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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki challenges Kanhaiya

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 7th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone in the chawl preparing for Daali’s rituals. Janki talks to Sheela on time. She assures that everything will go fine. The ladies start the rituals. Sheela gives live commentary to Janki. She says the rituals are starting now. A man takes the phone to tell Janki about the rituals. Sheela and Munni go. The man says what commentary shall I do, everyone is ready here, all the food dishes are made. Janki scolds the man for saying nonsense. He gets irritated. The man tells his sorrowful story. Janki refuses to listen to him. He asks the man to end the call. The man refuses to tell anything and keep the call. He doesn’t return the phone to Munni. Someone else gets the phone. The man says Kanhaiya’s wife is very pretty. Janki gets angered. A girl takes the phone

next. She answers Janki’s call. Janki asks Munni to give phone to Sheela. The ladies get shocked seeing Daali back to her normal avatar. Daali throws off the saree. She scolds the ladies.

Sheela and Munni come there and get shocked seeing Daali’s arguments. Vaijanti comes and smiles. Daali asks Kanhaiya to get everything soon. Kanhaiya comes and jokes on Daali. He asks them to fulfill the rituals. Sheela gives the running commentary to Janki. She says you told right, Daali is wearing a modern dress. He says I knew this, she won’t get in control easily. Kanhaiya asks Daali to have the food prepared for her. She gets angry and argues with Kanhaiya about the low quality food. Janki hears everything on call. Daali asks Kanhaiya to make continental food for her, like she eats in hotel. She throws the food. Janki says Daali has thrown it, goal, Kanhaiya I have challenged you, I will see how you manage.

Kanhaiya gets angry. Vaijanti says its good that Daali insulted Kanhaiya. Sheela taunts him. Daali asks Kanhaiya to say something now. She scolds him. Kanhaiya gets clothes for her. She insults him again and asks him to get costly clothes for her, can he manage her responsibilities, she will kick him out after a year. He says this is my promise, you will wear these clothes, you will have the food which you have thrown, I can buy any costly clothes at a cheaper rate, I can make you dine in big hotel, but I swear I will feed you this cheap rate food in reception.

Daali refuses to celebrate the wedding night. Kanhaiya teases her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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