coming from upstairs well her both hands resting on her back baby bump.Yuvi see her and went to her give her support and take her down and make her sit properly.
Anita: mahi puttar I told you na rest beta.
Yuvi: yeah jaan. Now you can’t walk properly stop using staircase. We will shift in down room.
Mahi: I’m fine Yuvraj.
Anita: you sit I’ll bring fruits for you.She went in kitchen tell to chef that make fruits salad for Mahi. Chef makes soon Anita take and back in hall.
Anita: take Mahi puttar.Yuvi took the bowl and started feeding Mahi. Anita admired their love and get so happy.
Anita: soon my home to fill with nanni khilkariya. Mahi and yuvi blush.
Yuvi:mom where is dad..
Anita: your dad went to Nikhil home.
Yuvi: hoo. So finally badi MAA find bahu.
Anita: don’t know about this. You know Yuvi you have to take Mahi to doctor tomorrow so forget about your meetings and all’s now just concentrate on my daughter. Mahi smiling and showing teeth’s to Yuvi.
Yuvi: yeah sure mom.. back to Sm.
Twinkle thinking something.
Twinkle: now I understand your plans Maya Bhabhi you purposely make things that me and kunj fight with each other’s. Now I’ll not come in your tricks. Wait I’ll tell kunj each and everything now I thought leave it Leaves but you just crossing your limits. Enough is enough.After sometime later dinner get ready all come and sits.
Twinkle take all dishes and other things with the help of meena.Twinkle place everything on the table. Maya and Sheetal started serving. Just than.
Manohar: where is anjali and om??
Usha: woh ji Pallavi ji invite them for dinner so they both went there..
Manohar:okay.. and what about your son.
Anant:yes MAA where is kunj. Usha look at twinkle.
Twinkle:I’ll check them.Twinkle went upstairs goes in her room.And find kunj too sleeping with ansh peacefully. Twinkle closed the door and back downstairs.
Twinkle: mummy ji kunj and Ansh sleeping.
Usha: okay but at this time..
Maya: don’t know mummy ji what they do in night so.Anant give look to maya. Usha: Twinkle Puttar come and have your dinner.
Anant: maya where is Aayat..?? And twinkle you and kunj went at school.
Twinkle: yes Anant Bhaiya. They called to Maya Bhabhi but she didn’t give any response.
Anant:what did they told. ?
Twinkle:you can ask kunj he know..
Anant:okay.twinkle didn’t have her dinner.
Bebe: monu tujhe ek baat batani ti..?
Cherry: Arey MAA boliye.. na
Manohar: yes.
Bebe: woh riya ki saadi ki date pandit ji ne fixed kar di hai after one week so.
Manohar: that’s good bebe.Now we all should started wedding preparations.
Usha: yes ji.. Riya blushing. 😚.
Anant: tell me Papa what I have to done.
Manohar:yeah I’ll tell you and kunj in morning okay.After dinner all went in their respective rooms.Twinkle cleaning kitchen and after she went in her room.
Twinj [email protected]
Twinkle entered in room still they both sleeping.Twinkle went towards wardrobe take out their nightdress. She took her clothes and went in washroom after she come and open the curtains outside cool breeze going on.twinkle sit and reading some novels. Twinkle look at them.
Twinkle: see this sadu so peacefully sleeping haa after humari needh haram karke. Huhu.. twinkle see the time it’s too late. So she to decide that to sleep. Twinkle went towards bed and lay beside Ansh.Just than Kunj moved and wake up. He rubbed his eyes and see twinkle sleeping.
Kunj:Arey why she sleeps what’s the time.Kunj get up and sit there only.He check the time it’s 12:30.OFish I sleep this much. Kunj get up and see his nightdress already place on the side table Kunj took it.And went in washroom.He come back after get freshen up.
Kunj: uff I’m so hungry. Kunj look at twinkle back. He went towards twinkle.
Kunj: Twinkle yaar wake up na. Give me food. Twinkle slightly open his eyes and look at him.
Twinkle: go and get.. don’t disturb me samje..
Kunj: Arey now I’m sorry na..
twinkle: huhu. Kunj has so other options he went towards wardrobe take out chocolates box and sit started having chocolates.
Next side downstairs.Aayat sleep in Rohan piya room while playing.She wakes up with jerk.She looks at here and there. Aayat get up and went towards her parents room and see the door is locked. She went upstairs and see twinj room lights on. Aayat knocking the door.Twinkle get up who is at this time..
twinkle: Sadu go and check na..?
Kunj: huhuh..twinkle get up and open the door and found Aayat at the door she stand half in sleepy way..
twinkle: Aayat.Twinkle immediately take her in her arms. Closed the door. Went near bed.
Kunj: what she does here at this time.
Twinkle:Aayat.Twinkle cupped her face.
Aayat open her eyes and look at twinkle with smiling face.
Aayat: aap.. she cuddles her from her waist tightly.
Twinkle: now you too wake up.
Aayat:hmm. Food rats jumping in my stomach Chachi.
Twinkle: okay you sit I’ll bring food for you. Kunj shocked and look at twinkle.
Twinkle: don’t give this look..
Kunj: achaa when I want food you didn’t give me..
Twinkle:go and asked to your dearest bhabhi.Twinkle went downstairs in kitchen bring food.Went back in her room. Aayat and Kunj both having chocolates bas.. twinkle entered in room and see them.
Twinkle: Aayat come have your food.Due to their noise Ansh to wake up.Aayat come and sit beside twinkle.Twinkle make Ansh to get up. Ansh went in washroom wash his face with water and back in room. Now both brother sister sit twinkle feeding them with her hands they both enjoying food while Kunj look at them making puppy faces.Twinkle controlling her laugh. Ansh and Aayat showing tongue to kunj..
twinkle:come Sadu have i bring for you too.
Kunj:huhu i don’t wanted now.Kunj went in balcony. Soon Ansh what’s done with food.
Ansh: bas mamma I m done.
Aayat: me too.
Twinkle: okay sit. Twinkle take the food tray and went in balcony. Kunj standing in cute anger on his nose having chocolate bar in anger. Twinkle went and stand beside him.
Twinkle:sadu chocolates se pet nahi barega so have your food.Kunj look at here.
Kunj: now don’t apply butter on me..
twinkle: acha. Ji.Twinkle kept the trey on the table. Lock her hands around kunj neck. Both looking in each other’s eyes.
Kunj: now what is this.
Twinkle: nothing can’t I admire my hubby.
Twinkle see slightly chocolate on kunj lips.
She learns closer to his face.Kunj get confused.Twinkle suck the chocolate on kunj lips. Kunj don’t know she will do this.
Kunj pulled her closer more. Now both looking into each other eyes with love desire.Twinkle hairs coming on her fave Kunj tucked them behind her hairs. Kunj take Twinkle near wall.
Kunj: good trick.
Twinkle: let’s have food I’m to hungry kunj.
Kunj: acha ji. Now i don’t want food something else. He winked at twinkle.
Twinkle: what??😝.Kunj rubbing his finger on her lips. Kunj kissed on her cheeks and bite her lower lips slightly give her quick pecked. Twinkle rest her head on his chest.
Twinkle: you are so bad kunj.
Kunj: you too.
Twinkle:now leave it everything.Let’s eat something.Twinkle hold his hands take him near side table both sit.Twinkle took small morsel of food and gesturing Kunj have.Kunj eat both feeding each other’s. while having food many times kunj kissing twinkle on her cheeks.
Twinkle: have your food kunj.stop this. Just than Ansh and Aayat come in balcony. They both see their parents and standing near railing seeing downside.
Kunj: you both come here both fall down.
Ansh: no papa.Kunj take them near him.
Kunj: Aayat now you tell me that time you run..
twinkle: yes Aayat tell us what bothering you.
Aayat:nothing na I told you both still.
Kunj:Aayat.Only tell me I’ll not tell anyone. Aayat look at twinkle and Ansh.
Twinkle: okay you carry on we will go inside.Twinkle take Ansh in room. But standing behind door.
Kunj: now tell me?. Aayat eyes become wet.
Aayat: kunj Chachu mujhe yeh sab acha nahi lagta hai?.
Kunj: kya cupped her face.
Aayat:(In painful voice) you know when I meet Mumbai there Esha telling me that woh uski nani ka Ghar hai mera nahi and I’m not her sister. Dev maamu only is her maamu not mine. And Ansh too told me that Leela nani uski nani hai. Long tears coming from her eyes. Phir mera kaun hai meri koi nani nahi hai.. Kunj too become sad.
Kunj: nahi Aayat nothing is like that. I’m here na.Twinkle listening this all she become sad.
Aayat: nobody is my I’m alone.
Kunj: no baba who told you this ha. I love you Aayat. You don’t think this all okay. And jo Ansh Ka hai woh tera bhi hai. And Leela nani it’s your nani too. First yours rather than him.
Aayat: my first how?
Kunj:you born first na. And they love you so much.
Aayat: leela nani real wali nani hai meri?
Kunj: Aayat I told you so many time real and veal Kuch nahi hota hai. It’s matter most that they love us bas.now next time don’t think this silly things okay.Kunj wiped her face and take her in his arms. Twinkle went and wiped her face.Kunj went in room and see twinkle eyes. After sometime later Ansh and Aayat sleep again.Twinkle caressing Aayat Hairs.
Kunj:tum ne suna.
Twinkle: hmm kab tak kunj yeh jhoot..
Kunj: pata Nahi Twinkle from where this all things coming in her minds now suddenly.
Twinkle: and most importantly she take things on her heart. Listen kunj carefully. If something happened to her I’ll not Leave you. That’s my promise. You promised me that this truth will never come in front of her.
Kunj: hmm. We should careful now. Twinkle kissed on her forehead and cuddling her tightly. And sleep beside her. Kunj too.
Episode end..
Precap: Riya wedding many more maya and twinkle drama..
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