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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Minty identifies Indra

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 7th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul waking up. He looks around. He gets surprised seeing Minty and Preeti fine. He asks how are they. Preeti says we have no troubles here, strange. Seth ji welcomes Rahul home and says you won’t have any trouble here, be here as guests, don’t do anything. Rahul sees the video and says Seth ji is an old man, voice can be manipulated. Minty asks why can’t we go out, I don’t want to stay caged. Rahul says we will leave from here, we are playing a hide and seek game. Indra gets a call.

He says calm down, I had to enter this game to get Shivlings, Rahul, Preeti and Minty’s lives are imp, just do your work. He ends call and smiles. Shambu and Rudra take shivlings to the Ganga ghat. A man tells Rudra that his son is very ill, all doctors have treated him,

but there is no use, just Lord can do some miracle. They all travel in a procession. The man says I thought to do puja and get my son treated by herbal healers here. Shambu smiles. Rahul says who is this Seth ji, don’t know, Namrata took money from him to find shivlings, Seth ji is very dangerous, I got trapped when Yashpal tried to trap Seth ji, don’t know Yashpal ji saw him or not. Minty goes. Guard threatens Rahul for opening the door. Rahul says we didn’t open the door. Minty comes to Indra and holds him. He gets shocked and asks how did you come here.

She recognizes him and says Papa you….. He gets shocked and shouts to men. The man says don’t know how did this girl come here. Indra says she is our guest, take her upstairs, don’t do this mistake again. Guard drops Minty back to room and asks her not to do mistake again. He gets tensed and shuts the door. He turns and sees Seth ji. Indra says you broke the rules and have to bear the punishment, send this girl out of the room. Preeti sends Minty to hall. Indra is seen on the live video to them. Indra says this guard will be punished you and you all will also know how the rules breakers get punished. He punishes the guard brutally. Rahul and Preeti get shocked.

The man asks baba to check his son. The baba gives him herbal medicines and asks him to trust Lord. Shambu pours Ganga water on the shivlings and prays. He goes to the man and treats the ill boy. He blesses the boy. Rudra looks on. Shambu smiles and waves to him. CM gets to know about the shivlings. He says Yashpal can’t reach shivlings if its with our men. Rudra asks Shambu what was the need to cure the boy, the result won’t be good. The man thanks Shambu and says my son got fine, thanks to you. Shambu smiles. Shambu and Rudra leave with the shivlings. Indra gets the news. He sees the breaking news on tv about the ill boy getting fine. He says so here are the nine shivlings, it has Divya powers. He laughs. He says no one can stop me from getting these nine shivlings, I m coming.

Minty says he was Papa. Preeti and Rahul get shocked. Minty says I held his hand and saw him, he was Papa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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