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Kasam 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi requests Tanuja to forgive AK

Kasam 7th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
Tanuja was furious over AK and says he must have allowed a third person to interfere in their friendship. She says when she came for job to AK she clarified they would only be friends, she has only given this right to Rishi in her life, the right to love him. If someone else dares to, she would herself ask Rishi to break his face. She turns around saying he doesn’t deserve an apology. Rishi tries to defend AK as he has confessed his mistake, Tanuja must calm down. Tanuja forbids Rishi to interfere in her matter with AK and leaves. Rishi assures AK that he would take care of the matter and speak to Tanuja about it. Rishi goes behind Tanuja fearful that she might pack her bags and leave.
Downstairs, Tanuja convinces Bauji and Rano to go and stay in the hotel. Rishi comes downstairs and forces Tanuja towards

their room and tries to convince her that anyone could love her even by living for a single day with her, AK spent seven years with her. If he had shared her feelings, she must have left home with Natasha and had no place to go then; so he kept his feelings hidden. Tanuja argues with Rishi and leaves the room.
Rishi comes to the hall where Bee ji had returned from temple and gives him Prasad and her blessings.
AK sat in the balcony thinking about Tanuja’s slap and anger. Rishi comes to accompany him. AK says he always considered himself a man with a good heart, but he turned to be devil. Rishi says there is a good and bad side of each person, it’s their choice what they feed. He can’t hate AK when he jumped into the fire to save Tanuja. AK says he even tried to burn her. Rishi says this sad face and apology doesn’t suit AK, and begins argument with AK. Things get sort out. Manpreet comes there and was jealous to share Rishi with AK.
Natasha brings the cell phone to Tanuja, it was her principal’s call. The principal informs Tanuja about summer camp of Natasha and Tania to Ronavla. Tanuja agrees to send them. Rishi comes to make Manpreet up and tries to kiss him. Tanuja asks Rishi to bring some new clothes and things for kids, and others as well; its summer camp of Natasha and Tania. Tanuja wasn’t ready to accompany him.
In the kitchen, Abhishek tries to speak to Tanuja. He explains he was fearful that she could have taken Natasha away from him. Tanuja complains of being badly hurt, she always fought with Rishi and mistrusted Rishi because of him. She always insisted on Rishi that AK is her great friend, but he has shattered it all. She considered him the best friend in her life. AK says he can’t live without Natasha. Rishi comes from behind and hold his ears to Tanuja, Tanuja agrees to forgive AK. AK doesn’t turn around but thanks Rishi. They turn to him in shock. AK understands Tanuja would have never forgiven him otherwise. Rishi hugs him while he leaves. Tanuja turns to go outside, Rishi signals him for I love you and stops her way. He shows her an apple with a heart carved on it. Tanuja smiles and clutches the apple then goes inside.
Nehtra was in her room curt over Tanuja. AK knocks at his door. Nehtra asks if he came to give her good news about miraculous fight between Rishi and Tanuja. AK clarifies he told Rishi and Tanuja about the whole truth and his love. Nehtra was shocked to hear this. AK says he apologized for doing wrong to them, he corrected everything by the end of the day. He wanted to tell them about her reality as well, but then considered Tania might always lose the mother who gave birth to her. He says the relation between a mother and daughter is very important, she must not ruin it. Nehtra was weepy and assures AK she has understood the importance of this relation only today. After AK has left, Nehtra thinks it seems AK never loved Tanuja. She will get her love anyway.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Tanuja he has spent a life with her, he is really happy with her now. Can’t they move on forgiving the past. Nehtra came from behind. Rishi assures Tanuja she is his only love for a lifetime.

Update Credit to: Sona

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